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Vodafone Corporate Digital Marketing Strategy

Corporate Reputation Management using Digital Media for telecom Giant Vodafone

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Vodafone Corporate Digital Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. Vodafone India. Corporate reputation – social media recommendations
  2. 2. Today we will talk about.. • Recapping objectives • Online research and Findings • Observation and Challenges • Recommended way ahead • Content • Campaigns • Platforms • Influencer engagement • From theory to execution....
  3. 3. Objectives • Enhance the reputation of Vodafone India, building on acceptability and loyalty for the brand through a focused communication effort • Project Vodafone as a corporate that understands India and is firmly rooted in the country • Present Vodafone as a brand that has a strong commitment towards society and invests regularly • Project Vodafone as a financially sound leader
  4. 4. Online research We‘ve considered chatter, conversations and content around Vodafone India from a corporate reputation perspective We‘ve not considered content, conversations around consumer complaints Online research was conducted using key words on Google and Brandwatch (a monitoring tool) and the most prominent conversations were grouped and recorded., Online dipstick was done with 82 individuals
  5. 5. Online Research Brand Messaging 21 MbpsDongle (Product/Tech) Apps(Product/Tech) iPhone 5s plan(Service) Connection@ doorstep(Service) 121 (Service) What people remember Conversations Talkative girl(Campaign) Har ek Friend(Campaign) iPhone 5s plan(Service) Ranbir as old man(Campaign) Honey Bunny(Campaign) 21 MbpsDongle(Product/Tech) 4G Launch(Service) iPhone 5s plan(Service) Coverage in Kerala(Service) 3G Netsetter (Products)
  6. 6. Findings No of subscribe rs* Menti ons Dipstic k: Brand Recall • Expectedly the chatter is around product and services • Mentions and recall don‘t seem to be dependent on the number of subscribers
  7. 7. Observations and challenges • While Vodafone has its share of negatives/ issues at a product level, it is seen as a young and innovative brand • Most of the conversations and content are around products and services • Strong corporate programs exist around which interesting stories can be told – however currently these are ―hidden away‖ and not on the radar of people - It is extremely difficult to come by content around these programs on the India website • People perceive Vodafone as a ―non-Indian‖ brand with no story on India • A strong admired brand but weak on corporate profile We just need to tell the world the story about Vodafone India’s corporate programs, initiatives and performance
  8. 8. • Current Employees Personal network Who should we engage with • Student fraternity • Customers/ consumers • Potential employees External stakeholder s • Business partners • Senior Managers • Experts Institutional authority Internal stakeholder s • NGOs • Media • Government officials • Think-tanks & academia
  9. 9. An indicator of things to come? Majority of India is youth...with ambitions, expectation, aspirations and outlook to life much
  10. 10. We are seeing four shifts happening in society PEOPLE End of trust: People have more information than ever before and people don‘t trust organizations. In fact, trust in all organizations, including corporations and governments, is at an all-time low across the world Power to the People: People have new sources of power and people believe that only they themselves can come up with innovative solutions to our most pressing problems, not governments or corporations. Quest for Meaning: People are searching for meaning connections with communities and organizations around a shared purpose, and expect organizations to enable such connections. Rise of Shared Value: People are demanding that organizations not only rediscover their social purpose but also put it at the core of how they conduct their business and engage with their stakeholders, to create shared value. WHAT’S IN IT FOR ORGANISATIONS Engagement and participation with stakeholders - hence enhance loyalty and acceptability Strong differentiator amongst competition Attract new audiences Attract and retain talent Increase in sales/ profits
  11. 11. A. Purpose driven messaging and campaigns
  12. 12. PurPle: Purpose + People PurPle (Purpose + People) is MSLGROUP‘s global offering for helping business leaders drive positive change by catalyzing collaborative social innovation and grassroots change movements. 1 A purpose to inspire people 2 Comms platform to organize people 3 Stories to spark participation 4 Programs to energize people
  13. 13. PurPle storytelling framework • Tell stories that will spark engagement and energize people • Three types of stories told in sequence. The stories about Why (PURPOSE), What (CHANGE) and How (QUEST) 1 WHY? THE PURPOSE Who are we and what is our purpose, our reason for being? What is our Shared Purpose, or Social Heartbeat, that can inspire all our stakeholders? 2 WHAT? THE CHANGE What needs to change? What does change mean for individuals, stakeholders and communities? 3 HOW? THE QUEST What happens when we try to catalyze positive change? What if the only way we can win is by helping all our stakeholders win?
  14. 14. Purpose and comms platform Why: The story of PurposeVodafone believes that empowerment is a critical catalyst for positive change Vodafone brings alive its purpose of empowerment by enabling stakeholders to contribute, participate and co-create What: The story of changeVodafone recognizes that it needs to constantly innovate solutions to touch all stakeholders. In this constantly evolving world, innovation broadens perspectives raises expectations and makes the world knit closer How: The Story of questThrough a series of inclusive participative programs, Vodafone believes that the best measure of success is when the people speak positively
  15. 15. Stories to spark participation Empowering Customers Through a series of films on Vodafone‘s technological innovation , we will bring forth the concept of how Vodafone empowers users to communicate better, and thus, impact their lives positively Empowering Suppliers Stories that capture Vodafone‘s initiatives aimed at improving transparency, efficiency and sourcing practices in order to better empower the suppliers. Objectives PoV from community members, shares, likes, comments across the social ecosystem Objectives Participation from influencers from different spheres of businesses.articles on business journals,shares, likes, comments across the social ecosystem
  16. 16. Stories to spark participation (Contd I) Mobile and Health Third party/ syndicated report on the perceived health hazards/ radiation and mobile telephony Objectives Stories via likes, comments, shares and views,Report Downloads and POV of experts from academia, government, industry associations, handset and technology suppliers, NGO World of Difference Video series that highlight the WOD programme and the selection process of 25 Vodafone employees who get to work for a cause Talking about what they aspire and how Vodafone is making it happen Objectives Shares across Vodafone employees‘ social network,Tweets, Views, Likes & comments from people in general
  17. 17. Stories to spark participation (Contd II) Empowerment through Education Stories around how Vodafone is leveraging it‘s cutting edge technology to impart education to children in need. Highlight will be solutions like virtual classroom,circle initiaves etc. Objectives Stories via likes, comments, shares and views Networks that deliver Stories that say how Vodafone makes things available to us for consumption on a day-today basis. Little do people know about the effort,innovation and technology in the background Eg: Story of how Dabbawallas‘ efficiencies depend on a robust network like Vodafone Objectives Shares,Tweets, Views, Likes & comments from people in general
  18. 18. Programs that energize people Empowering employees Loyal and passionate employees will be invited to participate through an essay, ppt, video, graphic, poster – anything that represents their perspective on ‖How I can better Vodafone‘s capabilities/process to lead to superlative consumer experience Story of New India Vodafone teams up with influencers and bloggers and gets them to travel and discover the new India. As they progress with their journey, they chronicle their experiences (video, visuals, text) live using innovative Vodafone technologies. Relate new India and Vodafone Objectives Shares across Vodafone employees‘ social network,Tweets, Views, Likes & comments from people in general Objectives Influencer Engagement
  19. 19. Programs that energize people (Contd I ) Shakti: Empowering Community Stories of ordinary humans with extraordinary grit and passion that have change the world- this could be an extension of the ―Woman of Pure Wonder‖ Program, only difference being that we can make it more participative by asking people to nominate their heroes Road Safety In line with Vodafone‘s commitment to Road Safety program – we can showcase a series of videos that capture survivors, relatives‘ experiences, celebrity and traffic police endorsement. A mobile app that routes your phone to a pre-detemined voicemail# whenever you driving Objectives Influencer Engagement+ Community outreach Objectives App installs,Tweets, views etc
  20. 20. Programs that energize people (Contd II ) Power Games Hunt for India‘s most innovative talent across leading engineering and business colleges. Vodafone sponsors a case study competition around purposeful new-age micro financing/social entrepreneurship. Winners get to intern with Vodafone Objectives Crowdsourcing solutions to enable brand goodwill and get Votes,views,shares, ideas etc Recharge Happiness Vodafone‘s Mobile-based loyalty programs that help communities living at the bottom of the pyramid get the most out of their spend by connecting it to development rewards – safe water, education, healthcare and energy products and services Objectives Brand goodwill, mainstream coverage without spending on media
  21. 21. Social Media Ecosystem
  22. 22. Function and Purpose Repository/ Store videos Stage 1 • Build, store and aggregate fresh content on Vodafone • Facilitate discovery and amplification of content •Post discovery and amplification, prompt engagement •Refresh ongoing content areas with emphasis on Power to You •Analyze content consumption, acceptance, measure engagement and community growth and behavior epository/ Store documents epository/ Store images Stage 2 •Activate and manage campaigns -Influencer activation -Employee activation •Evaluate success of activation Drive EE Amplificat Enable discovery Drive Amplificat engagemen Enable discovery Drive engagemen Enable discovery
  23. 23. Rolling out Empowered @Vodafone Campaign Safety First Campaign Month 1 Month 2 Shakti Campaign My Power Campaign Month Month 4 5 People‘s Lab Employees Power game Campaign Recharge Happiness Campaign Power to help Campaign Month 6 Month 7 Month 8 Power to India Campaign Month Month MonthMonth 10 12 11 9 People‘s Lab Students MONTH 1 to 12: ONGOING CONTENT - STORIES: WHY-PURPOSE | WHAT-CHANGE | HOW-QUEST
  24. 24. From theory to practice
  25. 25. From theory to practice Communication Strategy Corporate Microsite Shakti: Power to the woman
  26. 26. Digital Marketing Objective – Capture ―Relevance‖ Right Intent Right Context Right Audience Right Content Corporate Microsite Corporate Microsite Relevance
  27. 27. Capturing right intent Paid Search Organic Search
  28. 28. Capturing Right Intent (Shakti: Power to the woman) Organic Search Paid Search Sample Target Theme SEO Objective Assist brand strategy by establishing relevance across the organic medium, by using white-hat optimization techniques Shakti: Power to the Woman SEM Objective To compliment the overall brand strategy by displaying targeted ads to our (defined) audience sets at various touch-points in the Google Ecosystem.
  29. 29. Capturing right intent: Further drill down) Organic Search SEO Page Title Women of Pure Wonder| Celebrate the spirit of womanhood with Vodafone SEO Meta Description Vodafone salutes the extraordinary deeds of real women who have courageously braved all social, economic, and familial odds to find success in their chosen field of work. SEO Header Tags Vodafone pays tribute to Malala Yousafzai Paid Search SEM Sample Ads Vodafone Shakti: Power to the Woman Ordinary Women with Extraordinary Talent – Our Heroes. Are they Yours? Vodafone Shakti: Power to the Woman Unsung Heroism, Unmatched Talent Saluted by Us. What About You?
  30. 30. Capturing right context Remarketing Solutions GDN Remarketing LP Remarketing Website Remarketing Search Remarketing Search Intent Based Cross Channel Remarketing Event Based Event Based Cookie Based Page View Based Page View Based Social Media Time Based Time Based YouTube Email
  31. 31. Capturing right context - Contextual themes News Sports • Latest News • Breaking News • <city> News • Entertainment News • Sports News • National News • Cricket • Football • Hockey • Sporting Personalities Finance Auto GDN and Affinity Segment Business • Auto Enthusiasts • Movie Lovers • News Junkies • Sports Fans • Travel Buffs Real Estate Travel
  32. 32. Capturing right context - Contextual examples - #1 Display Advertising basis the contextual themes chosen
  33. 33. Capturing Right Context - Contextual Examples - #2 Video Content from the campaigns can be promoted on YouTube as Video Ads The targeting for the same can be around the contextual themes, interest categories & affinity segments mentioned
  34. 34. Capturing Right Context – Other contextual examples Times Of India Economic Times Money Control The Hindu BBC Must See India Yahoo CarTrade
  35. 35. Capturing Right Audience (Segments) Data Point 1 Trait 1 Data Point 2 Trait 2 Data Aggregation ONLINE AUDIENCE Data Point 3 DMP Data Analysis Data Point 4 Trait 3 Trait 4 Cookies classifie d into Segment s Intent Interest Descriptors Target defined audience sets through DSPs Segments
  36. 36. Capturing Right Content (Platforms & Partnerships) Forge Partnerships with relevant platforms and syndicate exclusive brand-influenced content through these channels
  37. 37. SEO Process
  38. 38. SEM Process
  39. 39. Digital Media Buying Process Digital Media Buying Process I: Objective and TG as defined by client II: Calculating the TG reach in internet universe III: Identifying the Passion points and digital hangouts of the TG This will define the media mix and the recommended reach What is the effective base of relevant audience available on internet Comscore shows the genre where TG spends their online time based on Age and gender targeting IV: List the genres relevant to reach the TG and the top websites V: Duplication and reach mapping for budget allocation to sites VI: Finalize plan as per reach, engagement and passion points Comscore shows the top websites frequented by the TG Duplication calculation identifies effective reach of each portal The final plan aims to reach the relevant TG at relevant touch points
  40. 40. B. Building an army of influence
  41. 41. We live in a world of influence Because now everyone can go from consumer to influencer. This makes understanding influence more complicated than ever. It also makes harnessing influence more powerful than ever. Once influence is found it is essential to establish regular communication channels, developing relationships and tracking all results in a manner that improves all future
  42. 42. The Process: Managing influencers determin e define measure 03 04 05 social thresholds and social tools the categories of influence that we care about enable 02 01 discover influencer research, identification and segmentation the network to share and drive social activity across products DEFINE DETERMINE DISCOVER ENABLE MEASURE and optimize realtime across all major social channels
  43. 43. Define Define telecom entertain ment Lifestyle – travel leisure Industry business HR Generalists / social media Categories of influence we would be interested in
  44. 44. Determine Key influencers who are following Vodafone • Publications like TOI, Economic Times and Moneycontrol with average 5000+ Followers • Mix of male and female. Age between 25 - 30 • Media professionals, Passionate Travelers, Stock market experts/enthusiasts • Primary interests: Finance, technology, digital marketing and Entrepreneurship • Have personal blogs - write frequently about diverse topics ranging from Technology to Telecom Industry trends • Primary interaction via Retweets of Vodafone information and Service launches tweeted by the official handle
  45. 45. Discover Key influencers who we can tap (indicative) Technology NDTV Gadgets @NDTVGadgets Tweets on Breaking tech news, the latest reviews, opinions, analysis, videos, photos and more. - 47,902 followers Think Digit @digitindia India's most popular destination for personal technology news, views & reviews. 22,451 followers Avinash Kaushik @avinash Author, Web Analytics 2.0 & Web Analytics: An Hour A Day | Digital Marketing Evangelist, Google | Co-Founder, Market Motive – 126,195 followers Tech2 - Firstpost @tech2eets India's biggest technology website. Shares the latest news, reviews and other fun tech stuff. Reuters India Tech @RtrsIN_Tech Technology news from Reuters India. 2,749 followers
  46. 46. Discover Key influencers who we can tap (indicative) Business Economic Times @EconomicTimes Official account of Economic Times India with 243,544 followers Forbes India @forbes_india Forbes India, a business magazine from Network18 in alliance with Forbes. With 47,127 followers Business Today Verified account @BT_India Business Today, India's leading business magazine, tweets magazine features and latest on business. 10,273 followers Zee Business Verified account @ZeeBusiness ZEE BUSINESS is India‘s 1st 24-hour Hindi business channel. With10,963
  47. 47. Enable CREATE THE “POWER TO YOU” PORTAL POWERED BY THE MSLGROUP PEOPLE’S LAB. Influencers will converge, engage on this hub
  48. 48. Enable The ―POWER TO YOU‖ portal will be a Private Portal: powered by social shares • Unique, Visual and custom experience • Members can share content created by the brand- to their personal social communities. • ‗Breathable‘ data base for all member profiles. • Multi-media content capable • Members can share content created by fellow community members • Members actively participate in improving, supporting and suggesting Drivers of Growth. INFLUENCER CONTENT PORTAL • Private: (identified • influencers) or Public: (fans and followers) • Content is backend coded to track entire content journey.
  49. 49. Summarising the roll out Part A: Purpose driven message and campaigns Part B: Build an Army of Influence
  50. 50. Recapping the roll out Empowered @Vodafone Campaign Safety First Campaign Month 1 Month 2 Shakti Campaign My Power Campaign Month Month 4 5 Power game Campaign Recharge Happiness Campaign Power to help Campaign Month 6 Month 7 Month 8 People‘s Lab Employees Power to India Campaign Month Month MonthMonth 10 12 11 9 People‘s Lab Students MONTH 1 to 12: ONGOING CONTENT - STORIES: WHY-PURPOSE | WHAT-CHANGE | HOW-QUEST BUILDING AN ARMY OF INFLUENCE Month 1 DEFINE | DETERMINE| DISCOVER Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 ENABLE
  51. 51. Online Reputation Management  Real-Time Response Management  Reporting – Daily and Monthly  Suggested Handle
  52. 52. Our process The process we use to identify and respond to queries CUSTOMER QUERY VODAFONE PLATFORM CATEGORIZE RESOLVE COMPLAINT FORMED RESPONSE LISTEN ELSEWHERE RANT IGNORE KUDOS ACKNOWLEDGE AND ENGAGE WHERE CATEGORIZE TRACK INFLUENCERS We prioritize on the basis of where the comment was made — our own platforms are always more important. On the basis of the type of the comment. If it is a genuine customer query we either respond/highlight client-side If we see people giving us kudos, we check their influence and categorize them as Super Fans
  53. 53. ORM: Classification of conversations and action points CLASSIFY CONVERSATI ONS -ve Misinformation RESPOND TO CONVERSATI ON LINK TO SOCIAL PAGES LINK TO BUSINESS PROCESS SPECIAL ACTIONS Counter twice with relevant links, post that delete/block user Solve Support forum Identify root cause Try to engage one on one to build positive reputation Enquiry Answer Support forum or CRM tool Identify root cause NA Passing remark Let it be Suggestion Footer Plan for crisis scenarios Problem +ve Correct by Corporate or brand presenting website appropriate evidence in the form of article/info Thank Ideation platform Implement change Create ambassadors Kudos Thank Fan community Create ambassadors NA
  54. 54. ORM execution Product/ser vice Related queries Disgruntled consumers/ complaints Non product related conversations/que ries • Acknowledgement of the user query on the social media platform • Notify the appropriate Social Media team of the respective brand about the query • Respond requesting for details • Inform the CE team or escalate, as required No Approvals Required on responses Have a generic pre approved response in place for each category. Over a period, create an faqs document • Thank/request for feedback based on what the user comment is To streamline the process to complaint redressal and resolution, it is recommended that each user query be assigned a unique reference number. This will facilitate timely resolution, avoid duplication and facilitate prompt follow ups - MSLGROUP Social Hive will work with the Vodafone Customer Service team to set this up Client Approval/inputs required on responses In case of customized response, share recommendation for suggested response and communicate post approval
  55. 55. Check Sentiment Assign to others / Send for approval Set Priority and status for mention Footer
  56. 56. Decide action as per SOP Record mention for reporting and analysis Footer Identify and establish influencers and involve them in future conversations
  57. 57. Setting up a separate handle for Customer Care: @VodafonecareIN • We suggest a separate handle for Care • Over a period of time volume of complaints on Brand handle reduce when consumers switch over to Care handles • Brand handle can be used (solely) to communicate the purpose of the brand • Care handle can be centrally taken care by CRM aligned teams. • A representative profile of CRM team can give a human face to the brand • Competitors like Airtel, Reliance and Tata Docomo have already implemented this
  58. 58. Reporting
  59. 59. Daily reporting Top conversations for Vodafone and competitors on their respective social media ecosystems & Open web Top Daily Contributors/Conversation alist for Vodafone and competitors on their respective social media ecosystems & Open web Total complaints/queries Received vs. Acknowledged vs. Tagged to respective CRM teams@Vodafone Snapshopts of Daily Brand Posts on Vodafone Social Media Ecosystem
  60. 60. Monthly reporting Content: analysis for Vodafone and competitors on their respective social media ecosystems & Open web Metrics: Month on month metrics for Vodafone and competitors on their respective social media ecosystems & Open web Qualitative Impact Platforms’ summary Content Summary: Theme/topic wise posts across Social Media Ecosystem - highlights the content focus of the month. Content Sources - for all of the mentions that are captured for the brand. Metric Likes, PTA, followers, re-tweets, reach, views, hits, comments, shares, subscriptions Share of Voice Content Type: Videos vs Links vs Pictures vs Text Sentiment Analysis: This captures mentions for the brand segregating it into positive, neutral and negative Summary of popular content formats with respect to user responsiveness and interaction Summary of platform-wise performance independently
  61. 61. Over to you