Business Development to Drive Growth [Global Channel Partners Summit]


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This presentation was delivered at the 2012 Global Channel Partners summit, which was held at Graph Expo in Chicago.

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  • Description we provided: John will provide strategies and tactics that attendees can implement to incorporate social media into their sales process. John will discuss finding and connecting with prospects online, providing relevant content, and generating leads & sales.
  • Our goal is to help customers increase revenues develop high value applicationsWho are we?An independent , international management consulting firm. What do we do?Work to ignite business growth through digital technologies. What do we provide?Operational analysis, specialized sales and marketing support, strategic planning.As the independent 3rd party consultants – real world experienceMany of you know my background in printing for 35 years, and my team consists of 7other consultants in the US and the UK.Many won’t trust Xerox or GMC to do the type of work that needs to be done to support new sales and new revenueOur team has real world experience in their industries and can provide insight and knowledge to strategically support their goals
  • What are some of your challenges today in selling?
  • Your customers have challenges – most of their challenges – fall into 3 bucketsPosition your company, your products and services to solve their challenges – you can deliver solutions – will be valuable to your customers – position your company – new applications, higher profitsFor those of you who call on commerical printers – they are trying to help their end customer who also have these same challenges- They – the commerical printer is trying to distinguish their service
  • All print is part of marketing communications – What trends have impacted marcom in last 15 yearsSocial media has changed marketing and will continue toHow many were on and using twitter 1 year ago?Today?How many – didn’t know what twitter was before this year?NYT – quote – success of obama campaign – was they saw the powerUnderstood you could use the web to lower the cost of building a political brandCreate a sense of connection and engagement and dispense with command and control method of governing to allow people to self-organize and to do the work
  • How do you do itYour customers are faced with this realityThey have to have branding, messages, content for all these channelsWhat does it mean to you?Think of print as part of communication process – managing content repurpose it for different channels
  • Most Effective Sales people - Their approach is from what is the value for the client?Talk about sales skills – approachBe a consultative – this is something where our team provides training – not going to happen in a day or two – vision needs to come from management team to create this as part of the culture of your organizationRead slideKnow you add value – help them measure results, ideas for improvementASK – do your clients see value in your relationship and what you provide?
  • LoisSales approach –Consider – strategy for asking the right questions – make client feel comfortable sharing informationPeople know when your motives are not true to themConscious act – to put the customer first, w/integrityConvince others in your org to do the same Questioning/Listening skillsFocuses on solutions, not productsOffers options, lets client chooseAvoids product based solutionsProvides counsel vs. quick fixIn this sales approach – change your focusSolutions, options for customerTakes longerSeen as providing advice – earned the right to do this
  • Lois– selling approached – for Print and most services1. Commodity – where many in the industry are today – price is the primary factor for the client to make decision)2. The next level is Transactional or project based – where you have a reputation for specific type of jobs, applications – reliable, consistent, many of you likely here with many of your client relationships3. Consultative – some of you and some of your sales reps may be able to do this – be seen as experts who can help – you can work with clients at the beginning of a project to scope and provide value 4. Trusted Advisor – closely aligned with client to provide strategic input – one big distinction is the clients call you and ask for advice from a strategic perspective before or as they make decisionsIt takes time and effort to develop your relationships to this level
  • As our industry continues to evolve your customers needs are changing rapidly around their print, biz and the services they offerMost commerical printers are seeing growth in digital and value added services – they have to evolve their companiesFor dealers- business develop services can enable you to provide more strategic solutions to your clientsService Providers like yourself need to differentiate from the competitionSo you can drive results in sales, and new business
  • Business - tactical – features and capabilities – now more strategic –Tactical not enough
  • How can you be strategic –Fuji Film – Fuji Xerox – offer strategic solutions- digital in additional to consumables & plates Komori and Landa – global strategic partnership – Komori to mfg and market new Landanano-inkAnd there are likely many more strategic partnerships you will hear about here – during the show where tradition print mfg and suppliers are partnering with new services around digitalWe see the need to grow in by being strategic in your sales and marketing process
  • Business Development to Drive Growth [Global Channel Partners Summit]

    1. 1. Business DevelopmentLois Ritarossi to Drive Growth
    2. 2. Business Development to Drive GrowthLois Ritarossi, Senior ConsultantPhone:
    3. 3. A Worldwide Consulting FirmOffering Results Services OfferingConsulting for Increased  Business Developmentbusiness revenuedevelopment More profitable  Strategic Planning applications  Workflow Analysis Improved  Sales Training workflow  Marketing Campaigns  Customer workshops  Distributed Print Implementation  Training Course Development
    4. 4. What is Your Value Beyond Print?
    5. 5. Communication Challenges Customer Improve Reduce Service Revenue Expenses  Treat each customer  Maximize cross-  Control the costs of differently sell/up-sell customer opportunities communications  Improve customer loyalty and retention  Improve customer  Manage multiple loyalty and retention communications  Correct messages channels reach the correct  Measure the customers at the effectiveness and correct time ROI of marketing campaigns
    6. 6. The Change ConstantMass Acceptance Content One-to-One MarketingThe Web E-Commerce Mgmt. X-Media Analytics1994 1995 1997 2000 2002 2005 2007 2009 2010 2011 CRM Age of Social Cloud Mobile iPad/Tablet Loyalty Media Computing Marketing Apps
    7. 7. Content Rules ADS/POS Business Systems RSS Feeds Micro Sites WEB MobilePodcasts Email Online Ads Social Media Literature on Demand Direct Mail
    8. 8. What is your value beyond Print?How can you help your clients’succeed and grow?
    9. 9. Sales vs. Business Development Sales Biz Development “Want to buy “I’ve got some ideas what I got?” to help you…”
    10. 10. Consultative Selling Process Needs Seeks to uncover needs Partner Works as a partner Solutions Provides win-win solutions Relationships Builds relationships, then sales Value Adds value to client
    11. 11. Consultative Approaches Learns about client Pro-active Listening through questions Focus on Solutions Offers customer options See Clients’ Perspective Provides value Provides Counsel Maintains integrity
    12. 12. Selling Approach 1 2 Commodity Transactional 3 4 Consultative Trusted Advisor
    13. 13. Why Business Development? Value beyond hardware and software Differentiate from competitors Industry results – Production solutions  Biz Dev engagement drives volume growth Biz Dev Focus  Marketing Strategy  Marketing Plan  Sales Training  Software deployment
    14. 14. The Industry in ChangingDo you want to be part of their past?
    15. 15. The Industry in ChangingOr Part of their future? As a Strategic Partner
    16. 16. Questions?Thank You Lois Ritarossi, Senior Consultant Phone: 781-444-6849