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kcb202 assignment 3 ppt


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The Do's and Dont's of Twitter!

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kcb202 assignment 3 ppt

  1. 1. Tips for the Advertising and Public Relations Industries Isobel Dear Amy Burgess Hannah Rowe Helen Wong
  2. 2. Introduction Twitter is a social networking and micro blogging website. It enables users to post online messages of up to 140 characters, called ‘tweets’. These tweets are available to be viewed on the author’s Twitter webpage by their subscribers, commonly referred to as ‘followers’. Twitter is a highly interactive site that enables correspondence between users.
  3. 3. Do… Do Not.. Connect with you Followers to see the impact your tweets are having. Think of Twitter solely as a method of self promotion and hard selling.
  4. 4. Do… Do Not.. Use Twitter as a legitimate networking tool. Everyone is online! Think of Twitter as one-way system. It is a social environment where you can talk and listen.
  5. 5. Do… Do Not.. Post tweets with lots of variety. Include the relevant, as well as fun and useful tweets. Make more than one Twitter account. Keep your tweets to one account, as to avoid confusion with your Followers.
  6. 6. Do… Do Not.. Regularly check your @username to see what is being said to you and about you. Base your Twitter account around the amount of Followers you can accumulate. Quality over quantity!