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A house with no walls: Creating a site structure for the future


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WordCamp Milwaukee 2012 slide presentation

Published in: Technology, Lifestyle
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A house with no walls: Creating a site structure for the future

  1. 1. House with No Walls:Creating a Site Structure for TomorrowLisa Ghisolf, Gizmo Design, Inc.@gizmodesign *
  2. 2. What you think you have
  3. 3. What it may really be
  4. 4. It’s the “un-fun” stuffWe are long past “brochureware” sites [sort of]Content strategy: More than just what you’ll saySitemaps: What you need, pathwaysFunctionality: Phased functionality aligned withbusiness objectives [especially in e-commerce!]Wireframes: What lives on each page
  5. 5. Content strategyUser, user, user! Who are your audiences?Think about what they — not you — are expectingto see.Look at your content: how ME-centric is it?Good content is: up-to-date, user-centric, useful,u-findable
  6. 6. Uh, how?Plan! Work out a schedule. Who, what, why, when& where? Editorial calendar pluginYou are a goldmine of information!
  7. 7. Sitemap to wireframeVisualize your structure & how users will react:Flowchart it out!What is the process? What is interlinked?Consistency is key
  8. 8. MORRIS Version 1.3 - JUNE 20, 2011 Globals [on every page] Privacy Policy Terms & Conditions Search Site map Home Designer Whats Shop Clothing Shoes Bags Luggage Accessories Mens Womens About Blog/ Customer Press/ My My My index new all travel Service media Account Wishlist Cart diary Designers A- Z Denim Belts History Order statusDesigners by category Outerwear Gloves Contact Shipping New this season Leather Keychains Events FAQs My designers Pants Sunglasses Philosophy Shorts Cufflinks Suiting Umbrellas Designer pages: -Kiton -Stefano Ricci Sport coats Wallets -Pal Zileri-Brunello Cucinelli -Hugo Boss Hats -Zilli -John Lobb -Zanella Scarves/ wraps -Brioni -Jack Victor -Luciano Barbera Jewelry KEY -Dolce Punta Blog -Babylone Calendar -Angela Caputi -Il Bisonte Regular pages -Alfred Dunhill Dynamically created pages -Edward Green -Inis Meain Caruso
  9. 9. ToolsSitemaps Slickplan.comWireframes Balsamiq.comBoth [w/WP export!]
  10. 10. What’s next? Mobile
  11. 11. MobileWhat works on a laptop or even a tablet doesn’t necessarilywork on a phoneK.I.S.S.! One-column themes People are used to scrolling on mobile, but how much will they read? Are the buttons big enough to touch? Text big enough to read?As with ANY site: Make it easy on the user
  12. 12. Thank you!Lisa Ghisolf, Gizmo Design, Inc.@gizmodesign *