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Let's learn about BuddyPress

BuddyPress is an extensible plugin to transform WordPress into a social networking community site. Let's talk about BP-specific plugins, themes & possibilities beyond the usual forums!

By LIsa Ghisolf, Gizmo Design, Inc.

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Let's learn about BuddyPress

  1. 1. BuddyPressFor WordPress
  2. 2. Buddypress 101Not just a plugin: A frameworkSocial networking in a box! But it’s NOT Facebook. User groups Friending, profiles Discussion forums Private messaging The wire [feedback] Blog tracking Status updates Activity streams [aggregate of the above]
  3. 3. But what about... bbpress? Forum enhancement. Multisite? Multiple sites under the same WP installation. A network of sites/blogs. Buddypress can be multisite, or just attached to one blog.
  4. 4. Forums v. groupsGroups can have forums & blogsForums can stand aloneGroups can be private
  5. 5. Who’s using it? And how?
  6. 6. CustomizingDon’t edit bp-sn-parent! [the parent theme]Copy to bp-default [your child theme]Any old theme? can customize a theme but keep in mind you mustcreate places & pages for: login, registration, groups,forumsAny old plugin? Some multisite & regular ones will work
  7. 7. Plugins bbpress: forum enhancement BP my home: allow users to move their own widgets & set up their “dashboard” Pending activations - not on multisite Ads manager Activity refresh - you set timing Registration options - attach to particular groups or blogs [multisite]
  8. 8. And more pluginsUltimate FacebookPrivate communityWelcome packGroupblog - associate blog w/groupBookmarkletGroup Documents [doc storage]S2member: membership by restricting URLs by user
  9. 9. Preventing spamBad Behavior, Wangguard pluginsRemove Buddypress & WP credit linesRename your registration slug to block “insite:register”searches
  10. 10. What’s nextProfile field visibilityTemplate “parts” that don’t let you lose defaultfunctionality [bbpress does this already]
  11. 11. Resources
  12. 12. Thanks!Lisa GhisolfGizmo Design, - Twitter, FB, G+