In-Plant Printers: How To Grow Business Through Value-Added Services


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This presentation is targeted to companies that are in-plant printing and mailing services providers.

That type of business is often found inside of colleges & universities, financial services institutions, insurance companies, hospitals, and other organizations.

During this presentation, interlinkONE presented ways that printers and mailers can grow their business by offering value-added services to their organization and customers. This includes:
- Mobile, QR Codes, websites
- Landing Page development
- Personalized URLs
- Web-to-Print
- Inventory Management and Order fulfillment
- And more.

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  • First, what does it stand for?Quick Response… So.. On the most basic level – think of it this way. Your mobile audience can save time by scanning the QR Code to go to your website rather than remembering and typing in the URL.Yes, it’s a call to action that can help increase response rates… strike while he iron is hot.
  • Now, while it may not feel like summer in the Northeast yet, QR Codes have exploded in regards to the flower & gardneing shops such as Home Depot and Lowes.Here you can see how QR Codes are used on the product label while buying Cauliflower plants.Earlier, I talked about how I love QR Codes. Well, since I am not a fan of QR Codes, I’d say this is a terrible use of them  Juuuuuust kidding.
  • Just from our own testing, when we take the QR Code less than an inch, we see troubles with the readers… For you, test…As the cameras on the phones get better, they can scan smaller QR Codes. But consider your audience.
  • How do you shorten a URL? There are tools such as Bit.Ly, QR Code generators do it for you!
  • Any Boston Celtics fans?When we win the NBA Championship this year, send me an email, and I’ll try to send you tshirt with this logo/QR Code on it.
  • We typically recommend using almost a ¼ inch of padding… Honestly, we do use a bit less than that, but give it room to breathe!
  • Now a huge reason and benefit of using QR Codes is the measurement and tracking! - You can start clearly measuring how effective your print ads are.. Your postcards… your signs..
  • Now a huge reason and benefit of using QR Codes is the measurement and tracking! - You can start clearly measuring how effective your print ads are.. Your postcards… your signs..
  • Because it’s easy to create a QR Code, the temptation exists to simply point one to your corporate website, or your customer’s corporate website! Do not do that! - It might not work on a phone (Flash). - It might take forever to load - It might not provide answers that someone needs on their phone at that moment.
  • Some of you might already have this.. But if not, go to TheQRToolkit.comIt’s a free QR Code Success Tool Kit… has white papers, videos, case studies, how to guides, and more.
  • In fact, the CMO Council recently published a report where they interviewed those involved in the Marketing Supply chain. Notice the top reasons why sales reps complained that their process was unsatisfactory. It took too long…
  • Another reason why you’d want to take advantage of virtual warehousing ---- visibility! As a manager, can you see what is happening with your orders? Let’s look at a few examples of what you could gain access to, when you need it.
  • One way to solve those types of problems is to provide an online ordering portal where your reps can order electronic fulfillment items (and hardcopy!) whenever they want, whenever they need it.
  • Next, we’re going to talk about part of virtual warehousing.. And that is electronic fulfillment. Yes, printers want you to print. But without a doubt, we have to recognize that people want to consume media in a variety of formats.
  • Can you see what sales reps are ordering, how much, is it being shipped, is it being backordered? There are systems out there that will let you take advantage of the electronic and smaller inventory amounts and thus see in real-time what is happening.
  • Alright, so… we face these challenges… customers and prospects want more information through more channels at the time they prefer.
  • Step 1: Find the right partners. Find someone that you can trust… that talks about wanting to save you money.. That talks about wanting to move your business forward with whatever changes come next to the worlds of fulfillment, mail, marketing, print, and communications.
  • Finally.. The most important thing.. Set goals and benchmarks. Do your sales reps have expectations on how quicikly things will be available for ordering? Do you have expectations as to how quickly things will be turned around and shipped? Make those goals and benchmarks clear, and share them with your partners. Then measure!!!
  • In-Plant Printers: How To Grow Business Through Value-Added Services

    1. 1. Presented by Jason Pinto interlinkONE, Inc.
    2. 2. Who Am I@JasonPintoCMO,interlinkONE
    3. 3. interlinkONE   
    4. 4. Today’s Overview Position Yourself as a Marketing Partner: Why? Integrating Print with Mobile Print + Social Online Ordering, Inventory Management, and More
    5. 5. Social Media Statistics  800 Million Users on Facebook 250 Million Tweets Sent Per DayNOTE: As of September 2011
    6. 6. Social Media Statistics (cont.) 36+ Hours of Video Uploaded to YouTube every minute (#2 search engine)  50 million users on Google+ in 3 months
    7. 7. By the Numbers: Google 34,000 searches per second 2 million per minute 121 million per hour 3 billion per day 88 billion per month Source:
    8. 8. How Big is Mobile? Source: Microsoft
    9. 9. How Fast is Mobile Web Growing? Source: Microsoft
    10. 10. Possible Challenges for You Print Volumes and Sales Have Decreased Mobile, Social, Online, etc. have changed communication Not familiar enough with new channels (social, mobile) “I am ready to offer marketing services. Everyone just thinks of me as their printer.”
    11. 11. Possible Challenges for YourOrganization Having a tough time getting their message to stand out They know they should be using social, mobile, online… but not sure of best practices. They do not have a way to measure; not sure what’s working? They need to cut costs, streamline operations.
    12. 12. Opportunities Available Integrate Online and Offline Channels – Mobile and Social Provide real-time visibility into inventory, order status Marketing Portal hosting for VDP, customizable marketing pieces
    13. 13. Two Opportunities QR Code Creation and Tracking Mobile Website Building & Hosting
    14. 14. First: What is a QR Code?
    15. 15. QR = “Quick Response”
    16. 16. Let’s Look at Some Examples of How they Are Being Used
    17. 17. Product Labels
    18. 18. In-Store Purchase Guidance
    19. 19. On Direct Mail
    20. 20. On Business Cards
    21. 21. Wide-Format Signs
    22. 22. Promote Mobile Apps
    23. 23. At Auto Dealerships
    24. 24. Where Opportunity Exists Lots of companies have heard the buzz… but aren’t sure how to use them. Others have dove in; but are using them incorrectly. Some have no idea how to track them.
    25. 25. Applications for Scanning
    26. 26. Best Practice: Shorten the URL
    27. 27. Best Practice: Provide Incentive
    28. 28. Consider Color, Logo, PatternTips on how to do this:
    29. 29. Important! Include Padding
    30. 30. Track, Measure, Test
    31. 31. Track, Measure, Test
    32. 32. Ask --- Why Would You Scan? Provide Directions / Map Click-to-Call or Click-to-SMS To Easily Learn Important Details To Opt-In for More Information
    33. 33. Next: Build Mobile Websites
    34. 34. Mobile Website Builder App Easily Build Mobile Websites Color-Scheme Pickers for Branding WYSIWYG Editor – Add Text, Links, Pictures, & More Form Builder – for surveys & lead generation Real-Time Reporting White Label Program!
    35. 35. Mobile Websites for any Function
    36. 36. Easy-to-Use Admin Features
    37. 37. Color Scheme Options
    38. 38. Mobile Site Needs Easy to See & Click Inquiry FormsSocialIntegration
    39. 39. Mobile Forms -Create mobile- optimized forms for surveys, inquiries, lead generation, submitting claims, and more -Specify response routing information for each form
    40. 40. Build Networks with Mobile
    41. 41. Free Resources
    42. 42. Create Awareness & Drive Traffic More and more noise is happening online. Print can help people cut through the clutter to find your online message.
    43. 43. Print for Mobile/Social Print can increase success of location- based promotions and other mobile/social opportunities.
    44. 44. QR Codes, Social, and Print!
    45. 45. Case Study: Generation Smile Small Business Well-Known in the Community Needs to Grow!
    46. 46. They Built It…Would People Come?
    47. 47. Printed Signs toDrive Traffic
    48. 48. Created Handout Cards
    49. 49. Results (On-Going) Increased the # of fans Increased engagement on their content Refreshed view in the community
    50. 50. How Can You Get Involved? Become acquainted with your organizations social media activity Analyze and benchmark existing numbers – Fans, followers, check-ins Demonstrate how print can help increase social media’s success!
    51. 51. Challenge: Storage, Unused Material
    52. 52. Challenge: Stock, Revisions
    53. 53. Challenge: Quick Turnarounds!
    54. 54. “Are you not satisfied?”CMO Council 2011: Unraveling and Understanding the Conflicts Between Sales and the Marketing Supply Chain
    55. 55. Ordering Should Be Easy Think about the normal things we research buy online – books, music, trips, clothes, gadg ets, etc. Why can’t print be that easy to order as well?
    56. 56. Opportunity: e-Fulfillment
    57. 57. Opportunity: Reporting Real-time Inventory Review Check Order Status Online Automatic Reorder Point Calculations Most Popular Items
    58. 58. Most Commonly Picked Items
    59. 59. How: Find the Right Partners Software Hardware Warehouse Experience?
    60. 60. Final Recap QR Codes are currently best way to integrate print and mobile. Social Media is here to stay – and print can help build awareness, demand, etc. Ordering & Reporting should be easy – You can help.
    61. 61. Learn More interlnkONE: Grow Socially: iFlyMobi: QReate & Track: The Book:
    62. 62. Any Questions?