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Closing The Loops in Malmö, Sweden - Daniel Skog


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Daniel Skog, Communications Officer, Malmö, Sweden
Closing the loops – sustainable systems for energy, waste and water and in the Western Harbour, Malmö, Sweden” Historically, Kockums shipyard was located in the Western Harbour which today hosts thousands of apartments and offices. The first development, Bo01, was designed to use and produce 100% locally renewable energy over the course of a year. Buildings receive energy from solar, wind and a heat pump that extracts heat from an aquifer that facilitates seasonal storage of heat and cold water in the limestone ground. The different stages in the Western Harbour have piloted different waste separation systems. Food waste is gathered in storage tanks and transported for biogas production. All areas in the Western Harbour have good access to walking paths, bike lanes, buses and car pools.

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Closing The Loops in Malmö, Sweden - Daniel Skog

  1. 1. Closing the loops Western Harbour, Malmö, Sweden
  2. 2. 100% locally renewable energy
  3. 3. Energy production • 1400 m2 solar collectors • 120 m2 photo voltaics • 2 MW Wind turbine Heat production: • 15% solar • 85% heat pump (¾ Aquifers) (¼ Sea water)
  4. 4. Energy balance
  5. 5. Waste
  6. 6. Vehicle fuel 1kg food waste = 1km car driving All 177 city buses on CNG/biogas 44 000 gas cars on Swedish roads
  7. 7. Green
  8. 8. Mobility
  9. 9. People
  10. 10. Plans
  11. 11. See you in Malmö! Daniel Skog,, City of Malmö