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WordPress: An Introduction


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Miko Coffey's slides to accompany the WordPress workshop at Social Media Exchange Express on 29 September 2010

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WordPress: An Introduction

  1. 1. WordPress: An Introduction Miko Coffey Web Consultant Miko Coffey 1
  2. 2. WordPress is... • A free publishing tool which allows people to manage blogs or websites without the need for a web team / technical team. Miko Coffey 2
  3. 3. WordPress has 3 flavours • Free • Premium • • WordPress MU = no longer Miko Coffey 3
  4. 4. Premium Free to use/install - Cost Totally free Varies (see below) costs are your hosting + web address (domain name) You buy hosting & someone Included & no set up Included & no set up needed must install WP on your server - Hosting needed from you from you but many hosts offer ‘1-click installer’ tools Any - $15/yr from WP Any - buy from any domain name Web Address or $10/yr if your own registrar, aprox $5-10/yr Varies depending on host - some Storage 3GB free $20-$90/yr for extra 5-25GB have unlimited storage Design A designer (or tech person) can Unlimited - any you like, many Limited choice Templates customise it for $15/yr free readymade ones available None, unless you choose to run WP shows their own on Ads Turn ads off for $30/yr your own ad space - you choose your blog to new visitors who advertises Extra None - you get only what None - you get only what is Unlimited - you can add functions Functions is included included with ‘plugins’ Users Max 35 registered users Upgrade to unlimited for $30/yr Unlimited No upload but can embed For $60/yr, upload HD videos Depends on host - usually able Video from YouTube, Vimeo etc directly to your WP site to upload, def can embed Miko Coffey 4
  5. 5. Sign up at • Choose your username carefully as it will become part of your web address: • While we wait for your signup email to arrive... Miko Coffey 5
  6. 6. WordPress Terminology • WordPress has 2 main types of ‘containers’ for your content: • Pages A Page is a single standalone web page, for example About Us, Contact Us etc. • Posts A Post is an article that forms a part of a blog, journal or news section. Miko Coffey 6
  7. 7. WordPress Terminology • Blog All WordPress websites are technically blogs, even if you never use the blog functions. • Blog = web log A blog is simply a way of displaying content online, in journal format... Miko Coffey 7
  8. 8. WordPress / Blog Terminology • Blogs are displayed in reverse chronological order (newest article appears at the top) • Each post can be filed into 1 or more Categories (like a filing system) • Each post can be labeled with Tags, or key words associated with that article • Visitors can add their Comments to the post, and you can respond. Miko Coffey 8
  9. 9. WordPress Terminology • Widgets A widget is a little chunk of functionality. Usually widgets sit in the sidebar of the page and offer such functions as a Search box, a snippet of info about the author, a list of links, a calendar, etc. Miko Coffey 9
  10. 10. Anatomy of a WP Page/Post Header / Banner Sidebar Main Content Widget Widget Comments Widget Footer (may have Widgets) Miko Coffey 10
  11. 11. WordPress Terminology • Theme (WordPress Theme) A design template that determines the overall look of your site: columns, colour schemes, fonts, Widget placement, width of main area, etc • Themes can be free, or ‘Premium’(you pay for the ability to use it on your site). comes with a choice of themes but you can’t use one that isn’t included (no Premium themes). Miko Coffey 11
  12. 12. Today you will learn... • How to set up your blog and user profile • How to create pages and posts • How to add images and links • How to choose the design theme • How to use widgets • How to create a custom menu Miko Coffey 12
  13. 13. Let’s do it! Miko Coffey 13
  14. 14. Thank You Miko Coffey Miko Coffey 14