AMCA Spring Conference New Orleans FSC presentation February 2014


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Basic How to's in social media and a description of social channels. AMCA New Orleans Spring Conference FSC presentation - February 2014

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  • Introduction of the FSC team/who we are
  • There are tons of social media networks these daysIt’s important to know your demographic and not just be on a social media sight because you think it’s the “right” thing to doWhere does your audience engage? Pick 1-3 that you can do really well and bang those out, before over extending to too many!
  • AMCA Spring Conference New Orleans FSC presentation February 2014

    1. 1. Marketing Your Business Through Social Media
    2. 2. Let’s Get Social
    3. 3. FSC Interactive • Online and Interactive Marketing Agency located in New Orleans, La. • Specialize in Social Media Strategy, Paid Search Campaigns and SEO • Specialize in Hospitality and Tourism but work in a number of diverse industries • Clients include New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation, New Orleans CVB and Loyola University
    4. 4. McKenzie Coco • • • • Founder and President at FSC Interactive Wake Forest graduate Born in Pensacola, but been in NOLA for 15 years Loves: My Dogs, Festivals, The Saints, French Quarter living, Travel and Beer
    5. 5. What is Social Media?
    6. 6.      45-54 year olds are the fastest growing demographic across social sites Between 2010 and 2012, people following brands on Social Media increased 106% Facebook leads sharing, followed by email and Twitter Women out-number Men on most social sites Social media sites and blogs reach 80% of all U.S. internet users
    7. 7. First Thing’s First….
    8. 8. What are your Goals?
    9. 9. Goals • • • I want to increase traffic to the events section of the website by 10%. We want a monthly average of 70 interactions on Facebook. I want 20 new Followers on Twitter every month.
    10. 10. Who is your Audience?     Age, Race, Gender How do They Talk to YOU? How do They Talk to Each Other? Where are They Spending Time?
    11. 11. What (and who) are your Resources?     In-house vs. Outsourced Team Size Available Time Accountability
    12. 12. Tactics • • • • • • • • Facebook Twitter Instagram Review Sites Pinterest Youtube Blog E-mail
    13. 13. The Four “C’s” of Social Media No matter what platforms you choose, these four things will keep your strategy moving in the right direction
    14. 14. The Four C’s of Social Media • Content Consistency • • Customization Community • Content is King • Provide Value • Be Authentic Consitency is Better Than Rare Moments of Greatness • Do Not Start and Stop • Posting/Engaging Should be Daily Customization is Necessary • Set Yourself Apart Community is Success • Identify Your Audience • Build Your Community
    15. 15. Content - What to Post         News About Your Business Blog Posts and Press Releases Upcoming Events Promotions Photos Information About Your Business Quotes …Just About Anything!
    16. 16. “Be yourself. Above all, let who you are, what you are, what you believe, shine through every sentence you write, every piece you finish.” - John Jakes, author
    17. 17. Consistency
    18. 18. Create a Schedule (and stick to it!)
    19. 19. Customization You forgot the first rule of mass media, Elliot! GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT! - James Bond, Tomorrow Never Dies
    20. 20. Community com·mu·ni·ty /kəˈmyunti/ noun, plural -ties. ɪ a social, religious, occupational, or other group sharing common characteristics or interests and perceived or perceiving itself as distinct in some respect from the larger society within which it exists
    21. 21. Anyone you interact with, even if only one time, is a part of your community
    22. 22. What Are Your Options?
    23. 23. Facebook
    24. 24. Facebook tops Google for weekly traffic in the US.
    25. 25. Facebook • • • • • • Largest social network in the world Average of 700 billion minutes on Facebook monthly Average User is connected to 80 Pages Every 20 minutes there are 1 million links shared Highly customizable – Tabs and Forms, Vanity URL, Images, etc. Allows for open dialogue between Brands and Consumers as well as Brand PDA – Public Display of Association
    26. 26. Tips for Facebook       Status updates get better Reach than any other type of post on Facebook Photos, photos, photos! It’s ok to use old photos from other networks on Facebook Try to give each post roughly 2-3 hours of time before trying to post again (or more) Weekends and evenings are surprisingly good times to post content Respond to people if they ask you something or comment on a post Less is more on Facebook
    27. 27. Engage With Things You Like
    28. 28. Share Your Favorite Content
    29. 29. Customize Your Page
    30. 30. Cover Photo/Milestones Add Milestones as major dates on your Page.
    31. 31. Measure Success with Insights
    32. 32. Reach Your Audience Through Ads
    33. 33. Facebook Paid Promotion   Facebook Advertising  Highly Targeted  Offers “Right Hand” and “Newsfeed” Ads  Sponsored Stories  Can link to Facebook or Outside link  Can Remarket through Facebook Exchange Promoted Posts  Increase Reach/Engagement of Posts  Increase Fans  Boost EdgeRank
    34. 34. Twitter • • • • 500 Million Active Registered Users 115 Million Active Users Monthly 58 Million Tweets per Day Most Frequently Used Social Network for Customer Complaints
    35. 35. Why do People Use Twitter?         Immediacy and Instant Gratification You can easily listen to what people are saying about you (and respond!) Broader reach and wider community Communicate and engage with community Send Out Links To Sites where content is thought of as valuable Drive Traffic Create Relationships Develop Leads
    36. 36. Twitter Can be Used For…         PR Crisis Communication Customer Feedback Customer Relations Recruitment Sales Driving Traffic to your Site Improving Search Rankings
    37. 37. Tips for Twitter      Short & sweet – 140 characters isn’t that much space Pictures are not as popular as on FB but still great content Do not push from other networks – take the time to post directly to Twitter Respond, Retweet and Reply whenever you can Follow people to get follows
    38. 38. Twitter Paid Promotion   Promoted Tweet  Promote certain deals  Does not allow as much Targeting as Facebook Promoted Account  Promote the Entire Account
    39. 39. Instagram      A photo & video sharing social network that is largely mobile-based Fastest growing social network to date Quick and easy way to share visual images of what your brand is Allows users to put “filters” on their images Allows users to tag their photos, similarly to Twitter, for easy search
    40. 40. Why do People Use Instagram?    Connect with Friends and Brands they love Search for new things to like Get inspiration for travel, fashion, cooking and more
    41. 41. Tips for Instagram       Photos, Videos, Photos, Videos! Hashtags, hashtags, hashtags Photoaday Challenge Not every photo needs a filter, use the filters to enhance not change the image Engage with other users who are using the same hashtags as you Having an event? Invite influencers through Direct Grams
    42. 42. Instavids • • • • Instagram recently launched Instavids to compete with Vine 13-15 seconds long Videos do not have to be shot in real-time Use additional apps like Flipgram to make slideshows
    43. 43. Pinterest     Online and interactive “pin board” that allows users to aggregate photos of things they like 70+ million users, 80% of which are women Allows users to geo-tag their pins creating a pin-map Images can link out to website
    44. 44. Why do People Use Pinterest?    Find things they like (products, life-hacks, travel ideas, etc.) and put them in one easy-to-access place Many people use Pinterest for “Pinspiration” – to get ideas for things they can do Food is the #1 category
    45. 45. Tips for Pinterest      Allow users to pin any images from your website Create boards that are search friendly Find and follow influencers on Pinterest Pin your photos from your website Repin other images that are applicable
    46. 46. Snapchat       Mobile app that mimics group text messages Primarily used by people 18-29 Messages can only be viewed one time Messages can last for anywhere between 1-10 seconds Messages can be “Snaps” – one image or video or “Stories” – many images or videos put together Currently not being used by many brands
    47. 47. Tips for Snapchat • • • Use Stories to connect your brand to consumers Find a younger demographic Send special or “unlocked” content to top users
    48. 48. LinkedIn • • • • • The “Professional” Social Network 259 Million Active Users 3 Million Business Pages 25 Million Profile Views Daily 32.8% of People Find LinkedIn to be Extremely Important for Developing Business and Networking* *
    49. 49. LinkedIn Paid Promotion   LinkedIn Advertising  Can link to LinkedIn Page or Outside link  Target Location and Industry/Category Sponsored Updates  Increase Reach Posts  Boost Engagement
    50. 50. What Else is There? • • YouTube • Second Largest Search Engine in the World (owned by Google) • More video is uploaded to YouTube in one month than the 3 major US networks created in 60 years More than 1 Billion Unique Users Monthly • Offers Paid Promotion Options Yelp • Top Review Site Network • Allows for Companies to Create Profiles • 100+ Million Active Users • Offers Paid Promotion Options • • Vine • Video Sharing Network • Shows in Twitter • Offers 6-second looping video clips FourSquare • Geo-Location Social Site • Allows Users to Claim Their Business and Offer Deals/Specials • 30+ Million Active Users
    51. 51. And they are FREE
    52. 52. But Your Time Isn’t
    53. 53. So….. Measure! Gain insights that matter Google Analytics not only lets you measure sales and conversions, but also gives you fresh insights into how visitors use your site, how they arrived on your site, and how you can keep them coming back Learn which social sources refer engaged visitors It's critical to understand which communities matter for your brand. Measure the impact of social media on metrics you care about The Conversions report allows you to quantify the value of social. It shows conversion rates and the monetary value of conversions that occurred due to referrals from each social network. Link social impact to the metrics that you care about by setting up relevant goals for your business.
    54. 54. What Else Should I Do? Good Question!
    55. 55. It’s Ok to Eavesdrop!
    56. 56. Google Alerts
    57. 57. Linking it all Together
    58. 58. Share Whatchya Got
    59. 59. Print Materials
    60. 60. Email Signature
    61. 61. Website (above the fold!)
    62. 62. TV Ads
    63. 63. ANY media Buys
    64. 64. Really…Anywhere!
    65. 65. Rules of Engagement       Rule 1: Keep it About Business Rule 2: Find the Right Audience Rule 3: Add Value to the Coversation Rule 4: Invite Feedback Rule 5: Follow Up Rule 6: If Your Strategy Isn’t Working…Fix IT!
    66. 66. Questions? Twitter: E-mail: Get More Slides: Facebook: