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An introduction to Invoca, a call tracking and analytics platform for paid search.

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  2. 2. Invoca helps search marketers drive revenue. Brand, agency, and performance marketers who value phone calls rely on Invoca.
  3. 3. +100 million calls annually fromleading F500 brands. PIONEERING INNOVATION Continuous streamof first and only product and platformcapabilities. ENTERPRISE EXPERIENCE Founded in 2008, executive teamwith decades of enterprise SaaS and telecomexperience. TRUSTED AT SCALE 500% enterprise revenue growth in past 3-years. MARKET LEADERSHIP
  4. 4. 75.8 93.3 108.1 129.1 145.5 161.9 $19.20 $28.70 $40.50 $49.80 $57.80 $65.90 20 14 20 15 20 16 20 17 20 18 20 19 160+ billion calls will be made to businesses by 2019. 70%of mobile searchers have clicked to call a business based on search results. MobileCallstoBusinessesMobileMarketingSpend Billions If you’re a search marketer, calls are affecting you the most since your digital campaigns drive valuable phone calls that convert offline. Source: BIA/Kelsey2016, Google2013
  5. 5. # SEARCH 5 WEBSITE ] DISPLAY F SOCIAL & EMAIL Unfortunately, many search marketers have no visibility into the calls and revenue their SEM campaigns drive. Customer: Campaign: Interest: Conversion: Next Steps: UNKNOWN UNKNOWN UNKNOWN UNKNOWN UNKNOWN DIGITAL EXPERIENCE Impressions & Clicks VOICE EXPERIENCE Calls, Conversions, & Revenue
  6. 6. SEARCH WEBSITE DISPLAY SOCIAL EMAIL Invoca’s call tracking and analytics bridges the digital divide by giving marketers insight into the paid search efforts driving valuable phone calls. DIGITAL EXPERIENCE Impressions & Clicks CALL EXPERIENCE Conversions & Revenue ID 576431 Google Paid Search Auto Insurance 43% Targeted Display Customer: Campaign: Interest: Conversion: Next Steps:
  7. 7. Call Tracking vs Call Intelligence Traditional call tracking: • Ignores the larger customer journey, only providing a snapshot of the last touchpoint before a call • Misses important context about the nature of the call, such as call drivers, call outcomes, and other conversation analytics • Fails to provide a rich caller profile • Lacks the deep integrations with other marketing platforms that marketers need to orchestrate the overall customer journey • Cannot provide adequate data to automate next-step marketing processes like retargeting and suppression Call intelligence platforms like Invoca: ü Track calls and attribute them to pre-call consumer touchpoints like paid search, social, display, or email ü Unify data across multiple sources including web, CRM, or other offline data to create a rich caller profile ü Analyze phone conversations with tools like Invoca Signal AI to derive insight around call drivers, behaviors, and outcomes ü Push this newly created intelligence out to the rest of the marketing stack for marketing automation, analysis, optimization, personalization, and audience expansion
  8. 8. Prospect Calling? Policy Purchased? Application Completed? Quote Inquiry? Claim Filed? Machine learning analyzes phone calls in real time to understand call outcomes. Then, Invoca can push conversation outcomes into paid search tools to optimize bids strategies. Using the Invoca tag and integrations with paid search tools, marketers can tie calls to search campaign sources. Using call intelligence for search optimization Analytics 360 Google Ads
  9. 9. Call recording Caller details Call outcomes Digital data
  10. 10. Three ways to use call intelligence in your search marketing programs Optimize paid search keyword bids 1. Retarget intelligently using conversation insights 2. Use AI to understand call outcomes in real time 3.1. 2. 3.
  11. 11. Using dynamic number insertion and adtech integrations, you can adjust bid spend to drive more high- value phone calls. 1 Optimize paid search keyword bids.
  12. 12. REAL WORLD RESULTS: 145 231 98101 74 58 0 50 10 0 15 0 20 0 25 0 Total Calls Qua lity Calls Keyword1 Keyword2 Keyword3 By making decisions based on call quality instead of just call volume, Mutual of Omaha saved $100,000 in paid search spend
  13. 13. Mentioned new product, trigger follow up email. Purchased. Add to cross- sell campaign. Qualified but didn’t buy, add to retargeting. Retarget intelligently using conversation insights Trigger actions in other systems to automate the customer journey and drive follow-on purchases 2
  14. 14. 3 Day Blinds improved retargeting efficiency for 41% decrease in appointment CPA Paid Search Inbound Call Retargeting Trigger next best action for a customer based on phone interactions to drive targeted display campaigns, or prevent retargeting of converted callers. REAL WORLD RESULTS:
  15. 15. Use AI to understand call outcomes in real time Policy purchased Customer Service AI Analysis 3 AI identifies the conversation outcomes to optimize for keywords that drive valuable offline actions
  16. 16. Prospect Calling? Policy Purchased? Application Completed? Quote Inquiry? Claim Filed? Decreasebidson keywordsdriving customer servicecalls Increasebidson keywordsdrivingnew salescalls Signal AI Insurance company removes 45 day delay for conversion details to reduce wasteful campaign spend by 18%. REAL WORLD RESULTS:
  17. 17. STRONG PERFORMER Forrester New Wave™: AI-Fueled Speech Analytics Solutions, Q2 2018 “Invoca is advancing state of the art call classification” Invoca received the highest scores possible for: üReal-time speech analytics üBusiness insights üProduct roadmap
  18. 18. WANT TO LEARN MORE? See the Technology Check out this two minute un-gated video to see Invoca in action. Give Us a Call Give us a call- we’d love to learn more about your needs to see how we can help. 866-626-6494 Schedule a Demo Let one of our call intelligence experts will create a custom demo just for you. 5 V y