BuddyPress - Harrisburg WordPress Users Group Meetup June 2014


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This presentation is about BuddyPress and how to get started at the Harrisburg WordPress Users Group Meetup at CURE Internationl

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BuddyPress - Harrisburg WordPress Users Group Meetup June 2014

  1. 1. BUDDYPRESS It’s like I am beating a dead horse. What it is, what it’s not, what it can do, and setup. Local BuddyPress Yapper: Tim McKenna aka @AzraelGroup aka Godzilla GETTING STARTED
  2. 2. BUDDYPRESS Started out as WordPress Multisite hack, now owned by Auttomatic. A set a elegant social media components rolled into a plugin. Activity Streams User Profiles Options to add user profile fields and sections Avatar uploads Group Creation Group discussion forums (via bbPress) Group logo and Wire Friend system Messaging Custom themes Blogs per user (via the WordPress engine)
  3. 3. BUDDYPRESS Lead Developers of BuddyPress John James Jacoby @JJJ Paul Gibbs @pgibbs Boone Georges @boone Andy Peatling @apeatling Follow them on Twitter. Do it, Do it now.
  4. 4. BUDDYPRESS Getting Started Find out your business requirements and do research Setup up development environment Development Testing (try to break it) Staging the site Go live
  5. 5. BUDDYPRESS Getting Started Go to BuddyPress.org and sign in (WordPress.org credentials). Join in the forums when asking for help be as specific as possible. Read the BuddyPress Codex, refer to it often. Download the plugin. Save until you setup your development environment. Resource: BuddyPress Codex
  6. 6. BUDDYPRESS Find out your business requirements and do research What is the purpose of your social site? How should your site engage users in a meaningful way? How are you going to address bugs? Who do you hand the project off to once live? This is a conversation you need to have with your stakeholders. This conversation is imperitive because it will help define the necessitities and avoid scope creep. Resource: Develop and present project plan, scope, and timeline
  7. 7. BUDDYPRESS Setup your development environment Create a local installation of WordPress and work on your desktop. Setup your local install of WordPress and upload your BuddyPress plugin. Download a theme and begin work on a child theme or use a starter theme like Bones, Underscores, Roots or Handcrafted. Work with a designer (preferably one familiar with web design) Get your favorite Text Editor or IDE and get to work Resources: Local Installer - BitNami, Text Editor - Atom or Sublime Text
  8. 8. BUDDYPRESS Development Front End Development - Design the UI and map out the UX. Extending the Site: Download various plugins that meet you specific needs. Customize Installation - Create custom post types, Edit roles and permissions, etc. Version Control - Use Github and push up master files before branching off. Test Features - Test features with others on OS’s, browsers and devices. Resource: Access website over local network from other devices
  9. 9. BUDDYPRESS Testing Resource: The 5 Minute WordPress Security Audit Test your site in multiple Browsers, make sure your elements scale correctly and work across the board. Test all functions and features in every possible browser. Perform a security audit.
  10. 10. BUDDYPRESS Staging the Site Move your local installation to a staging site. Retest everything. Make sure to keep up with version control. Get approvals to move forward with launching project. Discussing managed hosting plan for live site (Bonus: Anchor Hosting). Organize all of your documentation. Resource: How to Create Staging Environment for a WordPress Site
  11. 11. BUDDYPRESS Go Live Do a soft launch, move it to live server and quietly do some more testing. Once you have gone through your last testing, announce site is live Having marketing and PR (whomever) announce site. Hand off site to client or move into a maintenance/support role. Updates to live site will only occur after thorough testing on staging site. Keep up with version control. Resource: 25 Things to Test Before Your Site Goes Live
  12. 12. BUDDYPRESSPAFP Community Configuration Adminize AAFP DB Import Members* AntiVirus Comet Chat bbPress Better WordPress Minify BP Group Documents BP Group Organizer BuddyPress BuddyPress Activity Plus (TK version) BuddyPress Anounce Group BuddyPress Group Email Subscription BuddyPress Xprofile Custom Fields Type Custom Login Export Users to CSV Gravity Forms IE Enhancer & Modernizer JKC Admin Bar Toggle JCWP copy paste blocker Private BuddyPress Private Community for BP Lite Responsive Image Widget Role Manager W3 Total Cache WordPress Database Backup WP-Optimize VaultPress WP Smush.it WP TogetherJS VaultPress *Fork of Import Users from CSV
  13. 13. BUDDYPRESS Role Manager BuddyPress has an additional set of roles due to the addition of groups and forums (thanks to bbPress). Role Manager allows me create/rename/ delete roles and capabilities. It hasn’t been updated since WP 2.2, but we’ve picked it up and maded updates for WP 3.9, BP 2.0.1 and we plan to post it to Github.
  14. 14. BUDDYPRESS eLearning Modules Using a combination of SlideShare, Private Google Hangouts on Air, and CometChat we created live, interactive webcasts. Videos were recorded, uploaded to Vimeo and saved for continuing medical education accreditation (CME). CometChat allowed for us to have real time, private chat while the speaker responded live.
  15. 15. BUDDYPRESS JWCP Copy Paste Blocker We had to deter copy and paste from inside the PAFP Community, as it was stressed that all communications inside were privy to just members. JWCP Copy Paste Blocker allowed us to turn off this common action. While members can paste into the input field from an outside source, they cannot copy and paste from inside of the site.
  16. 16. BUDDYPRESS Member Database Integration We use Avectra NetForum for our membership database, which is tied to the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) member information. We created a simple procedure that dumps member information from Avectra into a .csv, in which we automated the Import User from CSV plugin at the end of each month. Members do not register for the site, they already have login credentials.
  17. 17. BUDDYPRESS Planned Integrations and Features Retiring CometChat and integrating Meetings.io as our new interactive video and chat platforms. Directing membership to do all event registration and payment inside the PAFP Community. Since the PAFP Community is completely advertising free, we plan on integrating GoFundMe.com as a crowdfunding platform inside the site to raise money for medical student scholarships. Upon three unsuccessful login attempts, we are going to have the Jurassic Park Denis Nedry Denied Access gif as a popup. Develop a new theme, based on Bones, for use with other medical societies. Member podcasts via SoundCloud to be uploaded and added to member profiles.
  18. 18. BUDDYPRESS It’s awesome, seriously. Email me: hello@azraelgroup.com Tweet at me: @AzraelGroup LinkedIn at me: Tim McKenna QUESTIONS?