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Jack burtons magazine analysis


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Published in: Art & Photos, News & Politics
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Jack burtons magazine analysis

  1. 1. Magazine Analysis media
  2. 2. Front cover of Kerrang!The colour scheme of Kerrang! ismainly black white and red but withyellow on this issue. These are darkcolours except for the yellow . Thesecolours show what kind of music genrethe magazine is aiming at which isrock. The band normally wear blackwhich is true in this front cover. Thesesort of colours are what the audiencefor the magazine like as they arenormally wear that sort of colours ontheir clothes. The mastheads coloursuits the colour scheme of themagazine.
  3. 3. Front cover of RWD RWD magazine is a ABC certified magazine which is the higher end of the magazine market, it is released monthly, distributing 36,040 copies. This particular issues front page is based on Example’s album “Blinded by the lights”. That is why the colour scheme fits the slogan at the bottom which says “blinded by the lights”. The colour on this front cover is a blue wash half blinded out by white which represents the light, also with black and orange. These are the only four colours on the front of the magazine, the editors keep it to only a couple other wise it would be difficult to read with so many colours on the front.
  4. 4. Front cover of Q magazineQ magazine is a ABC market range magazinewhich is one of the most popular musicmagazines. This magazine has a alternativegenre going for lots of styles like indie, pop, RnBand lots more. The main colour scheme for thisissue is red, white, black and brown. Mainly thered colour goes to the names of the artists andbands but also because they are nouns, which isprobably because of the name of the magazineis in red. The writing in black is used fordescriptive writing after or before the name ofthe artists. The gold colour looks like it is for theimportant things on this issue as it is used forthe banner on the top of the magazine and forthe name of Jay-Z as he is the focus of this frontcover.
  5. 5. Contents pageThe contents page of Kerrang! is quiteplain with most of the pages backgroundin white. The mast head is Yellow andblack like those danger signs and this isused for the headers of the subjects theyare covering in this magazine. There areseven photos in this contents page, somewhich are taken live in a gig and some ina studio. Most of the photos have blackin which is the colour of most of thebands shirts. The overall look of thiscontents page is plain and easy toread, the writing is not in a confusingfont making it easier to read. Thepictures dominate this contents page asabout 70 % is just picture and the rest iswriting or just white space.
  6. 6. Contents pageRWD’s contents page is dominated bypictures as just one side of the page is justone big picture advertising puma. Theother side of the page is half pictures andhalf writing so the ratio is 75 % pictures25% writing. The writing is brief becausethere will be full pages of the subjectsbrought up on the contents page. All ofthe photos have been set up with a planas they are models in the photos. Thecolour scheme of RWD’s magazinecontents page is white, black and green.This keeps it looking neat but lacks colouron one side. Having less colours makes itlook smart like a suit (white and black) asthere isn’t colours every where confusingthe reader where to look when they openthe magazine.
  7. 7. Contents pageQ magazines contents page has 3 maincolours, red , black and white which are veryrocky colours. The photography of thiscontents page has been staged and planned toget the photo they want. The photos in thispage take up about 60 % of the whole page.The overall image of the page is that it all fitstogether and the colours worktogether, making the page stand out. Thispages font are use for the same thing, if thereis a subheading then it is in one font, if it is thething being described it is another font andare the same colour which is the shade black.There are no massive paragraphs on this pageso the writing style was to write snappy andshort but get to the point quick. It uses properEnglish grammar as it is trying to describethings and it cant do that if the writers useslang. So the full page really fits andintermingles with itself.
  8. 8. Double page spread This double page spread is about teen spirit, the title stands out, it does so through a white and red background. Since these colours contrasts it draws the readers attention to that point as it overlaps the image on the left so you want to read the article. The text in the subheading has “Rolo Tomassi” highlighted as this is one of the artists name, so it is advertisement. It also has different colours to the main title so they contrast as well but make it easier to read. The main sections of writing are divided to show the different subjects. The picture to text ratio is 50/50 this makes it more interesting to the readers eye and easier to read along with the picture which draws the reader in. The main colours in this magazine are red white and black which all compliment each other but contrast as well as they are bold colours.
  9. 9. Double page spread This double page spread on the black eyed peas has roughly 70 percent took up by the photo leaving only 30 percent for writing. This superimposed image is cleverly designed on a set. The reason three of them are superimposed is because Will I Am is thinking of leaving and going solo thats why he is the only one fully in focus. He is wearing gold and the heading says “will he, Wont he?” in gold which is the colour of his suit showing a connection between the two. The writing style is neat with only one main column of writing in black font so it stands out between the white background. The overall look of the double page spread is neat .
  10. 10. Q magazines double pageDouble page spread spread is 50:50 picture to writing ratio. The big picture draws the readers attention along with the massive “A” on the right hand side of the page. This is so you will read the article. The main colour themes in this are red, white, black and blue. These colours fit well together as they contrast so they stand out. The overall look of the double page spread is neat in two long columns so it looks like a easy read but there is a lot. Because the “A” is in the background it is like a message to read it as it has something to do with the article so it would interest the reader.