Advanced seo strategies for 2012 internet world - Tim Grice


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Tim Grice explores the recent changes to Googles algorithm and how we should all be future proofing our websites with an SEO strategy focussed on quality.

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Advanced seo strategies for 2012 internet world - Tim Grice

  1. 1. Advanced SEO StrategiesTim GriceHead of Search
  2. 2. Unnatural Links• In March Google made the biggest change ever to how they handle links o Over 1 million unnatural links messages in WMT o Ranking drops hit 2-3 weeks later o Link clean up needed before re-consideration should be sent
  3. 3. Our Experience• 50 sites been in contact regarding message• Clean up is difficult as spam sites rarely have contact info• Legacy SEO agencies may not co-operate in the removal of links• Google are detecting/penalising blogs selling posts
  4. 4. Unnatural Links Will Hurt You! Forum Profiles Comment Paid Links Spam Unnatural Aggressive Blog Link AnchorNetworks Profile Text
  5. 5. Google Changes the Game Anchor Text?
  6. 6. Paid Link Profile
  7. 7. Over Optimisation Algorithm?
  8. 8. Summary• Brand links on bad sites can hurt• Only effects rankings these links are supporting• If you‟re already ranking bad links won‟t hurt (negative SEO)• Link removals are an important part of SEO
  9. 9. Building a Natural Profile
  10. 10. Choose Landing Pages Not Keywords• Do keyword research• Allocate keywords to landing pages• Prioritise pages by sum of keyword search volume• Vary anchor text across all keywords• Mix in brand variations for good measure Google wants to rank the best result
  11. 11. Justify links with content
  12. 12. Send To Your Writers
  13. 13. Vary Anchor Text
  14. 14. Variation in Action!
  15. 15. Anchor Text• Decide on 10 – 15 keywords per page• Use „Brand‟ and „Noise‟ signals• Use the Google Keyword tool/Suggest/Related Searches
  16. 16. Social Signals•• Good content always gets far fewer links than it gets social shares• Make sure that you build social shares at the same time as you get links to make your link building appear natural
  17. 17. Competitor Analysis• Use search metrics to find most shared content
  18. 18. Tweets as Links? • Giveaways and competitions • 1872 tweets • 10th most shared page
  19. 19. Infographics • 66 links • 119 Tweets • 115 Facebook likes
  20. 20. Link ability vs. Share ability Share Ability Link Ability
  21. 21. „Fresh Rank‟• Google wants up to date content• A page can be deemed „fresh‟ through inbound links• Links placed in „crawled‟ content have low value
  22. 22. Freshness Test
  23. 23. Time To Get Worthy
  24. 24. Link Worthiness Price Point Unique Data Content Website Commentary Social Insight
  25. 25. Think Referral, Not Link• Why would this site refer traffic to me?• Does the content refer as well as link to my site?• How did I earn the link? Links have to be justified in order to look natural
  26. 26. People Link to People
  27. 27. Good content is not enough….. Trust Shares & Links Great Content Relationships
  28. 28. Link Building Processes
  29. 29. Link Building processCompetitor Search Shortlist QA Analysis Google sites process Content PitchPlace links Story ideas production stories QA Promote Track links process links
  30. 30. Authority Comparison
  31. 31. The News Method News Shortlist Press Brainstorm Target Sites Release Blog Roll Premium Social Out Post Publish
  32. 32. Creating Social Hit list• List all info graphic sites• List all industry blogs• List all sites that have published a similar info graphic in the past o Find using search o Find using “search by image”• Seed by asking influential users to share via social media
  33. 33. Summary• Remove unnatural links• Address anchor text balance• Focus on being link worthy• Great sites generate shares as well as links• Processes to focus on quality and natural signals
  34. 34. Questions?• &•••• We do free link analysis and link strategy for those who email me