Trade Routes Maps


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Trade Routes Maps

  1. 2. The Phoenicians Tyrian Purple is made from a tiny sea snail. Phoenician alphabet influenced Greece and Rome
  2. 3. The Phoenicians The yellow areas indicate Phoenician-controlled settlements. The Phoenicians developed keeled boats, similar to this one.
  3. 4. Roman Trade Routes
  4. 5. Roman Trade Routes
  5. 7. The Silk Road
  6. 8. The Silk Road
  7. 9. Incense Trade Routes
  8. 10. Incense Trade Water Routes
  9. 11. Incense Road The 2,000-foot Jebel Mahrat escarpment blocks the monsoon rains, creating a microclimate where frankincense trees grow. In the hidden valley at Sarif, spring-fed ponds have been cooling weary desert travelers for 6,000 years.
  10. 12. The City of Petra Located in present-day Jordan, Petra grew rich from the spice trade. During the late Hellenistic and Imperial period local worthies engaged in a fantastic array of construction, carving Greco-Roman façades from the living rock.
  11. 13. Ancient Trade Routes Name:________________________________ Date:__________________ The Silk Road Incense Road Roman Trade Routes Phoenician Trade The Appian Way Roman and Indian Trade Goods traded: Goods Traded: From China- From Rome- Dangers: Uses of Incense: Exports: Contributions:
  12. 14. Ancient Trade Routes Map