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Lesson (2)


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the second lesson..

Published in: Education
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Lesson (2)

  1. 1. Date: 9 November Unit:2 Lesson: L and R• check homework and revise the last lesson by dictation and recitation and that will be also the introduction of the new lesson
  2. 2. OBJECTIVE• 1- the student will be able to Pronounce the letters L and R .• 2- the Students will be able to know the words that start with L and R.• 3- the student will be able to learn new words and new vocabulary.
  3. 3. Content vocabulary• 1- lamb• 2- leg• 3- lemon• 4- rabbit• 5- red• 6- run
  4. 4. Aids Some teaching techniques i use during procedure• Pupils books• Notebooks pair work group work• board minimal pairs pronunciation class and team games• Classroom objects Yes , No question games• flash cards
  5. 5. Introduction of the lesson I will be view video to the children, it will be in the beginning of a lesson••
  6. 6. after the lesson we will do some activities in theclass
  7. 7. Homework• In the workbook [P8 A&B&C]
  8. 8. Teachers reflectionevery thing was okay, My students understood the lesson But if I re-the lesson I would like to focus on writing
  9. 9. Rubrics