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International SEO


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This session will benefit any affiliate or operator that is currently running global search campaigns or looking to develop them in the near future – also those that have not yet thought about international search, but are looking to increase international sales. Delegates will learn about the core elements and considerations that should be made for multilingual search (localisation importance, non-Google engines, link building across territories)… and the latest search trends in gaming – extending to identifying these new opportunities, with specific focus on France, Russia, Italy and Spain, and how strategy can be developed to target them.

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International SEO

  1. 1. Mayy International SEO:2011 Latest global gaming trends, opportunities & expert multilingual searchTwitter: obanseo
  2. 2. PRESENTATION BRIEFPurpose of Workshop / TalkPurpose of Workshop / Talk• To provide solid understanding of principles of multilingual To provide solid understanding of principles of multilingual  search and crucial factors you must apply to campaigns• T d To demonstrate at latest search interest in core markets for  t t tl t t hi t ti k t f this year...  and the best way to optimise these markets based  on core metrics on core metrics• To provide understanding of optimisation for Yandex and how  international search engine should be approached international search engine should be approached• To give some general top SEO tips from our experience in  gaming
  3. 3. PRESENTATION BRIEFOverview of presentationOverview of presentation• Multilingual SEO: Introduction + crucial considerations Multilingual SEO: Introduction + crucial considerations• Emerging markets• Expert multilingual / gaming search tips for these markets• Google markets top OBAN tips for 2011 Google markets ‐ top OBAN tips for 2011• Questions
  4. 4. tABOUT US About us • Multilingual SEO/SEM agency • Teams in 29 Countries Teams in 29 Countries • Multinational Client Base • IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) • E Consultancy E‐Consultancy
  7. 7. Multilingual SEO Take the blue pill
  8. 8. MULTILINGUAL SEO Multilingual search – some key considerations: 1.) Keyphrases: cultural variants ) g 2.) Search engines 3.) Site content 4.) Conversion behaviours and trends 5.) Domain names / localisation and hosting 5 ) Domain names / localisation and hosting 6.) Global Social Media
  9. 9. KEYWORD RESEARCHFinnish search for ‘online poker’ and ‘poker’: Phrase Volume Country LanguagePoker 246,000 246 000 Finland EnglishPokeria 4,400 Finland FinnishPokeri , 33,100 Finland FinnishNettipokeria 4,400 Finland FinnishNettipokeri 3,600 Finland FinnishOnline pokeri 720 Finland Finnish/ EnglishOnline poker 5,400 Finland English
  10. 10. Global Content: Search behaviourItalian Search: ‘Cheap Flights’: Phrase Volume Country LanguageCheap Flights 4,400 4 400 Italy EnglishCheap Flight 880 Italy Englishvoli low cost , 246,000 Italy y Italian/English gvoli economici 33,100 Italy Italianofferte voli 22,200 Italy y Italiancompagnie low cost 14,800 Italy Italian
  11. 11. SEARCH ENGINESSearch Landscape• Americas and West & Central Europe ‐ Google• Eastern Europe – Google, Seznam, Rambler, Yandex• Middl E t G Middle East – Google, Yahoo!, Rediff l Y h ! R diff• Asia – Baidu, Naver, Daum, Yam, Yahoo!, Sina, Sohu
  12. 12. SEARCH ENGINESIf there’s a local search engine:• Research the search landscape fully ‐ shares• Understand how local PPC platforms work• Look into On‐Page Optimisation Rules • Keyword Densities• Start communication early with the local engine account  managers
  13. 13. BAIDU: BAIDU STRATEGY• Eye Tracking Study: Heatmaps• ‘Box Scanning’ v ‘Google’s Golden Triangle’ Source: Enquiro Research
  14. 14. Multilingual SEO
  15. 15. ROMANIARomania a good market for search... a good market for gaming g g g g 1.) Google – 96.7% market share (May 2011)
  16. 16. ROMANIAKeyword difficulty compared by country and search volume for local ‘poker’ keyword:Romania = lR i lower diffi lt + hi h search = hi h R O I difficulty high h high R.O.I
  17. 17. ROMANIA
  18. 18. ROMANIANumber of registered ccTLD domains in Russia, Italy, France, Romania and Finland:Romania = good SEO opportunityR i d t it
  19. 19. ROMANIA – LINK BUILDINGSmall link environment – what are the best steps?• Create and promote free quality & useful resources• Sponsoring competitions / events• Sponsoring open source projects that have strong sites (such as: http://piwik org/about/sponsors/)• Blog, provide very valuable insights, trends, quality infographics etc. okcupid have enormous success with this:• Could also create a blog where top industry personalities write exclusively on. (longer term strategy)• Research, Research find out what users want/need – if possible create & provide
  20. 20. Search Interest
  21. 21. RUSSIARussia  ‐ Europe’s 2nd bi i ’ 2 d biggest online market and the fastest growing li k d h f i
  23. 23. YANDEX: WHAT IS IT?
  24. 24. YANDEX : SET-UPStarting your SEO campaign on Yandex first stepsStarting your SEO campaign on Yandex – first steps1. Install Yandex Webmaster tools2. Submit site to Yandex! g g3. Check GEO targetting
  25. 25. YANDEX: SET-UPGeo-targeting• Are you targeting a Russian city / cities or Russia?• Set in webmaster tools• Want to target several cities? YaCa
  26. 26. SETTING UP A YANDEX CAMPAIGNOTHER CORE ON‐SITE CONSIDERATIONS!OTHER CORE ON SITE CONSIDERATIONS!• Avoid automatic re‐directs• Have lots of RUSSIAN content! (Indexing issues)• Go local ‐ ‐.com is NOT an authority domain for  Yandex!• No pop up banners• Avoid keyword stuffing y g• Meta titles – get them right!!!
  27. 27. YANDEX: ONGOING Quantity / Quality Build Links to LOCAL SITES
  28. 28. YOUR YANDEX CAMPAIGNYANDEX IS SLOW – DON’T PANIC!!YANDEX IS SLOW DON’T PANIC!!‐ Crawling rate 1 – 2 weeks‐ Sites may disappear…
  30. 30. SITE SPEEDIMPROVE YOUR SITE SPEED!!• Use a content delivery network (CDN)• Use and optimise caching.• Make M k sure the server is appropriate f the traffic volume and th t it th i i t for th t ffi l d that is geographically located near your target users.• For image heavy sites use sprites for the main common images to limit HTTP requests• Optimise images
  31. 31. IMPROVE SITE SPEEDSite speed improvement tools• Use Yahoo’s Y-slow Firefox plugin and Google’s Page Speed plugin to d determine more i d h optimisation recommendations f i in-depth i i i d i for specific pages• Google Analytics now tracks the average page load speed. Use this to find the slow loading pages of the site as well as monitoring the ‘money pages’ load time and then use Y slow or Page Speed to money pages Y-slow improve these pages.
  32. 32. OPTIMUM URL STRUCTUREOptimise your URL Structure• Keep the URL descriptive and short (Non-descriptive words should usually be omitted such as: a, the, in)• Can be beneficial, but not necessary, if the URL structure is the same or similar as the on-page architecture for analytical purposes. on page• Use dashes rather than underscores for word spaces• Keep the URLs consistent on the site and use 301 redirects or canonical tags to gain maximum benefit from external links.• Static lookingThe ti lTh optimal URL structure does not: t t d t• Does not end the URL with ‘.exe’ or ‘.0’• Does not contain session ID’s ID s
  33. 33. SUMMARYSummary • World of Internet Usership and Search Hugely Diverse• Research and Understanding Local Behaviours is Key• M ltili Multilingual SEM Looks at SEM by Market not by Language l SEM L k t SEM b M k t t b L• Look at Emerging Gaming Markets• Be Aware of Online Spends (total and individual) in those  Markets
  34. 34. Jonathan MurphySenior Account ManagerOBAN Multilingual M ltili lE-mail:E il j @ b ltili lTel: 0044 (0) 1273 704529www.obanmultilingual.comwww obanmultilingual com
  35. 35. Case Study• Mio sites  compared: – UK – France – Germany – Italy – Spain
  36. 36. Case Study• Mio page components currently being tested: Mio page components currently being tested: – Larger Page Title – Page title variation from black to orange (Mio corporate Page title variation from black to orange (Mio corporate  colours) –I Increased size of call to action button d i f ll t ti b tt – Swapped position of graphic and call to action button – Variations of all the above being tested against the original
  37. 37. Case Study
  38. 38. Case Study For the same variations in the localised sites each country responds dramatically differently British French German Italian SpanishOriginalLarger Orange Title g g 112.5% 87.5% 133.3% 107.1% 83.3%Larger Title 87.5% 93.8% 122.2% 114.3% 125.0%OriginalLarger Call To Action 260.0% 85.7% 100.0% 76.5% 127.3%Moved Layout 240.0% 114.3% 120.0% 100.0% 118.2%Larger Call To Action and Moved Layout 120.0% 128.6% 110.0% 70.6% 109.1% percentage conversion compared to the original