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DockerCon EU 2015 - Windows Server Containers

  1. Windows Server Containers John Starks Principal Software Engineering Lead, Microsoft Arnaud Porterie Senior Engineering Manager, Docker
  2. Docker for Windows
 System architecture
 Porting Docker
 Demos! Agenda
  3. Docker for Windows Understanding the basics
  4. Docker for Windows 4 What it is It’s Docker as you know it
 Same user experience
 It’s Windows as you know it
 Complete environment inside the container
 It’s native containers
 Contained processes run on the host system
 It’s available for testing
  5. Docker for Windows 5 What it’s not It’s not virtualization
 Docker for Windows will not run Linux images
 It’s not a different project / code base
 The existing Docker tree was ported
 It’s not quite finished
 Required Windows Server 2016 (currently TP3)
  6. System architecture Windows Server Containers internals
  7. System architecture 7 Basics Abstraction layer between Docker and kernel
 execdriver -> hcsshim -> vmcompute -> ???
 Internals generally not exposed
 Shared kernel
 Resource controls
  8. System architecture 8 Namespaces Silo: extension of Windows Job object
 Set of processes
 Resource constraints
 New: set of namespaces
 New namespace virtualization
 Process IDs, sessions
 Object namespace
 File system
  9. System architecture 9 Object namespace System-level namespace, hidden from users
 C:Windows maps to Global??C:Windows
 Contains all device entry points
 Added “chroot”, one namespace per container
  10. System architecture 10 Filesystem Windows applications expect NTFS semantics
 Transactions, file IDs, USN journal
 Building a full union FS with NTFS semantics is hard Hybrid model
 Virtual block device + NTFS partition per container
 Symlinks to layers on host FS to keep block devices small
  11. System architecture 11 Base image Public Windows API delivered via DLLs, not syscalls
 Highly dependent on RPC to system services
 FROM scratch
 Windows images must derive from Windows base image
 windowsservercore – large, nearly full Win32 compatibility
 nanoserver – small, fast to boot, software may need porting
 Base images are delivered separately from Docker
  12. System architecture 12 Hyper-V containers New in Windows Server 2016 TP4
 Docker runs on host
 Launches silo in a stateless, lightweight Hyper-V VM
 VM invisible to user
 Appears like a process-based container
 docker run --isolation=hyperv
 Use SMB over VMBus to provide layers, volumes
  13. Porting Docker Two worlds collide
  14. Porting Docker 14 Microsoft contributions in numbers 319 pull requests
 (+) 182,315 (-) 12,113
 #4 contributor in terms of pull requests #5 contributor in terms of lines of code
  15. Porting Docker 15 Technical details Go build tags
 In source: // +build windows In the filename: daemon/containers_windows.go
 Go interfaces
 Graph driver (~ image storage)
 Execution driver
  16. Porting Docker 16 Future: multi-architecture images Example: docker pull redis
 What’s my executing OS?
 Not just Windows, but also ARM, …
 Proposal: docker/distribution#1068
 A new image manifest format to support multi-arch
  17. Demo 1 Yay!
  18. Demo 2 A hybrid Swarm cluster
  19. Demo 19 A hybrid Swarm cluster
  20. Demo 20 A hybrid Swarm cluster All components speak the Docker API
 Docker daemon on Linux host
 Docker daemon on Windows host
 Swarm master (hosted on the same Linux host)
 Deploying to either is just a scheduling decision
 Using Swarm constraints mechanism
  21. Thank you!John Starks Arnaud Porterie @icecrime