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Change Community of Practice Webinar: Tales from the Front: Prosci in Practice


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One of the most rewarding and challenging aspects of applying Prosci's methodology, tools and techniques is knowing that you HAVE tools and techniques AND knowing where to start or what to use to keep momentum. Working through this helps build the craft needed to use the tools skillfully to move people to adopt and use the change. And then how do we sustain it?

In this month's webinar, Vicky Emery and two special guests will discuss insights from recent and current projects, some back-to-basics tools and practical tips for new and experienced Change Practitioners.

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Change Community of Practice Webinar: Tales from the Front: Prosci in Practice

  1. 1. Community of Practice Webinar: 24 July 2018 Tales from the front: Prosci in practice Presented by Vicky Emery, General Manager
  2. 2. ©Prosci. All RightsReserved. 2 Agenda • Outline of how today’s conversation will work • Introducing our panel for today: • Vanessa Nirmal, Organisational Change Manager, Greater Bank • David Brine, Sustainable Behavioural Change & Engagement, Retail Banking, CommBank, Inclusion & Diversity Champion • Discussion: Where did ‘change management’ start in your organization? What worked and what did not? Lessons learned. • Top 5 tips • Close
  3. 3. ©Prosci. All RightsReserved. 3 Research findings Top contributors to success In all ten reports, sponsorship was #1 on the list 1. Active and visible executive sponsorship 3. Structured change management approach 2. Dedicated change management resources 6. Integration and engagement with project management 4. Employee engagement and participation 5. Frequent and open communication 7. Engagement with middle managers
  4. 4. ©Prosci. All RightsReserved. 4 Best practice check-in: state of deploying change management
  5. 5. ©Prosci. All RightsReserved. 5 So, how are we doing?
  6. 6. ©Prosci. All RightsReserved. 6 Discussion guide • Where did ‘change management’ start in your organisation? What was in place at the time? • What were the business drivers or need to manage change more effectively? • Looking back, what were the first 3 things your organisation did that helped set the scene? • What helped gain and continue traction? • What did your organisation do that didn’t help? • Are there particular tools or techniques that you would recommend? – What are your ‘winning combos’? • What is the ‘current state’ now? What does effective change management deliver to your organisation? Your clients or customers? Your People? • What’s next?
  7. 7. ©Prosci. All RightsReserved. 7 Tip 1 - Answer the question of ‘where do I start??’ • Before you do anything, understand WHY you need to start! Understand the true nature of the opportunity to be captured or the problem to be solved for the business • Link the business need to the people that will need to adopt the change for the business to be successful • 5Ps technique is a great place to start – no matter where you come into the project/change initiative • Start with at least one critical conversation about confirming the 5Ps - don’t underestimate how useful it is as a way of building engagement and gaining commitment • It isn’t ‘all at once’
  8. 8. ©Prosci. All RightsReserved. 8 Tip 2 – Be ready to go beyond the documentation • The documentation helps but it isn’t what gets results • Build your skill and craft - that only comes from trying things! • Go out into the business • Get messy • Agree on a common approach and roles
  9. 9. ©Prosci. All RightsReserved. 9 Tip 3 – Be clear on WHY you are doing what you are doing • Stay connected to the business outcomes and adoption needed for the change to be successful • What are your ‘success’ factors? How does it help the ‘brand’ of change management in your organisation? • Be clear on roles and stay close to the Primary Sponsor • Use the tools that will help achieve that and don’t over engineer it (even if that scares you)
  10. 10. ©Prosci. All RightsReserved. 10 Tips from David • Pick your battles • When starting out, look to demonstrate really well on one or two initiatives • Build up your organisational ‘credibility’ before biting off more than you can chew • Look at options for skilled resources helping you out until you build internal capability • Show the benefits • Benefit realisation is critical to show the value of change efforts • Conduct a validation process after the project completes – to see if the new ways have stuck • Agree and report clear metrics based on execution, adoption, new processes completed, old ways stopped, or impact on bottom line • This will help in ‘selling’ the value of change to your stakeholders for the next initiative
  11. 11. ©Prosci. All RightsReserved. 11 Tips from Vanessa • Demonstrate the success of change management using measures