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Deep Web Search Part 2 by Cynthia Hetherington


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Last September we offered a webinar on searching the deep web, led by online investigation expert Cynthia Hetherington, MLS, MSM, CFE. The response was tremendous and after the session, many of you asked for more. We listened, and have invited Cynthia back for another webinar to explore deeper into the topic of searching the deep web.

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Deep Web Search Part 2 by Cynthia Hetherington

  1. 1. Online Investigations Using Deep Web Searches: Part 2 Cynthia Hetherington Hetherington Group
  2. 2. Click to edit Master title styleIntroduction• Click to edit Master text styles Cynthia Hetherington - fdsfds Cynthia has more than 20 years of experience in research, investigations and corporate intelligence. She is one of the most respected authorities on the topics of online investigations and online security. She combines her Master of Library Science, Master of Information System Management, experience as a Certified Fraud Examiner, and over 20 years of computer expertise to make her a leading practitioner in the online and Internet investigative industry. Joe Gerard Joe Gerard is the VP of Sales & Marketing at i-Sight, a leading provider of web-based case management software for corporate investigations. He’s worked with companies like Dell, Coke, Allstate, BP and more than 100 others to implement improved investigative processes that leverage best practices and case management.
  3. 3. Social NetworkInvestigations Smarter AcademyExpert Searcher Webinar
  4. 4. Cynthia is a…• Librarian• Analyst• Security Practitioner• Investigator• Author of: • Business Background Investigators • The Manual to Online Public Records • Web of Deceit • Internet & Online Intelligence Newsletter
  5. 5. Nielsen study suggests
  6. 6. Poll # 1Who is using:• LinkedIn• Twitter• Pinterest• Instagram• Google+
  7. 7. Pinterest
  8. 8. Pinterest• Pinterest is a digital bulletin board for cool and interesting things• Users find images the like and Pin them to their own boards• Currently has about 11 million users• They spend about 90+ minutes a month on the site• Usernames =
  9. 9. Pinterest
  10. 10. PinterestPrivacy Policy states:• When you sign up for or use our products, you voluntarily give us certain information. This can include your name, profile photo, pins, comments, likes, email address you used to sign up, and any other information you provide us. If you’re using Pinterest on your mobile device, you can also choose to provide us with location data.
  11. 11. Pinterest Privacy SettingsChoose whether your profile page is available to search engines • Go to Settings and turn on the “Prevent Search Engines from including your profile in their search results” • Do not connect your account with Facebook or Twitter • Do not use the same User ID as Facebook or Twitter
  12. 12. Further Privacy NoticeYou also may give us permission to access your information in otherservices – for example, you may link your Facebook or Twitter account toPinterest, which allows us to obtain information from those accounts (e.g.,your friends or contacts). The information we obtain from those servicesoften depends on your settings or their privacy policies, so be sure tocheck what those are.
  13. 13. Copyright ViolationsAccording to Federal copyright laws dealing with fair use. Copyrightedwork can only be used without permission when someone is criticizing it,commenting on it, reporting on it, teaching about it, or conductingresearch. Repinning doesnt fall under any of those categories.
  14. 14. Pinterest Caselaw• Kelly v. Arriba Soft Corporation. In that case, a photographer sued a search engine. The search engine won because it used thumbnail images in its results, not the entire work.• Thumbnails arent always fair use, however. Theyre only fair use if the necessary portion of the work is copied and nothing more. Pinterest, however, lifts the entire image from the original source which is not ok.
  15. 15. Investigator’s Notes• If you know the username of the individual try it after the • Go to Facebook or Twitter to find their username• Once you are in their account you can make an assessment of their likes and dislikes.• Often times a link to their Twitter and Facebook account is available.• Who they are following and who follows them is also available.• “Repins from” is not necessarily a friend.
  16. 16. Instagram
  17. 17. Instagram• Instagram is an online photo-sharing and social networking service that enables its users to take a picture, apply a digital filter to it, and share it on a variety of social networking services, including its own and other leading sites such as Facebook or Twitter.• Users can add hashtags to photos and make comments.
  18. 18. InstagramRules: • Post your own photos • Keep your clothes on • Be respectful • Don’t spam • HAVE FUN!
  19. 19. Instagram Photos
  20. 20. The hashtags and comments
  21. 21. Instagram PrivacyIn order to set any features, you need to work off your device.• Login• Click on the sprocket in the upper right hand corner• Scroll to “Photos are Private” and select ON• Also review Share Settings in the same menuHere you will find Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, to name a few.
  22. 22. Investigator’s Notes• If you know the username of the individual try it after the • Go to Facebook to find their username• If they are sharing their photos, you will get a first hand account of personal information• If they haven’t set their account to private you will see who they follow and who follows them.
  23. 23. Google+Very similar to Facebook. • You can post statements, which your friends can “like” or as Google+ calls it “+1” • You can post photos, videos to be shared in your circles, which are specified groups of friends • Users can limit their exposure through security settings and posting in their “circles” (pre-ordained friends only, public, acquaintances)
  24. 24. Google+
  25. 25. Investigator’s Notes• Google+ does not use the user’s name in the URL. A unique number is there instead • However you can search Google by name for your subject• If they haven’t set their account to private you will see who they follow and who follows them• The privacy button, under the username, leads you to a straightforward settings page
  26. 26. Poll # 2Who is using:• Pipl• Yasni• Icerocket
  27. 27. Search Tools Searching Content Searching People • Icerocket • Google • Bing’s Social Search • 123People • Whostalkin • Yasni • SocialMention • Yatedo • Addictomatic • Pipl • Foupas
  28. 28. Icerocket• Searches can be spaced out by Twitter, Blogs, Facebook and images.• Twitter searches go back 24 hours• Blogs go back 30 days• Facebook will capture up to 1000 matches, but only show 20.
  29. 29. Icerocket
  30. 30. Bing’s Social Search • Bing covers Facebook and Twitter feeds in its search • There is an option to see only Facebook and Twitter feeds • You can narrow down by timeframe
  31. 31.
  32. 32. • searches 60 social media gateways and has an easy-to-use API, making it possible to include results of the search right in your intelligence console (if you’ve got one).
  33. 33. SocialMention• Social Mention provides a real-time analysis of what’s being discussed around the web and displays the results in an easy to digest format• The search results can take forever to process• Sentiment results are displayed as positive, neutral, negative• You can set up alerts on the topics you need!
  34. 34. SocialMention
  35. 35. Addictomatic
  36. 36. Foupas• A Facebook search engine• Probably the most cumbersome of the group• Locates the users based on their usernames
  37. 37. Pipl
  38. 38. Yasni• Based in Germany, Yasni coverage extends internationally• Still many strong US based results are returned• Allows you to drill down by topic or interest
  39. 39. Yatedo results
  40. 40. Poll # 3How many of you are going to:• Check out Pinterest?• Set up alerts with SocialMention?• Start using more than Pipl for your locates?
  41. 41. Keeping up with it all? – 8 times a – Webinars and full day seminars
  42. 42. Thank You Cynthia Hetherington President Hetherington Group Office: 973-706-7525 Joe Gerard Vice President, Marketing and Sales i-Sight Software Office: 613-244-5111