Social Media Marketing Strategy


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Social Media Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing Strategy Huayi Wang UCR Extension 2012 Dr. S. Jeannette Guignard Mar 23th, 2012
  2. 2. Contents1 My Blog2 My Facebook3a My Twitter4 Closing Thoughts
  3. 3. My Blog   My blog’s name is “Huayi’s Blog”, I end up with 5 posts finally and get only 1 comment. I have 6 followers. The post that got 1 comment has the topic about the importance of social in an organizations marketing strategy. I think maybe if I keep updating my blog and make more friends online, I will get more comments and communicate with more people through my blog in the future.
  4. 4. My BlogI enjoy writing online with my blog. I can express my feelingsfreely through the blog and communicate with many people. I thinkthis is a good way to make more people know a lot about me.The most challenging part of keeping a blog is to keep updatingblogs regularly. Although I can write blogs with my iPhone,sometimes I forget about it if I am so busy with my study. Andusing twitter is often more convenient to me if I want to share myfeelings with my friends. I think I will keep up my blog because writing blogs can make methink a lot. It can help me know myself when reading previousposts, although I may only write several words. In addition, I cancommunicate and discuss with people who have the same ordifferent ideas.In the future, I hope to attract more followers and make peopleeasily know me through my blogs. Maybe this will help me find agood job!
  5. 5. My Facebook I think with Facebook, companies can let consumers know a lot abouttheir new products constantly. On the other hand, it also helps companiesselect their target consumers and collect useful information about theirpreference. In order to engage audience, I will use vivid videos andprovide practical information in my Facebook as marketing strategies.I havent used Facebook before. After learning from this class, I haveknown more about it. I have begun to recognize the importance ofFacebook in the marketing strategies of companies, instead of onlyhelping people make friends online. By the way, I have made manyfriends with my Facebook! It’s very interesting!
  6. 6. My TwitterMy twitter ID: Wang Huayi!/WangHuayi I have followed the biggest 5 companies in the American retailingindustry on which I am focusing to do financial statement analysis.Strengths of TwitterIt’s very convenience for people to share feelings and opinionsfreely with others. People can make friends and know what’s goingon around the world. It’s very exciting to follow someone that isvery famous or professional.Weakness of TwitterIt tends to waste time for people who are addicted to Twitter. Thelimitation of 140 letters and only one picture uploaded once.I will continue to use Twitter regularly to know more about theworld.
  7. 7. Closing Thoughts I haven’t used social media much in China before. After studyingin this class, I have learnt how to use Blog, Twitter and Facebookefficiently. Furthermore, I have learnt to set up my social networksonline with my international friends. Especially after I come back toChina, I can connect with them through social media.In addition, I have learnt much knowledge about social mediamarketing strategy. I only know that social media can help peoplemake friends online. But now I have begun to recognize theimportance of these social media in the marketing strategies ofcompanies. And I also learnt about ROI, the business metric tomeasure the relationship between investment and financial impact ofsocial media marketing strategy.After learning in this class, I have set up a different opinion aboutsocial media. I will concentrate on writing and expressing feelingsand opinions with my social media and make more people know alot about me. I hope I can find a good job with the help of my socialmedia!
  8. 8. Thank You !