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Low-Impact Development from the Developer Perspective


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Michael Pozzebon
LID goals and barriers to implementation – finding the “water balance” between them as we move forward

Published in: Design
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Low-Impact Development from the Developer Perspective

  1. 1. • Introduction• Goals of LID• What We Have Done• Barriers to Implementing LID• “Water Balance”• Moving Forward• Conclusion
  2. 2. • Part of the Con Drain Group of Companies• Over 30 years of land development experience in the Greater Golden Horseshoe• Metrus Properties & Condor Properties• Aspen Ridge Homes & CountryWide Homes
  3. 3. • Managing stormwater runoff using the treatment train approach• Increase opportunities for evapotranspiration• Infiltration• Volume Retention
  4. 4. • Additional Topsoil• Soakaway Pits• Clean Water Collector• Bioswales / Engineered Wetlands• Permeable Pavers• Cisterns• Rain Barrels• Green Roof
  5. 5. • Added Cost• Added Timing• Ownership• Operational Issues / Perceived or Real• Long Term Maintenance• Climate• Soils Composition – Engineering Issues• Education of Stakeholders & End User
  6. 6. Balancing the Goals and Barriers• Allowing LID Technologies on Municipal Lands• Engineering Standards • Reduced Road Widths with bioswales & enhanced vegetation do not balance well with the snow operations or fire department concerns• Parks Requirements • Parks provide a huge opportunity for LID measures, in bioswales, infiltration galleries etc.• Stormwater Management Credits• Expedited Approvals
  7. 7. • It’s Not Our Fault – The Development Industry is Innovative• Time may not be on our side – LID Implementation can add an additional approvals track to the timeline• Pilot Projects – Important to gather data and provide examples of LID Technologies that are successful• Rules & Expectations Vary• Potential Conflicts – Engineering / Planning / Parks / Operations / Political – The Municipality has to buy into LID or it cannot be successful
  8. 8. Questions / Comments