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Why Social Media is Non-Negotiable


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Social media is no longer experimental, it’s fundamental. Despite mixed feelings about the field within affiliate circles, the incorporation of Google+ and +1 into SERPs and the imminent introduction of real-money gambling to Facebook are gamechangers. Being competitive in today’s global economy hinges more than ever on the ability to acquire and retain customers using social marketing tools.

•Learn how to get started and drive traffic
•Facts and figures about the networks and the communities
•Conversion and tracking
•The effect of social media on PPC and SEO
•Maximising content generation
•The difference between broadcasting and engaging
•Identify and use your influencers

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Why Social Media is Non-Negotiable

  1. 1. Why Social Media is Non-Negotiable----------------------------------------------------Aideen Shortt
  2. 2. Social Media doesn’t work.....• Nobody makes money...• No ROI....• Doesn’t drive traffic... THAT’S RUBBISH.• Affects SERPs• Massive misconception...Facebook ONLY• Where people are online/mobile• Use tools well...don’t do something badly and say it doesn’t work.
  3. 3. Marketing is Changing Search is moving to discovery and broadcast is moving to engagement• 1 in every 2 minutes spent on mobile internet in the UK is on Facebook• 20% of video is viewed on mobile devices up from 3% – 5% a few years ago.• 1 in every 4 ads in the UK is on Facebook• YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world• 48 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube EVERY MINUTE• There are 100 million social actions every week on YouTube – this includes likes, shares, comments etc.• 56% of consumers said they are more likely to recommend a brand to a friend after becoming a fan on Facebook• 51% of consumers said they are more likely to buy a product since becoming a fan on Facebook• 78% of consumers who “Like” brands on Facebook said they “Like” fewer than ten brands
  4. 4. The Effect of Social Media on SEO +1 button is served over 5 billion times PER DAY
  5. 5. EdgeRank Affinity x Age x Type• Affinity represents the strength of the relationship between you and the individual reader based on both the direct relationship between both people, and the wider shared network.• Age is the time since the item was posted. Newer is better.• Type is the kind of item that has been posted – a news item, a comment, a like etc. More authority is given to direct items, and less to comments; less still to likes.
  6. 6. Gambling companiesare not focusing onfans/followers
  7. 7. Follow youraudience...don’tjust blindly goeverywhere
  8. 8. • Google+ reached 20 million users in 24 days, 1011 fewer days than FB• Google+ got 40 million accounts in its next few weeks and Larry Page announced early Jan 2012 that they have hit the 90 million mark
  9. 9. • 50% of mobile internet in UK, x2 activity• 1 in every 4 ads in UK• 11% of the world population has a Facebook account.• 800 million x 50% log on onto Facebook every day.• The average user has 130 friends and spends 700 minutes per month on Facebook.• Every 60 seconds there are 510k posted comments, 293k status updates and 136k uploaded photos.• 30 billion pieces of content are shared each month.
  10. 10. Brand exposure in social media, tends to lead tosignificantly higher usage of owned media.
  11. 11. • There are over 225 million Twitter users in the world who send 150milion tweets a day (1,736 per second)• The average user has 115 followers• Average session: 23 minutes.• Sports, betting – very prevalent, trending topics
  12. 12. The Power of• Affects EdgeRank, SERPsValue of Facebook actions:• Avg Clicks Per Like: 3.103• Avg Clicks Per Comment: 14.678
  13. 13. Additionally, in the US where offline behaviour is also studied, Starbucks Fans &Friends of Fans spent 8 percent more and transacted 11 percent more frequently thanthe average Internet user who transacted at Starbucks
  14. 14. Search versus Discoverability• Recommendations• Facebook – advertising• Push links – tweets, likes, +1s (relevant)
  15. 15. Content Generation• Proactive – deliver compelling content that serves customers needs before they even know it – don’t wait for the community to initiate the conversation• Systematic – create an editorial calendar – so you know what you’re going to publish and when• Persistent – Distribute content on a consistent regular schedule• Multichannel – all touch points; establish a presence where the customers are likely to spend their time• Two-way – Listen to the way the community responds to campaigns and messages• Original and shared
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