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7 things you can inject to your marketing right now - Power Up Direct & Digital Marketing Workshop in Lisbon


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7 things you can inject to your marketing right now - Power Up Direct & Digital Marketing Workshop in Lisbon - part 1 by Michael Leander

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7 things you can inject to your marketing right now - Power Up Direct & Digital Marketing Workshop in Lisbon

  1. 1. 7 things you can inject in your marketing mix and get results right now Michael Leander Lisbon, 10-11-11More information here |
  2. 2. Which reads the mostwords per minute – the eye or the ear? 2.500 words per minute 125 words per minute
  3. 3. Too many marketers focus on gimmicks, featuresand other irrelevant stuff, when they shouldfocus on results.
  4. 4. Fact 1: Direct mail is still highly efficientand plays on senses that digital cannotFact 2: Email marketing is growing, butbecoming increasingly difficult to handleFact 3: Gaining traction in social media isnot what most people think it would be
  5. 5. The average time spent on a taskbefore being distracted or switching to another is only 3 minutes 11 seconds.
  6. 6. People are being overwhelmed by 100,000 words and 34g of information daily
  7. 7. Your target prospect is exposed to6000 advertisingmessages every single day
  8. 8. Short attention span, loads of intrusion- how do you cut through the clutter? Do I know you? Do I need you? Brain Can I trust you? filter
  9. 9. Uniquepassionate emotional authentic focusedinteractivemeaningful …
  10. 10. Break down the terriblyinefficient silo thinking
  11. 11. Significant changesTransparencyRelevancy8 second ruleCustomer intimacyMultichannel mix
  12. 12. What business aremarketers in?
  13. 13. Romy Ruth VS. ROT = Return on Time
  14. 14. 2 things that can power up your marketing
  16. 16. CROSS-MEDIA Objectivoby DIRECTIMEDIA
  17. 17. PROBLEMAS Objectivo não definido Objectivo mal definido Objectivo não resolve o problema Objectivo não alinhado com a estratégiaby DIRECTIMEDIA
  18. 18. OBJECTIVO Identificar o problema Definir o objectivo Criticar o objectivo Definição final do objectivoby DIRECTIMEDIA
  21. 21. MEIOS Quais os Meios que devemos usar?by DIRECTIMEDIA
  22. 22. MEIOS Os que funcionam!by DIRECTIMEDIA
  23. 23. Que nospermitemalcançar oObjectivo!
  24. 24. MEIOS Custoby DIRECTIMEDIA
  25. 25. MEIOS Custoby DIRECTIMEDIA
  26. 26. MEIOS Resultadosby DIRECTIMEDIA
  29. 29. 5 things topower up yourdirect & digital marketing
  30. 30. Walk in the Park ABOA Emotional links3 email marketing tips Repurpose content
  31. 31. Be clear about the ”Why” – what are youtrying to achieve? 42
  32. 32. Things to rememberABC = Always Be Closing• But do not necessarily try to close ”today” – build up to the close by engaging and build the relationshipsAIDA = Attention Interest Desire Action• How do I get the recipients attention?• How do I catch the recipients interest so that the person will desire to learn more, and eventually take action (to click or buy or …)? 43
  33. 33. The AIDA in practice Home page or Call to actions Compelling product home page message Product home Call to actions Benefit driven detailsCall to actions Product details Full story with all the bells and whistles
  34. 34. When writing copy for the web and emailABOAAttribute Benefit Objection Answer 45
  35. 35. AnswerAttribute BenefitAnswer
  36. 36. The Walk in the Park Clearly defined navigation paths Build trust quickly Your MWR’s – Most Wanted Responses Be a guide to help your visitors go from A to Z Implement call to actions consistently Measure the effect and re-do if results are poor
  37. 37. Let’s see a website
  38. 38. MWR 2MWR 1 Trust MWR 3 Trust MWR 4
  39. 39. So what happened to all the other clicks ?
  40. 40. Are you using your main navigation to getvisitors to do what you want them to do?
  41. 41. Who is the most important person in the world?
  42. 42. Headlines &Emotional links
  43. 43. When you write, consider• Benefit driven headlines, not descriptions• Experiment with headlines 2,3 or even 4 lines long and in different colors, bold/italic etc.• Compelling copy about YOU (the reader) – use You at least 3 times more than we or us
  44. 44. Put some emotion into your linksUsing ”Read more” is far less effective than forexample benefit driven link texts:• See how this marketing tool can save you money quicklyor• Go here to learn why others are raving about this marketing tool
  45. 45. Offer alternativesThink: Where might the visitor be in the buying cycle?Ask: What is the visitor likely to want / need to know next?
  46. 46. Preparelinks &pictures forscanning>>>>>>>>>
  47. 47. 3 Email marketingtips that gets youincreased results !
  48. 48. TOP TIPCheck your database/list frequently ! Never active 40-60% Seldom active Active frequently Always 2-5% active
  49. 49. Focus on the Mind Box
  50. 50. The First 30 Days and Welcome Flow In email marketing The experience at the beginning of the relationship impacts the LENGTH (how long the average subscriber will stay with you) and the VALUE of the relationship
  51. 51. The First 30 Days – What’s your flow? Sign-up First Push Contact referral First Newsletter Second newsletter Acquisition Sign-up First newsletter Second newsletter 3,4,5.....
  52. 52. 80% click on oneor more of those links!
  53. 53. Educate your new subscriber –sequential auto responder welcomingprogram Day 1 Day 3 Day 5 67
  54. 54. A 26,22% B 5,00% C 10,32%Can you guess the CTR (response) winner for theseemail marketing campaigns?A?B?C?
  55. 55. Intro links / Pre-header Functional linksIntro story (Credibility) Survey or result Can be differentiated ”Products and offers” based on profile Activate profiling call to action ”Article” Sender branding ”more articles” Functional links 69
  56. 56. TOP TIPZoom of preheader >>
  57. 57. Experiment !Different marketsreact differently
  58. 58. Give several response options – andput emotions into your link texts
  59. 59. Re-use content and increase the”I’ll stick around for more” factor
  60. 60. Repurpose content
  61. 61. Group hug
  62. 62. Learn more about this topicMichael Leander is an internationalmarketing speaker. He has spoken in 35+countries and at countless webinars..Find him here http://www.michaelleander.meConsulting: http://www.michaelleander.comEmail: