Flat plans of contents page and double page


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Flat plans of contents page and double page

  1. 1. Flat plans of contents page and double page
  2. 2. Double page
  3. 3. Double page 2
  4. 4. Double page 3
  5. 5. Double page spreadFont styles Examples of Images-Broadway Pixie LottArial Lady GaGa The SaturdaysI have decided to use the modern style font as I believe it looks the most professional Amy Winehousefor my magazine genre. I think Broadway looks quite difficult to read and may make And fashion images of Celebritiesthe read avoid reading this area or may skip to another magazine choice. However, wearing Doc Martens and a Fredsome magazines have a disguised audience who may only be able to identify what Perry Polo Top.something means or reads but pop is short for ‘popular music’ so I want it to reach to alarge audience base, therefore I want the text choices to remain simple and easy toread. In addition, I have decided going against using fonts such as Arial as I believe itlooks quite heavy and does not have a positive effect on the magazine genre.Colour schemesGreen and whiteBlack and greenRed and whiteI want to make my pictures in woodlands so the colour would have to relate to thistype of landscape, therefore the scheme will possibly look good if it is neutral. If I waschoosing double page 2 or 3 I would have to make the colours very similar to thedominant colour in the image taken to continue the image flowing to the oppositepage.However, I would like to choose the colour scheme of the double page to be red andwhite as it is eye-catching and intriguing to look at. I liked the idea of using differentshades of red to highlight the text from the white background of the text and theimage. Although, I did mention before that the scheme of red and white wouldn’twork in my magazine genre on the contents page although I think it would in a doublepage spread as it highlights the text from the images in a positive way.
  6. 6. Contents page 1
  7. 7. Contents page 2
  8. 8. Contents page 3
  9. 9. Font and colour scheme for contents pageFont typesAerial rounded MT boldRockwell extra boldI have tested all of the above fonts for my contents page to find the most suitable font which will best fit my genre on my contentspage. From the fonts that I compared, I found that aerial bold was too bold and heavy for my magazine choice. I also found thatRockwell again was too big and wasn’t suitable for my magazine genre. This then could possibly confuse the reader by thinking themagazine is a different music genre.Colour schemeDifferent shade of bluePastel coloursRed and whiteI personal liked the different shades of blue the most as this also fits in with my colour scheme on the magazine front cover. Thisshows the reader that both pages are linked and have been thought about and not just thrown together.I thought that the pastel colours were quite good although im undecided that they fit the music style magazine and maybe suitanother genre of magazine such as fashion. I liked the red and white colour scheme as it does look clean and simple although I don’tthink it the music genre magazine.Examples of imagesKaty Perry liveCher LloydEd SheeranDevil wears Prada Magazine editorBritney Spears