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Twitter for Teachers


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My Wednesday Workshop on Twitter for educators. Covers the basics of getting started with Twitter

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Twitter for Teachers

  1. 1. Twitter For Educators Meredith - @geekyteach
  2. 2. What is Twitter?Twitter is a ‘microblogging’ sitePosts are 140 characters or lessGlobal & Real TimeNot just celebrity gossip!Twitter in 60 Seconds
  3. 3. Why Twitter? Global collaboration with educatorsaround the world. Connect with educators in your field. Share resources. Learn about conferences and other PDopportunities. Keep up with changing educationtrends.
  4. 4. Getting Started: Setting Up Your Account Setting Up Your Account Underneath the signin box is a section forsetting up newaccounts - enteryour information andclick Sign Up ForTwitter
  5. 5. Fill In Your Information
  6. 6. Set Up Your Profile A completed profilegives you morecredibility and letspeople know yourinterests Helps gain followers Change your picture!Use your nameMake tweets public
  7. 7. Congrats!You now have a Twitter account!
  8. 8. Twitter TerminologyTwitter - the name of the serviceTweets - messages of 140characters or less sent via Twitter@ - Refers to a specific user - Ex:@geekyteachFeed - Your constantly updating listof tweets
  9. 9. Twitter Terminology # - Hashtag - a hashtag is a word orphrase preceded by the # symbol.It allows for aggregating tweets bytopic - Ex: #edchat Reply - responding directly to aperson by preceding your tweetwith their username
  10. 10. Twitter Terminology RT - a retweet - sharing anotheruser’s tweet with your followers MT - modified retweet - a RT thatyou have modified or edited DM - direct message - you can onlyDM someone you follow - privatemessages between users
  11. 11. Got It! What’s Next? Follow people! Look for fellow educatorsto follow - like the peoplein this workshop! See who other peoplefollow People with largenumbers of followersusually have high qualitytweets
  12. 12. Educators To FollowFollow me!@geekyteach101 Great Twitter Accounts For TeachersTop 10 Twitter Accounts to Follow for EdTech
  13. 13. Follow Friday Each Friday, manyeducators participatein Follow Friday. Using the hashtag #ffthey tweet the namesof their favorite Twitterfolks. These are usually goodpeople to follow.
  14. 14. Education Hashtags Hashtags are agreat way to findinformation on aspecific topic. Here’s agreat list of educational hashtags.
  15. 15. Join The ConversationTwitter Chats are a great way totalk in real time with othereducators on a specific topic.
  16. 16. Chat? What’s That? Twitter chats are scheduleddiscussions on specific topics Usually held on a specific dayand/or time Read and participate in chats usingtheir hashtag Twitter Chat Guide
  17. 17. How Do I Find A Chat? @Cybraryman1has a huge list ofTwitter chats foreducators.Check it out!
  18. 18. Twitter As BackchannelA backchannel is a conversationhappening simultaneously with an eventTwitter is a popular backchannel tool atconferencesFind hashtag for events and join in theconversationGreat way to learn about what’shappening in other sessions
  19. 19. Tools For TwitterTweetdeckOne of the mostpopular clientsOrganize withmultiple columns
  20. 20. Tools For Twitter Twitter App Access yourTwitter feedusing your iPad,iPhone, or iPodTouch
  21. 21. Tools For Twitter Twitter App Access yourTwitter feed onAndroid devices
  22. 22. Twitter Tips
  23. 23. I Don’t Have Time For TwitterIf you have time for Facebook,Pinterest, Instagram, etc. you havetime for Twitter!
  24. 24. I’m Not Sure What To PostIt’s ok to lurk for a while! Followinteresting people and see whatthey are posting about. You canstart tweeting whenever you arecomfortable.
  25. 25. How Do I Get More Followers?You can gain followers bytweeting interesting, relevantposts. Join in conversations. Talkto individual users.
  26. 26. How Often Should I Tweet?As often as you are comfortablewith. I tend to post more oftenwhen I am at conferences andsharing ideas and tips.
  27. 27. Is It OK To Use My Name/Have Public Tweets?YES! As a professional on Twitter you are takenmuch more seriously if you are using your realname and have public tweets. Just rememberthat this is your PROFESSIONAL account. Keepyour posts education related. This is notFacebook, we don’t need to know what youate for dinner.
  28. 28. Have Fun!Twitter is a great way to meetfellow educators. Enjoy theconversations and make newfriends!