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Social and Search Optimization

  1. 1. Social & Search Optimization A Look at Facts & Tactics HashTag #dbmei
  2. 2. SEO Basics Search Engine Optimization “Inbound Marketing”• Structure – How is it designed and/or Crawled?• Content – What is this really about? Original or Copied? Frequency of content updates?• References – Who points, links or references this?
  3. 3. Google Plus• 72% of users are male and 55% of users are in the United States• Automotive & Electronics are the top industries on G+• Photos attract the most engagement, then articles then video.• Wed is the most active day, 9AM - 10AM most active time of day.
  4. 4. Search & Social Optimization of ContentSearch Optimization for Content•Title of the Post•URL•First 50 Words keyword density•Alt Tags on Images•Featured Image•Video ContentSocial Optimization for Content:•Media Content Mix•Share Buttons & RSS Feed(s)•Featured Image•Descriptions•Klout, PeerIndex, Kred•Tools: Empire Avenue &
  5. 5. Facebook• Americans access Facebook more from a mobile device then they do a PC• Facebook activity peaks around 12 noon and 7PM on Weekdays.• Saturday is the most active day for “Likes” and “Shares” by users.
  6. 6. Best Practices for Timeline Publish More Visual Content  Posts including a photo or video generates 2x more engagement than other types Feature Custom Tabs in Views & Apps Toolbar  Can use pictures to offer a call to action Highlight specific posts  Will take up the entire width of the timeline Pin New Featured Promotions  Posts will be visible at the top of the page
  7. 7. Make Them LIKE You! Incorporate Social Plug-ins on your Blog and Website – Code is provided by Facebook Let e-mail subscribers know about your Page, and Ask for the Like! Use Facebook Ads Publish “Remarkable” content! – Give them a reason to Like you – Let people know they will get something if they Like you! Ask friends to Like you
  8. 8. Twitter• Mobile Twitter Users increase at an average rate of about 180% a year• Highest user activity on twitter is from 9AM – 11AM and 1pm to 3pm.• Fridays are the most active day for retweets and tend to be most active 3 to 6pm.
  9. 9. YouTube• YouTube users are most active and even spread between the ages of 18 and 54.• YouTube is the second largest Search Engine• 84% of internet users view videos online weekly.
  10. 10. LinkedIn• Close to 150 million users worldwide• More than 2 million companies “active” on LinkedIn.• More than 2.5 million groups• HR Professionals recruit more from LinkedIn then any two (2) other sites• More than 90% of employers review LinkedIn profiles before hiring offers are made.
  11. 11. LinkedInYour LinkedIn Profile is Your Personal Brand PageLinkedIn is an online “trade show” and networking event Showcase yourself and your accomplishments Connect with associates, colleagues, and like-minded individuals through groups Build relationships Grow your brand
  12. 12. LinkedIn Strategies for Your Brand and BusinessImageProfile Optimization - 100%Your Connections (database)Image Matters Credibility & trust 7 x more likely to be read Real world recognition
  13. 13. Profile Optimization - 100%Why? It’s your brand page Competitive advantage vs. disadvantage Search relevance (internal and external) Geographic relevance Industry relevance More content = more ways to engage
  14. 14. Your LinkedIn Database“Bring the real world into the cyber world & vice versa” Download it and use it One of your most valuable assets Frequently updated In mail is effective/less spam
  15. 15. 1) Photo2) Status update3) Title4) Message References Recommend Save5) Connections
  16. 16. Pinterest• Recently Surpassed LinkedIn in Social Sites ranking (based on users and activity).• Used primarily by women in affluent households.• Has driven more traffic to websites than any other social platform for Retail and Womens Magazines in Feb 2012.• Is a visual experience platform best used for food, locations and home decor.
  17. 17. Search & Social Optimization of Content Shortcuts get you cut off, from traffic! Don’t get caught in Trends!1980 – Telemarketing1990 – Direct Mailers2000-2005 Keywords for Search (Google, Yahoo)2005-2008 Email Marketing, PPC, Banner Ads2009 – Social Sharing (Facebook, Twitter)2010 – Social Bookmarking (Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon)2011 – Video (YouTube, Vimeo, Conferencing)2012 – Pictures (Pinterest, Google+) Create Genuine Content that utilizes everything,70% effective across 100% of sources is more effective then 100% effective across 50% of the sources. It’s also safer!