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NJFuture Redevelopment Forum 2016 Adams


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Presentation from Triple-Bottom-Line Beauty of Green Infrastructure

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NJFuture Redevelopment Forum 2016 Adams

  1. 1. Low Impact Development Green Infrastructure Michele Adams, P.E. LEED AP Linking Water, Soils, and Vegetation
  2. 2. CREATING A BUILT ENVIRONMENT THAT WORKS LIKE A FOREST 22 in. 11 in. 12 in. Evaporation Infiltration Runoff Natural Water Balance Philadelphia, PA Altered Water Balance Philadelphia, PA Annual Rainfall 45 in.
  3. 3. Two important rainfall observations: Volume: Most of the time, it rains 2 inches or less Frequency: Most of the time, it rains 1 inch or less Annual Percentages of Volume from Storms
  4. 4. Retrofitting Existing • Schools • Streetscapes • Parks Redevelopment Low Impact Development for CSO Decrees
  5. 5. Greenfield Elementary School Schools make up 2% of all impervious cover in the City, but because they are highly visible and associated with education… they present a high priority target for greening.
  6. 6. Lea School – Captures 2 acres of school and street right-of-way
  7. 7. Before Waterview Recreation Center New Sidewalk that captures street runoff
  8. 8. After
  9. 9. Bio-retention Water from the street enters through a trench drain Overflow water exits to an inlet
  10. 10. Passyunk and 63rd
  11. 11. Site Analysis Existing Conditions
  12. 12. Passyunk and 61st
  13. 13. Sunoco Refinery
  14. 14. Passyunk and 28th
  15. 15. Porous Paver Plaza
  16. 16. Wilmington Acme
  17. 17. Rain Garden by Bus Stop (with benches) Stormwater Tree Trenches Education
  18. 18. University of Pennsylvania Shoemaker Green Cistern for Water Irrigation Redevelopment Projects University of Pennsylvania Shoemaker Green
  19. 19. New Children’s Zoo Site KidZooU Intermodal Transportation Center Treetop Trails Tiger Lot Project Big Cat Crossing Planning for Green Infrastructure: Philadelphia Zoo Stormwater Management Plan
  20. 20. Hamilton Family KidZooU Rendering by SMP Architects Porous Play Surfaces Cisterns for Rainwater Reuse Green Roofs Geothermal Wells Rain Gardens Infiltration Beds
  21. 21. Building Better: Suburban Commercial Mixed-Use • Protect stream, wetlands, woodlands. • Pervious asphalt, stormwater infiltration beds, vegetated swales, rain gardens.
  22. 22. New Residential: Village at Springbrook • High Density Residential • 59 acres • 269 homes: • 146 Townhouses • 96 Quads • 17 Singles • Sinkholes and limestone Can Water be Managed within the landscape?127 small measures, no detention basins.
  23. 23. Each home manages its own runoff in a Rain Garden seepage bed, located in the right-of-way.
  24. 24. 3/17/2016 Retrofitting Suburban Basins: Hold 1”
  25. 25. Retrofitting Suburban Basins: Hold 1”