Saving Time and Money in Warehouse Operations (MFSA Annual Conference)


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interlinkONE's VP of Sales Karen DeWolfe delivered this presentation at the 2012 MFSA Annual Conference in Asheville, North Carolina.

During the presentation, entitled "Saving Time and Money in Warehouse Operations", Karen shared a number of strategies, technologies, tools, and tips to help companies streamline their inventory management and order fulfillment processes.

Karen covers items such as:
- Online Ordering and Web-to-Print portals

- Wireless Barcode Scanners

- Order Picking Options

- Inventory Replenishment Techniques

- And more!

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  • People are more comfortable than ever ordering all sorts of items, products, and services online. As ownership of mobile devices increases, so will the demand to be able to order what they want, when they want it, and how they want it. BENEFITS: Provides 24-7 access to inventory and other items Reduces need for manual intervention in the order-taking process Allows companies to expose additional items and other services
  • One way to solve those types of problems is to provide an online ordering portal where your reps can order electronic fulfillment items (and hardcopy!) whenever they want, whenever they need it.
  • No matter how well designed your picking system WAS, changing customer requirements will undermine its original excellence. Your pickers and supervisors are your first line of defense against "creeping obsolescence." An investment in productivity and accuracy improvement (Total Quality), and management supported quality circles that meet regularly to identify problems and propose solutions, will pay big dividends in continuous improvement of even an already excellent system.
  • 16 minutes into video
  • Scanning inventory will result in more accurate counts, on hand amounts.. Will reduce time needed for doing full inventory counts… can instead do cycle counts!
  • 19:30 minutes into video Pickers preferred MC3190… because they are little quicker, lighter Receiving folks preferred MC9190.. Larger, more rugged, bigger display, bigger keypad
  • Scanning of barcodes Once did
  • Saving Time and Money in Warehouse Operations (MFSA Annual Conference)

    1. 1. Saving Time and MoneyIn Warehouse Operations June 26, 2012 Karen L. DeWolfe interlinkONE, Inc
    2. 2. Today’s Overview• Challenges in the Supply Chain• Finding Success with: – Online Ordering Portals – Inventory Management – Automation & Customer Service• Questions and Answers
    4. 4. Supply Chain Data • Report published by the CMO Council • “A Straight Line to the Front Line”
    5. 5. Why Show You These Charts?• Because if you can provide solutions to these problems in YOUR warehouse operations and services, you can earn more business!
    6. 6. Inventory and Warehouse Space Waste
    7. 7. Marketing Content:It’s Value to Sales
    8. 8. Improving the Process
    9. 9. How ImportantIs the Supply Chain?
    10. 10. Success Starts with the WMS!Areas WhereImprovement Can OftenBe Found: – Online Ordering Portals – Inventory Management – Automation & Customer Service
    11. 11. Best Practices for:Online Ordering Portals
    12. 12. Why an Online Ordering Portal?• People are comfortable ordering online.• It can reduce data- transfer time.• Integrating it with your Warehouse Management System is key! Streamline Order process.
    13. 13. People Like the Model: Make it Easy!
    14. 14. Be Ready for Mobile!
    15. 15. Utilize Print-On-Demand
    16. 16. Benefits of Print On Demand• Reduce Costs: Storage, Handling, and Inventory Accounting• Supports Growing Demand for Shorter Runs• There is little or no waste from unsold products.
    17. 17. POD & Variable Data:Name Interest Status $$ Spent YearlyJohn Smith Food Silver 5KMichelle Jones Card Games Gold 20KFrank Stafford Shows Platinum 50K
    18. 18. Before the Launch• Test online ordering portal in multiple browsers – Help poll sales reps to find out what they use• Keep the mobile audience in mind – Mobile-optimized portal might not be needed just yet, but watch the growth in numbers!
    19. 19. After the Launch• Provide access to Training videos inside of the ordering portal• Make it easy for people to ask for help• Train CSRs how to debug common issues: – Can’t login – Don’t know my password – How do I find a specific item?
    20. 20. Best Practices for:Inventory Management & Order Fulfillment
    21. 21. Handling Reorder Points• Static Reorder Point at Product Level OR…• Automatic Replenishment Calculations
    22. 22. Automated Reorder Point• Fluctuating Reorder Point based on usage over time, amount needed to satisfy orders in months to come.• Helps to forecast increased demand at different points in the year as well.
    23. 23. Benefits of Automated Reorder• It puts your data to use!• Monitors spikes or dips in activity, order history, inventory amounts, etc.• Keeps in mind unusual seasons and events: Trade Shows, Yearly Meetings, etc.
    24. 24. Constantly Analyze Picking Process!• Is the most popular inventory easily accessible?• Are the Pick Tickets properly sending your staff in the right path?• Invest in training and quality circles• Reward useful feedback from the “pickers”!
    25. 25. Picking Process: Print & Mobile• Picker scans pick ticket, tells them which location to go to• Heads to location• Scans product to verify they’re picking the right product• Scans location barcode to confirm they picked from right location
    26. 26. Automated Case Picking?Popular in food and beverage industries… but assuccess stories are reported, could expand to fulfillmentfor other types of products.
    27. 27. Voice/Wearable Devices
    28. 28. Scanners in ReceivingManual processrequires:•Data Entry•Clerical WorkMoving to an automatedprocess includingbarcode scanners cansave hours of time!
    29. 29. Wireless-Enabled Scanners• Inventory Receiving• Checking & Adjusting Inventory Levels• And more!
    30. 30. Deciding Which Device to GetPickers preferred MC3190… Receiving folks preferredbecause they are little quicker, MC9190.. Larger, more rugged,lighter bigger display, bigger keypad
    31. 31. Inventory Management:Cycle Count vs. Full Physical Check
    32. 32. Video Case Study
    33. 33. Smartphone Access to Reports• With a mobile- optimized solution, key warehouse personnel could easily check on inventory levels, order status, backorders, and more from their smartphones.
    34. 34. Best Practices for:Automation & Customer Service
    35. 35. Built-In Help Request Forms
    36. 36. Live Chat Option
    37. 37. Track “Open Carts”• Eliminate the calls and complaints related to users that were unable to complete their orders the first time through• Make it possible for them to track what they’ve ordered• Also, be able to see why items with stock “on hand” are unavailable
    38. 38. Review All Touch-Points• Pick Tickets• Packing Slips• Order Confirmation Emails• Shipping Notification EmailsDo those items increase your manual work- load or do they help to streamline it?
    39. 39. Saving Time and Money is easy.Where you will see immediate results
    40. 40. Saving Time and Money• Ordering Portals that will allow you to: – Get orders in faster and more conveniently – An opportunity to cross sell – Open New Revenue Stream – Save sales time in order and quote taking• Print On Demand will allow you to: – Use less physical space and resources – Less waste – Faster to market content
    41. 41. Saving Time and Money• Reorder Automation that will allow you to: – Move beyond ordering a set amount and into predictable usage – System driven to save CSRs and Product Manger time – Less wasted material in overage• Electronic Fulfillment will allow you to: – Use less physical space and resources – Less waste – Faster to market content
    42. 42. Saving Time and Money• Efficient Automation and Customer Service will allow you to: – Have users self service – Have answers to questions quickly – Spend less time on support – Save money in resource allocation
    43. 43. Final Thoughts• Saving Time in Warehouse Operations often involves streamlining processes from end-to-end --- from order entry to the shipment of the order.• Be committed to measuring and analyzing all areas of your operation consistently!
    44. 44. See you at the MFSA Annual Conference!CHANGING PERSPECTIVESto Create a Brighter Future
    45. 45. Contact Karen DeWolfe• Email:• Phone: 978-694-9992
    46. 46. Request a Demo?Would you like to see our Order and WarehouseManagement software in action? Register for a free demo today!
    47. 47. The Book  Strategies, Plans, Case Studies Campaign Ideas, and More.  A guide to help you grow your mailing and fulfillment business!
    48. 48. Thank you!Any questions?
    49. 49. Thank you!