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BG July DIG: SEO & Your Business


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Published in: Technology, Design
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BG July DIG: SEO & Your Business

  1. 1. SEO & Your BusinessBrad Wayland –bluecotton vp of business development / co-owner• @bradwayland•
  2. 2. About BlueCotton Custom T-Shirts for any occasion – individuals, smalls groups, large groups $7 million revenue Privately owned 70 Employees 30% growth for 9 years 85% of revenue comes from outside KY
  3. 3. How does it work?
  4. 4. Design Studio
  5. 5. Design a Shirt
  6. 6. Checkout
  7. 7. Watch the Video
  8. 8. What is SEO? Building your website in a way that speaks not only to humans but to search engines. Properly categorizing content to fit with the way complicated search algorithms act. The most cost effective way that small businesses can compete in a true “free market”
  9. 9. What is SEO?
  10. 10. Web Jargon Traffic  Bot/Google Bot/Crawling Visits  Links Pageviews  Natural/Organic Metrics  Index  On Page Optimization Analytics  Off Page Optimization Conversion  White/Gray/Black Hat PPC/CPC
  11. 11. Search Results Page
  12. 12. What Factors Determine How Well My Site Ranks? Content Titles Links Anchor Text Reputation
  13. 13. Content
  14. 14. Content
  15. 15. Titles
  16. 16. Titles Make sure your website has unique title tags This the most critical component of on page optimization In order for pages to rank titles need to be coupled with good content
  17. 17. Titles
  18. 18. Links
  19. 19. Anchor Text
  20. 20. Reputation Who links to who  Old domains  Lots of trusted backlinks  Social indicators  Topic relevancy  Hundreds of other factors
  21. 21. White/Gray/Black• Buying Links• Keyword Stuffing• Hidden Text• Cloaking• Any Attempt to manipulate SERPs
  22. 22.• Removed from Google Index• Used Link farms to boost rankings• More specifically • They knew that using link farms to homepage would get them penalized so they linked with lower quality links to product pages • Links came from sites about gambling and snoring to name a couple.
  23. 23. Acceptable Forms of Gray Some directory building  Yahoo,, etc Press releases  In-house releases: prweb, etc Guest posting on other sites  Relevant articles on relevant sites. Product giveaways on blogs.
  24. 24. White Hat Company Blog Hiring a PR firm or using in house PR to convince news organizations to cover your organization Free directories like Please your customers so much that they write about you and link to you
  25. 25. On Page Factors Titles URL Structure H1 Tags Meta Descriptions Meta Keywords General Content Image alt tags
  26. 26. Examples
  27. 27. Content Still Rules
  28. 28. Content Still Rules
  29. 29. Content Still Rules
  30. 30. Meta Descriptions
  31. 31. Add Relevant Content
  32. 32. To Do #1: Measuring Success/Failure Sign up for Google Webmaster Tools Sign up for Google Analytics If you are serious about it consider using something like or Think in terms of months and years instead of days and weeks.
  33. 33. To Do #2: Basic Essentials Know your keywords Develop unique title tags for every page you want to rank Make sure you have relevant meta descriptions and meta keywords for every page Find ways to add relevant content Do some link building basics
  34. 34. To Do #3: Link Building Basics Top Directories:, Yahoo, business, etc Give product or service away in exchange for a link Get tapped into your industry: trade magazines, conferences, etc If you have enough content start a blog and use it to link relevant content to your site Everything above requires TIME. Consider a PR firm.
  35. 35. Tips for Local Search Optimize for Location + Keyword in Titles  Lawn mowing Bowling Green KY Optimize page H1 tags and content with location  Lawn mowing Bowling Green Seek out a localized link profile  Lawn care Bowling Green Get localized testimonials going  “We have lived in Bowling Green for 10 years and our lawn has never looked better.”
  36. 36. SEO & Your BusinessBrad Wayland –bluecotton vp of business development / co-owner• @bradwayland•