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Intro to Unbounce


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An introduction presentation to Unbounce.

Published in: Technology
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Intro to Unbounce

  1. 1. “ Unbounce is a critical part of our workflow. It helps us answer our clients faster, and gives us complete control over the click-to-conversion process.” - Andrew Miller - Co-Founder of Workshop Digital PRODUCE BETTER BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES CLIENT RESULTS with Unbounce, the Landing Page Builder for Agencies AND UNLOCK NEW
  2. 2. A landing page is a standalone web page dedicated to a single product, service or campaign. To improve marketing ROI for clients, agencies need the ability to publish landing pages quickly — and without constantly asking for design and development support. There are 2 basic types of landing page: Designed to capture user data such as names and emails Lead Generation Used to persuade visitors to click to another page Click-through - 1 -
  3. 3. Common Ways to Use Landing Pages Lead Generation Webinar Registration Email List Subscription Ebook Downloads Events Contests & SweepstakesCoupon Redemption Appointment Booking Ecommerce Sales Funnel Product Launch - 2 -
  4. 4. 80% of digital marketers Send traffic to homepages Lower Conversion Rates Higher Cost-Per- Click Since landing pages focus on conversion — while homepages focus on exploration—landing pages should act as the foundation of every marketing campaign. YOUR AGENCY Sends traffic to dedicated landing pages Higher Conversion Rates Higher AdWords Quality Score Lower Cost-Per-Click - 3 -
  5. 5. You hatch a campaign idea Roadblocks Talent Gaps Design Headaches Development Roadblocks Client Approval Cycles Scope Creep / Cost Overruns Room for Error The Problem? Landing Page Development Is Costly & Time-Consuming Day 1 Day 16 - 19 You pitch your client on the idea Day 2 You consult your designers and developers, and work begins Day 3 - 15 Wireframes, mock ups, reviews Your landing page is developed You start thinking about third-party tools and A/B testing Day 25 Day 20 - 4 -
  6. 6. The Solution: Use Unbounce to Build, Publish & A/B Test Landing Pages Without I.T. With Unbounce, there’s less reliance on developers and you save time while improving your clients’ ROI Day 1 You hatch an idea and use Unbounce’s drag & drop editor to build a comp that matches your client’s branding Day 2 You pitch your client on the idea and show them the comp Day 3 You quickly and easily incorporate your client’s feedback and finalize their new high-converting landing page You publish the landing page, and immediately start A/B testing to increase conversions Day 4 - 5 -
  7. 7. " Unbounce is so easy to use — we don’t have to rely on technical people to pull something together. We like how we can put stuff up fast… and it's very cost effective.” - Andrew Eades - Spire Advertising Clients will love how increased conversions improve their ROI Designers will love how closely they can match each client’s vision and brand Account Managers will love how landing pages improve results & reduce headaches Leadership will love how improved results unlock new business opportunities - 6 -
  8. 8. 7 Unlock New Capabilities Using Unbounce is like adding a flexible, multi-skilled landing page expert to your team. You get UX , optimization and development capabilities, plus data- driven insights to share with clients. Win your clients’ trust by keeping all your promises. Unbounce empowers you to nail deadlines, avoid cost overruns and back up every recommendation with cold, hard data. Keep Every Promise Add precision to the process of estimating, building and approving for clients. Say goodbye to ‘scattershot’ estimates, InDesign mock-ups and staging environments. Say Goodbye to Guesswork Our Agency Support Team will never leave you hanging. When it’s time to launch campaigns for your clients, our Success Coaches will be there to ensure a smooth ride. Get Support When It Matters Unbounce keeps your team organized, connected and focused on results. Move quickly from pitch to execution with our cloud-based builder and multi-user features. Achieve End-to-End Efficiency Uncover exciting new growth opportunities for your agency; capture reliable revenue streams by winning ongoing retainer work with quality clients. Capture New Opportunities How Unbounce Helps You Drive Better Results - 7 -
  9. 9. 99% Customer satisfaction rating Phone Email 99.99% 17 Success coaches with agency expertise 4 Data centres worldwide Live Chat Included with all plans We’ve Got Your Back We’re invested in the success of every agency that uses our platform. When you join Unbounce, we act as true partners to your team. "What I love about Unbounce, even more so than the tool, is the advanced support that you’ve been giving beyond the call of duty, and the educational resources you provide." - Joe Faillace- Founder at Nexus Conversions Server up time - 8 -
  10. 10. 9 A Platform Your Agency Will Never Outgrow Match Your Clients’ Visions & Brands With the world’s most customizable landing page builder, you can make sure every button, form and image turns out as planned and matches your clients’ vision and brands. Easy Coordination & Collaboration Manage multiple clients from one account. Copy & paste landing pages between accounts, stay organized with campaign grouping, and easily collaborate with your teammates and clients. Customize for Desktop & Mobile Your clients’ landing pages will look great on any device with templates optimized for both desktop and mobile screen sizes. Get Killer Data Gather rich insights with advanced data and optimization tools, and use them to inform better results and demonstrate why you’re valuable to clients. - 9 -
  11. 11. 10 Choose from hundreds of mobile responsive templates, then customize every element with our drag & drop editor. Use High-Converting Templates Use Script Manager to embed any code (like Google Analytics) to multiple pages at once. Track Your Success Easily integrate Unbounce with your favourite email, CRM, marketing automation or analytics tools. Integrate Everything Publish landing pages to your clients’ WordPress sites with 1 click. Just log in to WordPress, install the plugin, and start publishing! Easily Publish to WordPress Unbounce automatically secures your landing pages with SSL encryption— and displays an HTTPS address. Create Trusted Experiences Use parallax scrolling and full-page background images to make your landing pages ‘pop.’ Use Advanced Design Features Improve your clients’ AdWords quality score and improve conversion rates by matching text to the exact keywords their audience is searching. Boost Quality Score with Dynamic Text Use brandable lead notifications to alert your clients each time a visitor is converted to leads, sales or signups. Show Off Your Success T 1 - 10 -
  12. 12. Thousands of Marketing Agencies Rely on Unbounce - 12 -
  13. 13. Digital marketing agency tasked with driving online growth for New Balance Chicago Launched new campaign using Facebook ads, Unbounce landing pages & personalized emails "We're always looking for ways to provide more value to our clients. As a growing agency, we leveraged Unbounce to expand our service offerings without increasing headcount or implementing new internal processes." - Mark Bunker - Partner & Creative Director at Effin Amazing READ THE CASE STUDY Drove 200% sales increase at half the spend of previous Facebook campaigns Designers “virtually cloned” New Balance homepage, then optimized for conversions Virginia-based PPC agency with mostly local accounts Moved to Unbounce in effort to increase conversions and avoid roadblocks Increased client conversion rates from 5% to 20% with consistent testing Scaled entire agency based on Unbounce platform - 13 - READ THE CASE STUDY
  14. 14. We'll Show You How to Drive Better Results for Your Clients Just Give Us 30 Minutes 1-888-515-9161 Phil Climie SCHEDULE MY 1-ON-1 DEMO - 14 -