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Satellite Housing CHDO - EE in HOME Workshop


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Satellite Housing CHDO - EE in HOME Workshop

  1. 1. Satellite Housing’s Green Initiatives Cindy Heavens, Project Manager
  2. 2. Mission Satellite Housing provides affordable, service-enriched housing that promotes healthy and dignified living for people with limited options. Developed, manages and provides supportive services to 21 affordable housing communities in the Bay Area. Natural link between the green movement and the affordable housing industry’s goals of providing inclusive communities that promote income integration and reduce the use resources and strains on infrastructure.
  3. 3. Satellites’ Green Initiatives Eco-friendly new construction developments Improve energy efficiency and indoor air and light quality of existing buildings through renovation Promote use of public and alternative methods of transportation Encourage residents and staff to follow green living practices
  4. 4. Helios Corner
  5. 5. Helios Corner Apartments 1531 University Avenue, Berkeley
  6. 6. Helios Corner 80 units of transit-oriented senior housing above ground floor Satellite home office and Salvation Army Berkeley office
  7. 7. Helios Corner’s Green Elements Photovoltaic solar energy system Central hydronic heating system Compact, efficient building layout oriented around passive solar Fluorescent lamps with motion sensors Low-VOC carpeting, adhesives and paints Non-arsenic preservative-treated framing Composite wood joists Draught-tolerant landscaping Transit-oriented location with supplemental van service Exceeds Title 24 by over 20%
  8. 8. Acalanes Court
  9. 9. Acalanes Court 1988 Trinity Avenue, Walnut Creek
  10. 10. Acalanes Court 17-units of transit-oriented family housing
  11. 11. Acalanes Court’s Green Elements Photovoltaic solar energy system (95% power take-out of common areas, projected to save $700,000 in energy costs over first 30 years) Passive solar orientation Double-glazed low-e windows High R-value insulation Draught-tolerant landscaping Transit-oriented location Exceeds Title 24 by over 20% Reduction in carbon footprint: 60,000 pounds of emissions per year, equivalent to taking 60 cars off the road or planting 23 acres of trees.
  12. 12. Renovations of Existing Buildings Saint Andrew’s Manor 3250 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland PV system, new windows, higher efficiency appliances and lighting, low-VOC materials BEFORE AFTER
  13. 13. Satellite’s Other Green Activities Agency-owned fleet of vans for resident transportation Operation of Newark Paratransit program Transit-oriented, green home office Encouragement and incentives for staff and residents to use public transit Green business practices at all locations Staff and resident trainings on how to “go green”
  14. 14. Challenges Development process requires early, specific commitments before all funding is secured and construction bids are received. New technologies challenging to underwrite and budget against. More difficult to cover costs in non-tax credit financed developments. Certification standards evolving but challenging for affordable, multifamily development.
  15. 15. Challenges Challenging site configurations and locations limits ability to incorporate passive solar and cross-ventilation. New products can be difficult to source. Recycling and composting more complex in multifamily developments. Education of staff and residents a continuous process.
  16. 16. Opportunities Technology has arrived! Numerous funding, rebate and technical assistance programs available. Reduces ongoing operating costs. Greener = happier residents. Bay Area affordable housing architects and contractors knowledgeable and supportive of green building. Great PR and way to peak interest in affordable housing cause. Consistent with mission, the right thing to do.
  17. 17. Thank you