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This presentation provides an overview of the some of the key marketing software solutions that are provided by interilnkONE.

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  • Before we get to the demonstration, let us introduce ourselves, and tell you a little bit about our company. EMM = Enterprise Marketing management.. That’s the space we fit into. What exactly is that? That’s go to the next slide
  • Yes, we are printers, we are mailers, we do fulfillment… we are service providers… However, we all have felt the affects of these types of numbers. This is from a Winterberry Group study in 2009… They help to show the shift in media, our consumption, our usage.
  • Another channel that has absolutely changed the game is social media. Just look at the stats… ½ a billion people use Facebook! Businesses must find ways to be there, because their prospects and customers are as well. Are you scared of it? Or are you looking for ways to embrace it…
  • The bottom line is this…. Our prospects and Customers are Always on! They are on mobile phones while driving , or on the train or bus… They are sharing information via social networks while with their friends. Looking at their laptop, reading the newspaper, and watching TV at the same time! Reading direct mail…. And more Thus, we must consider this before we develop and execute our campaigns.
  • So, if we understand that people are on the move, that they are consuming data, we must start to take steps to realize that a variety of channels are at our disposal to reach people.. We must reach them in the way that they want to be targeted, with relevant information.
  • Yes, these charts and stats help to make one thing clear – to succeed , we must be able to help with multiple channels
  • Think about our current business …. When we do jobs for our clients, what exactly are doing for them? Do we just think of it as printing the materials? Or maybe we now do PURLs…. Is it enough to send out one mailer, that has a PURL that points to a landing page? No… think about what the client is trying to accomplish. Let’s think about a seminar.. Let’s say one of your clients is doing one. How much is involved? Sure, they may want you to do a direct mail piece? But is that ALL they are going to do for promotion?
  • Seminar Printed piece with PURL They respond to website - event registration Email non-responders with link to event registration site Email confirmation Print seminar attendee packets Registration list & packets provided to client Post seminar email evaluation web event form Route leads to sales reps Seminar ROI reporting
  • Campaign Management Manage each aspect of the marketing effort. Personalized URLs Measure the effectiveness of direct mail and email efforts 1 to 1 Marketing Increase effectiveness by targeting individuals personally. Measurement Measure all responses in real time. Marketing Automation Streamline marketing initiatives by providing campaign planning and management.
  • Once you’ve gone through the campaign wizard, here’s a view of what you’ve build… A multi-channel campaign, with different medias, sources, and response mechanisms.
  • Online Order Fulfillment Real-Time order placement and fulfillment. Literature Fulfillment Users can order hardcopy, electronic, print of demand, variable data, premium items, digital assets all in one easy to use application. Premium Fulfillment Ordering allows for product fulfillment which can be paid for with cost centers, budgets or credit cards. E-Commerce You can accept credit card payments and design branded store fronts. E-Fulfillment Instantly deliver literature/track when customers receive and open it. Digital Asset Ordering Allow digital assets to be stored and ordered for immediate electronic distribution.
  • Warehouse Management Manage multiple warehouses and client inventories. Pick Ticket Processing Single or batch pick orders. Inventory Control Multiple client inventories w/full inventory level reporting. Receiving Full receiving and lot assignments. Shipping Integration with multiple carriers and manifest software available. Order Tracking Real-Time order tracking & reporting available to users and admins.
  • Web to Print Provide digital web store to create print materials. Variable Data Print Customize print jobs based upon contact fields. Variable Print Store Fronts Provide users an easy to use store front to order VDP items. E-Commerce Users can order VDP items with their credit cards. Personalization Allow users to customize print materials at time of order placement.
  • Lead Management Increase revenue/decrease sales cycle with an accurate database. List Management Keep a single list of all your contacts. Task Management Track upcoming meetings, phone calls, and other sales activities. Opportunity Management You can build an accurate forecast of deals that are in the pipeline. Contact Notes Notes are entered, date and time stamped and kept in a repository for future use and reference.
  • Project Management Allows teams to work collaboratively/track project status in real time. Team Collaboration Allow users a single portal which provides full communication. Team Management Assign tasks to members for resolution. Task Escalation Users have full visibility into a project, allows for tasks to be escalated as required. Document Management Serves as a repository to store all documents related to a project.
  • What I just showed was really just the tip of the iceberg on what each module is capable of doing… They all have an extensive feature-list… They all can provide benefits. And here’s the thing to keep in mind ---- these are not point solutions.. All of these capabilities, features, benefits are in one solution, one product ---- ilinkONE Version 8.
  • Feel free to check out these sites for case studies, ebooks, White Papers, newsletters. And more… Or, if your smart phone is handy, feel free to scan the QR Code on this page to access our corporate website.
  • Our CEO, John Foley, Jr. has a new book coming out very soon. It deals with this subject in depth… How to transform your business. Go to to sign up for more information, and for a sneak peek.
  • interlinkONE: Overview of our Marketing Software

    1. 1. An overview of interlinkONE’s Software Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    2. 2. Quick Facts about interlinkONE Founded in 1996 Wilmington, MA Web-Based Software EMM Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    3. 3. Enterprise Marketing Management1. Planning 2. Design & 3. Targeted 4. Measurement& Budgeting Production Customers of Results EMM - When used as an integrated suite, the solutions help to deliver a marketing system of record critical to delivering an integrated customer experience, resource optimization, and improved decision-making. Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    4. 4. Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    5. 5. Ch-Ch-Changes Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    6. 6. Social Media – It’s for Real500 Million Active Users ofFacebook, July 201070 Million Members inLinkedInYouTube Views: More than2 Billion per Day86% of U.S. Adults Own aCell Phone Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    7. 7. Visualizing the Target Audience Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    8. 8. How to Reach the Target Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    9. 9. What Does It Mean to You? You must be able to build, manage, execute & measure multi-channel marketing solutions. Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    10. 10. Is this a campaign? March Seminar Print Direct Mail Invitation PURL / Response Page Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    11. 11. A Sample Multi-Channel Campaign Measuring Response Rates March Seminar Email SMS / Text Print Direct MailInvitation Email Invitation Text Invitation Email vs. Text vs. Print PURL PURL/ Response Page Reply Text / Response Page Call Center Measuring Subject Lines 22% You’re Invited! - Week Follow-Up - 6% Win a FREE gift! Reminder DirectReminder Email Reminder Text 47% Check out our March Seminar Mailer 25% Are you interested in attending? PURL PURL Reply Text Call Center/ Response Page / Response Page Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    12. 12. Multi-Channel Marketing Software Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    13. 13. Our Product: ilinkONE Version 8 One-to-one marketing Lead acquisition tools Campaign and Response Management Online ordering E-Mail marketing Measurement across the whole campaign Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    14. 14. What our software does for you Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    15. 15. The Solution Suite Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    16. 16. Marketing Overview• Campaign Management Personalized URLs 1 to 1 Marketing Measurement Marketing Automation Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    17. 17. Easy Campaign Building Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    18. 18. Template-Driven: No HTML Needed Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    19. 19. Multi-Channel Campaigns Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    20. 20. Real-Time Reports for All Activities Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    21. 21. Orders Overview Online Order Fulfillment Literature Fulfillment Premium Fulfillment E-Commerce E-Fulfillment Digital Asset Ordering Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    22. 22. Ordering : View Products Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    23. 23. Ordering : Customize a Piece Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    24. 24. Ordering : View your Proof Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    25. 25. Fulfillment Overview Warehouse Management Pick Ticket Processing Inventory Control Receiving Shipping Order Tracking Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    26. 26. Most Commonly Picked Items Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    27. 27. Orders Shipped Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    28. 28. Print Overview Web to Print Variable Data Print Variable Print Store Fronts E-Commerce Personalization Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    29. 29. Create Variable Data PrintItems Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    30. 30. Sales Overview Lead Management List Management Task Management Opportunity Management Contact Notes Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    31. 31. Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    32. 32. Sales Activity Dashboard Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    33. 33. Projects Overview Project Management Team Collaboration Team Management Task Escalation Document Management Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    34. 34. Tasks at a Glance Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    35. 35. All Features in One Solution Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    36. 36. Real-time Dashboards in the ilinkONE V8 Software Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    37. 37. Marketing Fulfillment Sales Direct Mailer 25% Email Blast 45% Collateral Sent 10% Website Hits 20% Fulfillment packages sent to Track the success of each respondents effort of the campaign 90 Coffee Cards Ordered •Who is responding? 75 Shipped •What are they responding 90 White papers View how each lead is to? progressing in the sales funnel.Orders Print Projects Measure the success of your Mailer 1: 22% 30 Case Studies campaign within projects Mailer 3: 38% 10 Company Booklets Mailer 2: 40% •15 hours spent on 5 Coffee Mugs By printing out more than one campaign Track what Sales Reps are type of mailer, you can track •Completed two days after ordering. How many orders were which mailer had greater targeted date placed? success. •ROI nearing 100% Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    38. 38. What did people respond to? Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    39. 39. What groups responded? Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    40. 40. Landing Page Responses Who visited the page? Who responded? Who did not? Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    41. 41. Responses: Who are they? Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    42. 42. E-Mail Blast Results Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    43. 43. Cost per Lead Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    44. 44. Sales Pipeline Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    45. 45. ORDERS: Placed by Month Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    46. 46. ORDERS: Status, past 30 days Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    47. 47. Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    48. 48. Integrated, Multi-Channel Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    49. 49. Resources http://QReateAndTrack.comCase Studies, White Papers, Newsletters, and more! Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    50. 50. Reach the Mobile Audience! Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    51. 51. New BookLearn More at Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    52. 52. Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    53. 53. Want to learn more?• Karen Sheehey: VP of Sales at interlinkONE••• Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.
    54. 54. THANK YOU! Copyright 2012 interlinkONE, Inc.