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AKSESS 4.0 and Beyond.

Great Lakes Integrated-VIP AKSESS Customer Council 2012

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Aksess4 next generation_final

  1. 1. Do You KnowYour Audience’s Passion?
  2. 2. A Road Map Forward:AKSESS Version 4 and beyond Wednesday, September 26th 2012 Presented by: John P. Foley Jr Multi-Channel Marketing “Know it all!”
  3. 3. Presentation Overview It’s Time for a Multi-Channel Approach AKSESS4: An Overview Real-Time Reporting and Analysis
  4. 4. It’s Time for aMulti-Channel Approach!
  5. 5. It’s a Multi-Device & Channel World
  6. 6. The Right Channel, The Right TimeReach Your TargetAudience Throughthe Right Channel
  7. 7. More Than Just Print! We Can: Build, manage, execute & measuremulti-channel marketing solutions – for you!
  8. 8. Do your marketing efforts look like this today? March Seminar Print Direct Mail Invitation PURL / Response Page
  9. 9. If so, we can turn them into this! March Seminar Measuring Response Rates Email SMS / Text Print Direct MailInvitation Email Invitation Text Invitation PURL Reply Text PURL Call Center Email vs. Text vs. Print/ Response Page / Response Page - Week Follow-Up - Measuring Subject Lines 22% You’re Invited! Reminder DirectReminder Email Reminder Text Mailer 6% Win a FREE gift! 47% Check out our March Seminar PURL PURL Reply Text Call Center/ Response Page / Response Page 25% Are you interested in attending?
  10. 10. The AKSESS Marketing Platform Can…• Increase your Response Rates• Generate Leads for Your Business• Help you Close More Sales!• Let’s show you how we do this…
  11. 11. AKSESS4:An Overview
  12. 12. Enterprise Marketing Management• With an Enterprise Marketing Management approach, you have a solutions provider from end-to-end. 1. Planning 2. Design & 3. Targeted 4. Measurement & Budgeting Production Customers of Results
  13. 13. AKSESS4: Integrated, Unified Solution
  14. 14. AKSESS4 : What It Provides One-to-one marketing Lead acquisition tools Campaign and Response Management Online ordering E-Mail marketing Measurement across the whole campaign
  15. 15. Marketing Overview• Campaign Management Personalized URLs 1 to 1 Marketing Measurement Marketing Automation
  16. 16. Easy Campaign Building
  17. 17. Landing Pages: Easy Editing and Personalization
  18. 18. Multi-Channel Campaigns- Build- Manage- Execute- Measure
  19. 19. Pick Your Audience: Choose your target audience. Pick A Channel: Choose which channel would be the most effective way to contact your audience. Repeat: Repeat the cycle for more effect. Pick A Media: Choose which media to contact your audience. Response Channel: Give your audience a way to respond. Measure: Marketing Reports & Dashboards automatically generated. Lead Database: All responses collect in one database. Real Time, Centralized, Online, Qualified. Sales Lead ResponseReports Distribution Fulfillment: Kitting, Email, Electronic, VDP, Copyright © 2009 interlinkONE . All Rights Reserved. POD, Mail, ect.
  20. 20. SALES and LEAD ROUTING WORKFLOW: The Director of Marketing’s Viewpoint Source Data New Query Accudata Other Leads Channel Activitie s or Mailer Email Print Ad Call Center s Response DatabaseSales Rep LEAD TO REP Fulfillment Order: Static – VDP – Electronic - Campaign Admin Kit •Measure Response Rates Orders Available •Measure Lead Value •View Sales Lead Activity •Track Order ActivityPROSPECT Process •Extract Targeted Leads Orders Copyright © 2009 interlinkONE . All Rights Reserved.
  21. 21. Campaign Layout Example
  22. 22. Real-Time Reporting
  23. 23. Online Ordering Portals Online Order Fulfillment Literature Fulfillment Premium Fulfillment E-Commerce E-Fulfillment Digital Asset Ordering
  24. 24. B2B and B2C Storefronts
  25. 25. Ordering : On the FlyCustomizations / VDP
  26. 26. Ordering: Real-Time Proofs
  27. 27. Warehouse Management Warehouse Management Pick Ticket Processing Inventory Control Receiving Shipping Order Tracking
  28. 28. Real-Time Inventory Reports
  29. 29. Real-Time: Orders Shipped Report
  30. 30. Web-to-Print and Personalization• Web to Print• Variable Data Print• Variable Print Store Fronts• E-Commerce• Personalization
  31. 31. Personalized URL Creation
  32. 32. CRM/Sales• Lead Management• List Management• Task Management• Opportunity Management• Contact Notes
  33. 33. Act On Your Leads in Real-Time
  34. 34. CRM/Task Management
  35. 35. Online Project Manager• Project Management• Team Collaboration• Team Management• Task Escalation• Document Management
  36. 36. YourFull Marketing Services Provider!
  37. 37. Real-TimeReporting and Analysis
  38. 38. How Our Real-Time Reports Help You • Get instant visibility into what’s happening… from wherever you are, whenever you want to! • Glean valuable insights on how to improve your sales and marketing efforts. • Let’s look at some reporting samples.
  39. 39. Marketing Fulfillment Sales Direct Mailer 25% 55 Inquiries Email Blast 45% Collateral Sent 10% 32 Demos Website Hits 20% Fulfillment packages sent to 10 Track the success of each Proposals respondents effort of the campaign 90 Coffee Cards Ordered 7 •Who is responding? 75 Shipped Sales! What are they responding 90 White papers View how each lead is to? progressing in the sales funnel. ProjectsOrders Print Measure the success of your campaign within projects Mailer 1: 22% •15 hours spent on 30 Case Studies Mailer 3: 38% campaign 10 Company Booklets Mailer 2: 40% •Completed two days after 5 Coffee Mugs targeted date By printing out more than one ROI nearing 100% Track what Sales Reps are type of mailer, you can track ordering. How many orders which mailer had greater were placed? success.
  40. 40. What did people respond to?
  41. 41. What groups responded?
  42. 42. Landing Page ResponsesWho visited the page?Who responded?Who did not?
  43. 43. Who is Responding to Your Campaigns?
  44. 44. Email Marketing Reports
  45. 45. Cost per Lead
  46. 46. Sales Pipeline
  47. 47. Order Reports
  48. 48. Easily Check on Order Status/Performance
  49. 49. It’s Time:Integrate Your MarketingEfforts Today!
  50. 50. Final Thoughts• One Integrated System• Real Time Visibility• “A Step Ahead” Technology• Ready for Mobile and Beyond
  51. 51. Q&ACustomers Deserve For more information or to schedule a one- on-one meeting call your Great Lakes account executive at 216-634-5120 or email rfirst@gll.com