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The slideshow presentation by Brian Messenlehner and Tom Carney made on October 20th, 2012 at WordCamp Philly on the campus at Temple University. The demonstration website that Brian and Tom used was PhillyBuddyPress.com to see the setup done within with the presentation.

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Buddy Press 10-19-2012

  1. 1. BuddyPress:How to Create Social Networks fromYour Wordpress Websites By: Brian Messenlehner & Tom Carney October 20, 2012
  2. 2. About Us Brian Messenlehner Twitter: @bmess Email: brian@webdevstudios.com Tom Carney Twitter: @tecdoc Email: tecdoc4877@gmail.com
  3. 3. What We Will Be Covering: What is BuddyPress?  An intro and history of the plugin BuddyPress Installation  Running the BuddyPress Installation Wizard BuddyPress Components BuddyPress Structure BuddyPress Plugins The BuddyPress Roadmap –  What you may see in future versions Question and Answers
  4. 4. About BuddyPress Social Networking Plugin for WordPress Social Media like features that are comparable to Facebook First Stable release version was in May 2009 Current Version 1.6.1
  5. 5. BuddyPress InstallationDownload the plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/buddypress/
  6. 6. Installation Wizard
  7. 7. BuddyPress Components Activity Members Blogs Messages Core Settings Forums Theme Friends XProfile Groups
  8. 8. BuddyPress File Structure/bp-activity /bp-members/bp-blogs /bp-messages/bp-core /bp-settings /bp-themes/bp-forums /bp-xprofile/bp-friends bp-loader.php/bp-languages
  9. 9. Customizing the BP themeThere are several ways to create or customize a BP Theme1. Create a Child Theme from the BP-Theme folder2. Adding the necessary BP files and folders to your theme. Also, the need to add BP code to your theme’s functions.php3. Using a BP Template Pack or BP Skeleton to add the necessary BP functionality needed to your theme. (Outdated because of the Theme Compatiblity functions of BuddyPress version 1.7)
  10. 10. BuddyPress Child ThemeMore Info:http://codex.buddypress.org/theme-development/building-a-buddypress-child-theme/
  11. 11. The BuddyPress LoopBuddyPress Loop<?php if ( bp_has_members() ) : while ( bp_has_members() ) :bp_the_member(); ?>BP Template Tags<?php bp_member_name(); ?><?php bp_member_permalink(); ?>
  12. 12. The BuddyPress Database Stucturewp_bb_forums wp_bp_messages_messageswp_bb_meta wp_bp_messages_noticeswp_bb_posts wp_bp_messages_recipients wp_bp_notificationswp_bb_terms wp_bp_user_blogswp_bb_term_relationships wp_bp_user_blogs_blogmetawp_bb_term_taxonomy wp_bp_xprofile_datawp_bb_topics wp_bp_xprofile_fieldswp_bp_activity wp_bp_xprofile_groups wp_bp_xprofile_metawp_bp_activity_metawp_bp_friendswp_bp_groupswp_bp_groups_groupmetawp_bp_groups_members
  13. 13. BuddyPress PluginsSome of the Plugins that we use for BuddyPress sites.There are over 450 BuddyPress plugins in the repository BP Album Invite Anyone BP Group Management BP Achievements BP Toolbar BP Mobile Buddy Stream BP Gravity Forms Extension
  14. 14. The BuddyPress RoadmapBuddyPress version 1.7 improvements BuddyPress compatibility for all WP themes Improved Admin UI/UX features for Groups Improve DB performance when querying users Finish the Group Forum integration with bbPress 2
  15. 15. Roadmap (Con’t)Future BuddyPress Features (1.7+)  Global content tagging  Bulk accept/reject friendship requests  Grouping of similar activity stream items  Ability to block all communication from a user  Option to receive forum post notifications via email  Structured profile fields (templates for address / phone number)  AJAX live updating of site wide activity stream  Import/Export of all BuddyPress user data  Archiving of messages to an archive folder  jQuery autocomplete for @ mentions
  16. 16. Sites That Use Buddy Presshttp://www.trainerspace.comhttp://commons.gc.cuny.edu/http://www.isixsigma.com/http://helloecoliving.com/http://www.ooizit.com
  17. 17. BuddyPress Resources & TutorialsResources:Buddy Press Codex - http://codex.buddypress.org/Buddy Dev - http://buddydev.com/BP Tricks - http://bp-tricks.comWPMU - http://wpmu.org/category/buddypress/Tutorials:WpTuts - http://wp.tutsplus.com/tutorials/getting-started-with-buddypress/1st Web Designer - http://www.1stwebdesigner.com/tutorials/create-buddypress-theme/
  18. 18. Questions & Answers