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ESOL Technology ideas

Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. Some Technology to use in your ESOL classroom
  2. 2. Some ideas: - Create a blog in your classroom. Start with having your students write about themselves. They may write in their first language if they choose. Encourage them to share their pictures, poems, short stories etc. Give them class time to read each others' blogs and have them write responses.
  3. 3. Blogging is fun!!!
  4. 4. Create and video tape a skit of the “word of the day”. Or find pictures to illustrate the word and write captions. ● Word: happy ● Happy people ● Two girls, one boy, and two dogs are happy.
  5. 5. PowerPoint Presentations! PowerPoint presentations can be about anything. Easy subjects like space (planets) or animals are excellent for PowerPoint presentations. It's not hard to teach kids how to make a presentation. Start with 3 or 4 Slides. For example...
  6. 6. Venus Interesting Facts: ● Venus in the 2nd planet from the sun. ● It was named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty. ● It is sometimes called Earth's sister planet because it is similar in size and gravity to Earth. ● It is the 2nd brightest light in the night sky (moon is the brightest).
  7. 7. Classroom Web Page ● There are free web page templates you can use online (wix is one). ● Create and design a web page. ● Post kid's work and classroom news. ● Give the web address to parents. ● Include links to educational games.
  8. 8. Research!!! ● Most kids love to use the computer to research science and social studies topics. ● Show them how to use wikipedia and they will find out everything they can about a topic. My class fought over the one computer in my classroom until I set up a schedule. ● I had some that wanted to skip recess to do research!
  9. 9. Educational Videos Using videos to supplement your teaching is a great way to get kids engaged in what they are learning. I've used a few in my classroom and kids have told me that they loved watching them. Search youtube for ideas. I found several great videos for my geography unit.
  10. 10. I hope these ideas have been helpful! ● Blogs ● Class web ● Word of the page Day ● Research skit/captions ● Educational ● PowerPoint presentations Videos Have fun trying these things with your class!