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  1. 1. U N C U T In-depth study on their front page cover of a typical magazine
  2. 2. Main image advertisement This is the main story within the magazine so will have more in-depth information as well as plenty of pictures and posters in relation to the film. (Tends to be a newly released film)
  3. 3. Lists This is where other articles are listed on the front cover to advertise to the reader that there will be articles and news etc, on the following that have been listed
  4. 4. Playlists List of songs within the film that are available to download – usually give a date that they are available to download from and where they can be found (legally)
  5. 5. Free promotional offer Gives the reader a chance to have a free gift with their magazine purchase, this entices them to buy the magazine
  6. 6. Photos and posters Images and picture pages give the reader a break from reading and also gives them a chance to stick up posters of the film – another form of advertisement, coming straight from the 3 rd person
  7. 7. Barcode Usually in a bottom right hand corner or just under the title, makes it easy to find when scanning but also keeps it out of sight for the reader so they can focus on main advertisements of the story’s and articles within the magazine
  8. 8. Reviews Lets the reader know what professional critics think about films/songs etc