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Innovative Recruiting In A Conservative Corporate Environment at Facebook HQ - Jenny DeVaughn


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Innovative Recruiting In A Conservative Corporate Environment - PowerPoint slides from Recruiting Innovation Summit presentation by Jenny DeVaughn at Facebook HQ on 10.24.11

So maybe you don’t work for a hot new start-up in the Silicon Valley or you don’t have the shirtless “Old Spice Guy” in your commercials. Think you can’t do innovative social recruiting? Think again. Join Waste Management’s Social Media and Employee Branding leader Jenny DeVaughn as she navigates you through her new corporate role, including transforming your brand with existing resources and the lessons she has learned thus far.

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Innovative Recruiting In A Conservative Corporate Environment at Facebook HQ - Jenny DeVaughn

  1. 1. Innovative RecruitingWithin a Conservative Corporate EnvironmentJenny DeVaughnManager, Social Media and Employment BrandingOctober 24th, 2011@JennyDeVaughn#RIS11
  2. 2. AgendaInnovative Recruiting Within a Conservative Corporate Environment• Disclaimer• Introduction• Six Lessons Learned• Q&A
  3. 3. Disclaimer: Any mention of a tool orvendor does not necessarily imply anendorsement or dissatisfaction.Opinions expressed are my own, notof my employer.
  4. 4. Jenny DeVaughnManager, Social Media and Employment Branding• Consistently ranked in the top 10 most connected women on LinkedIn• Former Director at HODES• Served as mRecruitingcamp emcee• Avid NASCAR fan• @JennyDeVaughn on Twitter
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  6. 6. Waste Management• On a mission to maximize resource value, while minimizing and even eliminating environmental impact so that both our economy and our environment can thrive• Over 20 million residential, commercial, industrial and municipal customers• Employs 40,000+ in the U.S. and Canada• Largest residential recycler in North America• Hiring over 1,500 positions nationwide
  7. 7. Waste Management• Facebook:• Twitter: @WasteManagement @WMCareers @WMCares @BagsterBag• Foursquare:• YouTube: @JennyDeVaughn #RIS11
  8. 8. Safety is a Core Value with Zero Compromise
  9. 9. Innovation is one of the mostpowerful forces in the world.It can make the impossible,possible. - Bill Gates @JennyDeVaughn #RIS11
  10. 10. Roadblocks to Innovative RecruitingPossible in any corporate environment• “We’ve always done it this way” mentality• Office politics• Budget concerns• Other important issues or interests• No support from leadership• The idea may be hard to understand• Regulated industry or process• Lack of legal consent and/or IT support• The innovator isn’t valued
  11. 11. Lesson Learned #1“The Things We Think and Do NotSay” should not be said all at once. @JennyDeVaughn #RIS11
  12. 12. Lesson Learned #1“The Things We Think and Do Not Say” should not be said all at once. • This is a career limiting move (CLM) • Via Nick Jimenez aka @NickyJay • Conservative work environments do not react well to large midlife-crisis self-imposed changes • Focus on smaller changes with priorities based on revenue and results Result: • Participate on a WM Social Media Council with other leadership for approval of new projects @JennyDeVaughn #RIS11
  13. 13. Lesson Learned #2Explore innovative recruitingservices from vendors alreadyapproved into your budget.
  14. 14. Lesson Learned #2Explore current vendor innovative recruiting services. • Familiar external partners make it easier to get your current and future budget approved • Get more than a quote from an external resource • Discuss your desired result and ask for their solution • Give your leadership two solutions to choose from that will provide preferred outcomes Result: • Partnered with on our first WM Careers videos, as a part of their services offered
  15. 15. Waste Management Careers @JennyDeVaughn #RIS11
  16. 16. Lesson Learned #3Focus on the bottom line, notprofessional pet peeves.
  17. 17. Lesson Learned #3Focus on the bottom line, not professional pet peeves. • No one is promoted for keeping the office microwave clean • Find out when and how your talent acquisition department is measured • Look for areas of opportunity, not places to hang “Your Mother Doesn’t Work Here” signs Result: • Offered social recruiting training for each team, during their pre-scheduled weekly meetings
  18. 18. Lesson Learned #4It’s ok to start a social media profileby broadcasting jobs.
  19. 19. Lesson Learned #4It’s ok to start a social media profile by broadcasting jobs. • Although not ideal, realize this is phase one of your social platform • Monitor traffic and other metrics • Update your strategy with recommendations based on initial findings Result: • Switched from broadcasting jobs to engagement and double followers/fans within 3 months
  20. 20. Lesson Learned #5Find a corporate champion thatother executives respect.
  21. 21. Lesson Learned #5Find a corporate champion that other executives respect. • Communicate the strengths and positives of your innovative idea with her/his interests in mind • Present concise ideas in a preferred format • Email with bullet points, PowerPoint or spreadsheet • Include a financial visual of the potential positives • Show a timeline of specific steps/phases Result: • Met advocates in Operations and other departments to help them reach their goals using social media
  22. 22. Lesson Learned #6When you fail, resist complainingand adjust your strategy or tactic. @JennyDeVaughn #RIS11
  23. 23. Lesson Learned #6When you fail, resist complaining and adjust your strategy or tactic. • Other corporate departments are allowed to fail • Think prototype, pilot or trial • Innovative ideas take extra work and time to integrate • Limit the impact of negative outcomes by using 30-60-90 benchmarks Result: • Monitored analytics of year-to-date recruitment marketing spend to dismiss myths @JennyDeVaughn #RIS11
  24. 24. Creativity is thinking up newthings. Innovation is doingnew things.” — Theodore Levitt @JennyDeVaughn #RIS11
  25. 25. My Innovative InspirationWill (3) and Julia (5) @JennyDeVaughn #RIS11
  26. 26. Thank you!Jenny DeVaughnManager - Social Media and Employment BrandingWaste Management1021 Main Street, Suite 1200Houston, TX 77002jdevaughn@wm.comLinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | YouTubehttp://www.WMCareers.comTwitter: @JennyDeVaughn #RIS11