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Basic Concept of Internet Marketing


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Introducing Internet Marketing for Smart People

Published in: Technology, Business
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Basic Concept of Internet Marketing

  1. 1. Internet Marketing
  2. 2. What is internet Marketing ?Why Internet Marketing ?How to implement ?Advantage of Internet marketing ?Disadvantage of Internet marketing ?
  3. 3. Internet MarketingInternet marketing, online marketingor digital marketing is promotion ofproducts and services on theweb/internet.
  4. 4. Type of Internet MarketingSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)Search Engine Marketing (SEM)Social Media Marketing (SMM)E-mail MarketingBlog Marketing
  5. 5. Advantage of Internet MarketingDrive High quality traffic to thewebsite.Increase sales lead from customers.Build brand visibility in online.Target a global audience.Reach.ROI tracking easy.
  6. 6. Limitations of IMTime Factor – Internet marketingprocess takes several months toComplete.Economic Feasibility - Too Costly.
  7. 7. Search Engine ?• A web search engine is designed to search for information on the world wide web(www) and FTP servers. The search results are generally presented in a list of results often referred to as SERPS, or “search engine results pages ”.
  8. 8. Popular Search engineGoogleMSNYahoo!AskAOlT-onlineVoilaLibero ,Virgilio, Bluewin etc.
  9. 9. How web Search Engine Work ?• A search engine operates in the following order :• Web crawling• Indexing• Searching
  10. 10. SEO• What is SEO ?• Why SEO?• How to implement ?
  11. 11. SEOSearch engine optimization is theprocess that enable your site toappear higher in a list of searchengine results and generate targetedtraffic.
  12. 12. Introduction to SEOWhat is SEO?Search Engine Optimization or SEO isa technique of optimizing the pages ofyour website to be easily accessibleby search engine spiders so they canbe easily crawled and indexed. .
  13. 13. Crawling and Indexing
  14. 14. Organic Vs. Paid Search
  15. 15. What are search engine spiders?A spider is a robot that search enginesuse to search billions of web pages. Apage is indexed by the search enginesonly when it is crawled by the searchengine spiders.
  16. 16. What is website ranking?Website ranking means the positionwhere the pages of your websites areplaced by the search engines.
  17. 17. SEO - Process
  18. 18. On Page OptimizationOn page optimization is one of the veryfirst step of SEO which every webmastershould look into. If you can do proper on-page optimization for your website you cannot only rank well in a search engine butalso can increase the overall readability ofyour website for your visitors.
  19. 19. On Page Optimization FactorKeyword AnalysisCompetitor AnalysisMeta tags improvement (Title,Description optimization)Content optimizationSitemap Creation (Posting on SE DailyBasis)
  20. 20. On Page Optimization FactorImage optimisation (Alt text, FileName, Image Title, Image Linking )Website analysisSearch Engine friendly navigatingarchitecture CreationMaintaining page metrics and sit
  21. 21. Off Page Optimization FactorDirectory Submission Free Submission Regular Submission Reciprocal Submission Paid Submission Regular Submission Reciprocal Submission
  22. 22. Off Page Optimization FactorSearch Search engine submissionClassifieds SubmissionSocial Bookmarking SubmissionPress Release SubmissionLink ExchangeArticles SubmissionBlog Submission
  23. 23. Using Relevant KeywordsSearch engines rank web pages on thefollowing basis :• The quality of keywords on yourweb page; and• How often those keywords appearon the page (the frequency) .
  24. 24. Benefits of SEOSEO drives traffic to your websitesfrom search engines by bringing yourwebsite to the notice of prospectivecustomers.“A website without SEO is just like ashop without salesman”
  25. 25. Limitations of SEOTime Factor – SEO process takesseveral months to Complete.Content Dependent – If websitecontent is not good SEO fails.
  26. 26. SEMSearch engine marketing, or SEM, is aform of Internet marketing. It is paidadvertising within search engineresults through Google, MSN andYahoo and other search engine.
  27. 27. Organic Vs. Paid Search
  28. 28. PPC Using Google Adword Tool and Google Editor. Responsible for Set up Google adword account for advertising Creating a new campaigns for different-2 country. Reviewing/providing analysis on PPC landing pages. Managing bid strategy Setting up PPC conversion tracking. A/B testing, website optimizer etc. Knowledge of advance campaign optimization strategies.
  29. 29. SMMSocial media marketing(SMM) is aform of Internet marketing whichseeks to achieve branding andmarketing communication goalsthrough the participation in varioussocial media networks.SMM covers the activities aroundsocialinteraction, content, videos, images
  30. 30. E- mail MarketingE-mail marketing is a processof promoting a product orservice or an idea by sendingdirect emails to the targetcustomer.
  31. 31. Blog MarketingBlog marketing is process ofpromoting a Business via Blogs.Using Tools – Wordpress ,Blogger , Typepad etc.
  32. 32. What is Blog ?• Blog - A frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts and Web links. or• A blog (also called term web log) is a type of website or part of a website supposed to be updated with new content from time to time. Blogs are usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse- chronological order.
  33. 33. Benefits of Blog Marketing ?• Low Cost marketing channel.• Excellent avenue to build a network.• Enhanced company visibility.• Increased product exposure.• Improved customer Interaction.• Helpful for SEO.
  34. 34. Expectations and Action Points• Individual Blogs – General / Theme based.• Expecting articles on travel / tourism / destination / experience / hotel / train / luxury etc.• Share videos and photos related to Tourism from your FAM Tours / Personal Trips.• Share Travel updates to Ecommerce Department.• Client videos and testimonials.
  35. 35. Expectations and Action PointsIndividual Blogs• One post in a week.• Should have minimum 4-5 sentences.• General / Theme based
  36. 36. Expectations and Action PointsWriting Articles• Choose one Website.• Post at least 1 article of 500 words on monthly basis.
  37. 37. Expectations and Action PointsWriting Articles• Choose one Website.• Post at least 1 article of 500 words on monthly basis.
  38. 38. Expectations and Action PointsSharing informationShare videos and photos related to Tourism from your FAMTours / Personal Trips.Share Travel updates to Ecommerce Department on regularbasis.
  39. 39. Expectations and Action PointsClient Trust Share Testimonials regularly. Client’s video is more effective than static content.
  40. 40. Expectations and Action PointsOther Tasks Start making list of FAQs of Traveler. Research and analysis is must. Send email data to Ecommerce if you are interacting directlyto client. Posting on travel forum.
  41. 41. Brainstorming- .
  42. 42. Thank you for your presence…… “Nishchay kar apni jeet karo” .