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Does google love your website?


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What does it take for Google to love your website? We bare the facts of search engine optimisation and spell it out in simple terms with examples.

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Does google love your website?

  1. 1. Jeremy Dawes Jezweb CEO
  2. 2. Does Google love your website? Get onto the first page of Google for your keywords
  3. 3. The ‘free’ search results Organic listings in Google
  4. 4. Google
  5. 5. Google loves words • Title tag describing the page contents • Meta description tag explaining whats offered • Page headings and sub headings summarise • Images tagged with descriptive keywords • Descriptive text and links to other pages • Original, well written structured text and lots of it
  6. 6. Embedded keywords Meta tags, titles, descriptions and everywhere else that it makes sense to put relevant text in the page.
  7. 7. Google loves enthusiasm • Detailed, interesting websites that provide solutions • Fast loading, high quality, detailed pages and blogs • Mix of information and media: text, lists, tables, quotes, photos, pdf, video, audio, links. • Trusted brands, real businesses and people • Links and citations referencing your website • Pages that people like to stay on and read more
  8. 8. Google loves this Real business with contact details, tidy layout, logical context, well written, appropriate images and links.
  9. 9. Google hates spam • Google’s engineers and moderators go to incredible lengths to weed out the junk websites • If you produce flimsy, plagiarised content then expect to be slapped down into search obscurity • It’s not easy to find spammy websites in Google that are useless and poor quality, hint hint • Produce junk at your peril, it’s a waste of time and and could damage the credibility of a website.
  10. 10. Google hates this Poorly written, spelling and grammar errors, lacks context, irrelevant links, not a real business…ads.
  11. 11. Google loves linking: • Citations on prominent business directories • Links on relevant topic and local websites • Reviews and ratings on testimonial sites • Shares and links on social media pages • Referrals from forums and news sites • Google maps local listings
  12. 12. Google loves citations Get your business listed in prominent business directories like TrueLocal, Dlook and YellowPages
  13. 13. Google loves links Relevant links that have appropriate context on credible websites where your link is logically related.
  14. 14. Google loves reviews Client testimonials on review and directory sites like womo, YellowPages, TrueLocal, DLook etc.
  15. 15. Google loves shares Share links to your pages and blog posts on Facebook pages, Google+ Pages and twitter.
  16. 16. Google loves referrals Contribute in a meaningful way to relevant forums and news or media websites that will link to you.
  17. 17. Google loves local Manage and update your Google+ Local (maps) listing and stuff it full of relevant words, images and videos.
  18. 18. What have we learnt? 1. Build a good website that provides solutions 2. Fill your website with interesting original content 3. Add your business to prominent directories 4. Get reviews and testimonials externally verified 5. Find other websites and pages to link to you 6. Fill your Google+ local listing with information
  19. 19. Would you like help? A lot of these methods to get Google love you can DIY ! We provide free guides on ! or ! Jeremy and the team at Jezweb can do it all for you ! -
  20. 20. Jeremy Dawes Jezweb CEO