Media evaluation 2


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Media evaluation 2

  1. 1. Media Evaluation:<br />How effective is the combination of the main production with ancillary texts?<br />I feel that the combination between them is quite effective as each have qualities that are enhanced in each variation of media product that I have produced. Throughout creating the products I have tried for all three to link together whether it be from colours, text, font etc, this I feel makes the products far more effective as the target audience can really see that they are joined together and that they are part of the same package. One of the ways that I have linked these three productions (the music video, the digipak and the magazine advert) would be the way that I have brought attention to the female artist Carly Jones. For instance within the video I portrayed her both on the piano as well as singing while on the digipak she was the main focus and again on the advert she was the main focus again. This I feel makes the audience connect with her more as they will constantly see her face on three different products meaning that people have more of a chance of seeing one of her items as well as connecting all three. As I also stated before if they have seen the video but forget the artists name then they can simply look for her face and see the digipak they want from visual use.<br />1714501080770Another way that I have done this would be by using the track “Reason to smile” as I feel that like Carly it needs to be expressed and pushed out there in attention to the target audience. The video is for the actual track name while the digipak has the same track name as its title with the magazine then having it pasted on the side showing her new album cover being released. This I feel helps the audience find the track if they haven’t seen the artist before and have heard her music on the radio thus it will gain Carly more popularity as the song is doing so well being shown everywhere. <br />The third way that I feel I have linked the three productions would be by the use of colours that I have used throughout the making process which is namely the colour blue. This colour is used on the digipak for the albums name as well as for the whole of the digipak connecting the two together not to mention that the sky is shown within the video near the start and near the end of the video. So this factor means that people will be more likely to see the sky which at the time of filming was bright blue thus connecting with both of the print productions.<br />Probably the biggest thing that have connected my productions would be the connotations that I have used for each one, such as having the artist portrayed in a beautiful way by editing each thing I used. Within the music video I made all of Carly’s scenes brighter thus getting rid of the marks that she had on her arm, then within the digipak I burnt this out and copied other pieces other the top to make it look like her normal arm yet without the marks. While in the advert I then completed the same factor as the digipak in order to get the same result. This was because of a famous theorist who stated that “to be famous you had to be beautiful” Although I wanted to go against these conventions to make the covers effective I had to get rid of the pen marks etc as it looked almost childish. <br /> <br />Although I tried to keep the font style and size the same I couldn’t through the whole production namely because the music video had nowhere where we could apply text for it to be appropriate and the digipak needed neat writing so that the target audience could read it easily close up while the advert needed to be large and bulky. It was made purely to attract people thus I feel that it is almost impossible to use the same font when trying to get a different reaction from each product. This is similar to the colours used as apart from the colour blue not a lot of the other colours seem to math throughout the whole production. <br />