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Service marketing Of Vodafone

Service marketing strategies used by telecom industry (Vodafone) linked with various theoretical aspects like 7ps and service marketing triangle.

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Service marketing Of Vodafone

  1. 1. Telecom Industry Vodafone By group Presented to Prof. Jalpa
  2. 2. Introduction  The company that has its presence in almost 30 countries and partnerships in about 20 more, had a very humble beginning in Berkshire, United Kingdom.  Vodafone the 3rd largest telecom company both by number of subscribers and the total revenues had its roller coaster journey right from the day of inception.
  3. 3. • Throughout its history Vodafone has remained committed to offering the best services to its customers. It runs on a philosophy of ‘Power to You’ which means the company strives to empower the customer by offering various services tailored to match his needs. The company always strives to innovate and bring out new offerings to its customers. • The company later saw some major mergers. In 1999, it merged with AirTouch Communications to form the world’s largest mobile telephony company. Vodafone entered India in 2007 and by 2011, acquired a controlling stake in Vodafone India. In 2015 Vodafone had acquired 100% stake in its Indian operations.
  4. 4. 7P’s of Vodafone
  5. 5. • Product : features and benefits of a good or service • Price : the cost of good or service • Place : where the good or service can be bought • Promotion : how customer are made aware of the good or service • People : target consumers • Physical Evidence : the physical environment • Process : procedures, mechanisms flow of activities
  6. 6. Product • Product with different features are provided to the customers such as:  Sims card ( Corporate & Individual) Data cards (Dongle) PRI/VTL/Toll Free Lease line Cloud  Microsoft office 360
  7. 7. Place • Vodafone operates its business through its own stores such as Vodafone gallery , Mini store. • It also sells through independent retailers. • Vodafone also sells its product and services through Channel Partners.
  8. 8. Price • Vodafone’s product and services are competitively priced and easily accessible to as many people as possible. • Offers various price structure to suit different customers. • It offers postpaid and prepaid options as well as different tariffs.
  9. 9. Promotion • Advertising on TV. • On billboards. • In magazines and in other outlets. • Stores have special offers, promotions and posters to attract those inside the store to buy. • Vodafone actively develops good public relations by sending press releases to national newspapers and magazines to explain new products and ideas.
  10. 10. People • Vodafone – “ WE PEOPLE ” • Aims to attract, develop and retain the very best people. • The Board of Directors • The Employees • The Target customers
  11. 11. Physical evidence • Logo of Vodafone • Easily identified by its looks • Ambience of its gallery and mini stores.
  12. 12. Process • Process innovations and continuous improvement through people involvement. • Process for services is very easy and customer can avail it easily. • 199 is the customer support no. which can be dialed from anywhere in India.
  13. 13. Internal marketing(enabling the promise) • Marketing to employees. • Involves training, motivational and teamwork programs, and all communication with employees. • Performed to enable employees to perform the service effectively, and keep up the promise made to the customer. • The expectations of the customers that are created by the external environment must be met by the employees of the firm who interact with the customers. • It builds corporate image.
  14. 14. What Vodafone do? LIVING THE VODAFONE WAY •What is Vodafone way?? The Vodafone Way sets out a consistent way of working for all employees to deliver exceptional customer service(see feature below). It is supported by their Code of Conduct which sets out the high ethical standards all employees must uphold.
  15. 15. • Every employee is expected to work in The Vodafone Way. This is included in their performance objectives and assessed annually. Those demonstrating outstanding commitment to it are recognized as The Vodafone Way Heroes. • The Vodafone way focuses on: 1. speed: bringing products and services to market quickly and prioritizing the things that really matter. 2. simplicity: making things simpler for our customers, business partners and colleagues. 3. trust: acting with honesty, integrity and fairness, being reliable and transparent and valuing the confidence that people place in us as a company.
  16. 16. External marketing(setting the promise) • Vodfone had a very strong brand personality. The slogan “Wherever you go our network follows’ was closely tied up with the Hutch – Pug campaign. The Hutch network was personified as the adorable pug dog following the owner, who is normally a very cute kid. • The company simply tried to relate the dog with the Network service they are providing. Which means the network will follow you wherever you go.
  17. 17. Vodafone has given birth to the Zoo zoo: a special character created specifically to convey a value added service (VAS) offering in each of the newly released commercials.
  18. 18. Interactive marketing(delivering the promise) Interactive marketing Face to face encounter Phone encounter Remote encounter
  19. 19. Face to face encounter • The company has further enhanced its nationwide footprint of branded stores by opening 200 Vodafone stores and 1,000 Vodafone Mini Stores across the country since April 2014, thus further cementing its position as not only India’s largest retailer in the telecom industry but being counted amongst the foremost players actively engaged in the holistic development of India’s rapidly growing retail sector.
  20. 20. Phone encounter • Vodafone is leading telecom industry with more than 700+ customer care service providers in India with different BPO’s. One can simply dial 121 and can get connected to the customer care services through their Phones to solve any queries regarding the sim, network, recharge, balance Etc.
  21. 21. Remote encounter • My Vodafone app is a one-stop destination for managing your Vodafone account, bill payments, mobile recharges, buying bonus cards and checking usage. You can discover your exclusive 121 offers for recharge packs, internet plans (4G/3G/2G) etc. If you are not a Vodafone customer, you can buy a new Vodafone connection or send mobile number portability (MNP) request. The app comes with enhanced capabilities and features for postpaid users. •Be in complete control of your usage and spends –
  22. 22. Vodafone Consumer Behavior Generally most of the subscribers are students and teenagers. Majority of the subscriber recalled the brands they used. The tariff plans, advertisements and family and friends has huge impact over the subscribers. Most of them opted to Vodafone because it is cost effective.
  23. 23. Roaming services on prepaid are highly utilized. Majority of the subscriber prefer Vodafone when compared to competitors because they feel Vodafone is economical. 60% of the consumer said Vodafone is good. 78% of the consumers do prefer to switch their brand.
  24. 24. Conclusion  With a major chunk users being teenagers it makes the situation more dynamic and he helps to create a niche market in itself.  In case of parameters of selection, customer or subscriber will first look at the tariffs , network coverage and then other parameters.  The company should have exciting offers with the services they provide.