Evaluation question 2


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Evaluation question 2

  1. 1. EVALUATION QUESTION 2 How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
  2. 2. Costumes Another way our texts link together is through the costumes that we used. As in our music video our artist is dressed in a suit with a hat on we made that costume be the costume of Citizen Cope so it helped to create an image of Citizen Cope Also was in the music video feedback that we got was audience liked the hat that the artist was wearing so by including the hat in all media texts, it differentiated the artist from the other artists because no artist has appeared in this type of hat so far. Print screen from music video Digipack inset poster Digipack Magazine advert
  3. 3. Artist On way our media products link together is threw the use of the artist. Our artist Terry is used in every form of media that we created because he is the main image of Citizen Cope and We promoting Citizen cope. Also like how the band Citizen Cope is only represented by one band member we chose to do the same thing so we made Terry who us the Main artist the face of Citizen and Cope which help all three texts to link together.
  4. 4. Colour Effects Another way that texts link in together is through the use of colour effects all our texts have used colour effects to make sure that link together. Also in some scenes in our music video we included low key lighting. In our Digipack and Magazine Advert we included low key lighting on the pictures that we took. The low key lighting helped us made the attention be focused on the artist which is another way our media texts link is that they all have some form of focus on the artist. Also another way the artist link is through the colour effects is in the music video there is a colour effect of red and on the magazine advert there is a colour effect of blue.
  5. 5. Props The next way our media texts link together is through the use of props. The interaction between the use of the microphone is referred to in all three media texts. We refer to the artist and the microphone in all three texts to portray how passionate the artist is about music and portray that our artist is a performer. Also by including the microphone in all products it helps create an image for the artist.
  6. 6. Body positions/ Images used The next way that our media products link together is through the body positions of the artist. In the music video the artist is always positioned holding the microphone so in our Digipack and magazine advert we decided to include images of the artist positioned holding the microphone to show the link between the products.
  7. 7. Message Print screen from music video Digipack inset poster Digipack Magazine advert Another way that all our products link is through the message that they depict because in our music video the message that we portray is the theme of being successful. So for our Digipack we called it the fuel for success linking it to the theme for the music video and the same for our magazine advert.
  8. 8. Fonts and Colours Another way that our media forms link together is through the fonts used the font used in the music video on the words “Don’t Give Up” are similar and they help make the products link together Also the use of the colours black white, is another way that our products link because in the music video our performance scenes are in black and white and in our Digipack, Digipack insert and magazine advert our font colours are white to tie in with the white used in the music video