Application of social media in recruitment


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Know how to use social media for Recruitment and why one should Incorporate Social Media in Your Recruiting Efforts .Social Media is emerging as a tool that more recruiters rely on in the hiring process. Networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Viadeo, and Google+ can provide recruiters with an array of information about potential candidates, as well as new avenues for reaching passive candidates and advertising the company’s current openings.

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  • Find hard-to-reach candidates. When competition for talent is fierce, identifying the best can be challenging. Social networking offers the ability to reach out to passive or hard-to-find candidates that likely could not be reached using other sources.• Reach higher-quality candidates.Individuals who frequently use social networks tend to be “early adopters” of innovation and also tend to be more technically savvy.3• Increase ROI.You can dramatically reduce sourcing costs and increase ROI through social networks. Posting and sharing job openings through Facebook or LinkedIn is more likely to deliver results than a single description on a job board, so the potential value far exceeds the cost.These are the traitsmany companieslook for in potential candidates. Social networks offer a fast way to connect with these individuals.• Be the employer of choice. When your company establishes an online presence, you send a positive message out to potential candidates that your company is connected and understands how to communicate with them. Being the employer of choice means candidates want to work for you and spread that message across social networks, magnifying your brand and message.
  • Application of social media in recruitment

    1. 1. Application of Social Media in Recruitment
    2. 2. Social Media: Definition• Social media is to turn media for social communication into interaction, using interactive dialogue highly accessible and scalable communication techniques• Social media is the use of Web-based and mobile technologies
    3. 3. Social Media in Recruitment
    4. 4. Objectives• What do you hope to accomplish through social recruiting? – Decrease Recruitment spend? – Establish a robust candidate pipeline? – Get referrals? – Promote your employment brand?
    5. 5. Reasons to Incorporate Social Media in Your Recruiting Efforts• Connect with candidates where and when they are available• Develop a dialogue with candidates • Be seen as an innovative, progressive employer • Promote your employment brand • Open additional sources for candidate leads and hires
    6. 6. Reasons to Incorporate Social Media in Your Recruiting Efforts• One in every six minutes online is spent on social networking sites• By 2014, social networking services will replace email as the primary vehicle for interpersonal communications for 20% of business users.
    7. 7. BenefitsFind hard-to-reach candidates Reach higher-quality candidates Increase ROIBe the employer of choice
    8. 8. Using Social Media for Recruiting
    9. 9. Using Social Media for Recruiting
    10. 10. Top Social Media Tools
    11. 11. Facebook: Basics1. It allows for better million worldwide) engagement 4. Easy career site2. It’s where young integration (“Like” professionals/recent button and feeds) graduates are3. Larger network of users (800 million worldwide as compared to LinkedIn at 120
    12. 12. Facebook: Job-posting
    13. 13. Facebook: Organization Page
    14. 14. LinkedIn: Basics• 220 million people on LinkedIn• World’s largest online resume database• Availability of quality people with detailed information
    15. 15. LinkedIn: Recruiter’s Tool
    16. 16. LinkedIn: LinkedIn Groups
    17. 17. LinkedIn: LinkedIn Groups
    18. 18. Twitter: Basics • Open jobs/positions (Ex: Looking for senior #sales rep for #technology firm. Apply at (include shortened link) • Upcoming job or career fairs you are hosting and/or attending • News – press releases, new product announcements, awards, new hires, etc. • Job tips (resume and interview tips, interesting articles, etc.)
    19. 19. Twitter: Tools
    20. 20. Use hashtags appropriately• Use pound/number sign (#) in front of a keyword or phrase (ex: #jobs, #engineer)• Job seekers search Twitter using specific hashtags – makes your tweets searchable even to those who aren’t following you• Hashtags are also used for events such as Twitter chats (ex: #hirefriday, #jobhuntchat)
    21. 21. Twitter: Tools – Hash-tags
    22. 22. Twitter: Tools – Hash-tags
    23. 23. Other Social Recruitment Media
    24. 24. Other Social Recruitment Media
    25. 25. Blogs
    26. 26. Thank You Facebook : Twitter : Youtube. : :