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Webnet Presentation

  1. 1. Creating a CMS Website with WordPressor how to make a department website without pulling too much hair out ourenvironment.berkeley.edu BY TRISH ROQUE, WEB & COMMUNICATIONS GAL troque@berkeley.edu, @trishroque, http://www.linkedin.com/in/trishroque
  2. 2. ABOUT ME• Formal training in visual arts• Been at UCB since 2001 (w/ a break b/w 2008-2011)• Private industry, freelance web design, focus on WP• Been designing websites for ~6 years• Been working with WP for ~5 years, and exclusively w/ Genesis Theme Framework for ~2 yrs• Front-end developer; not really a programmer (but not afraid to take other people’s code to make it work for my projects)
  3. 3. Why WordPress? SHORT ANSWER: I dont know Drupal. I know WordPress.THE PROBLEMS (Design, Technical) • ~200 Graduate Students, ~70 Faculty & Specialists = CMS component • Chair wanted a visually appealing website (total rebranding of the dept) • Had to complete before the beginning of Fall semester • Use minimal plugins (decrease dependencies on other devs) MY SOLUTIONS Custom Post-Types, Custom Taxonomies, Custom Child Theme, Key Plugins
  4. 4. ITS JUST CUSTOM CONTENT!!(Should really be called CustomContent Type!)-or how to allow your users toenter information withoutconfusing them by the use ofcustom fields & custommetaboxes<?phpregister_post_type( $post_type,$args );?>WP Codex PageExample: ESPM Member PageRED = Custom FieldsBLUE = Custom Taxonomies
  5. 5. What users see (uses customon the backend metaboxes)
  6. 6. Power of WP CustomTaxonomies is unleashedwith Custom Post TypesTaxonomy =a way of grouping thingstogether3 WordPress default taxonomies:Category, Tag, Link Category<?php register_taxonomy($taxonomy,$object_type, $args); ?>WP Codex PageExample:Custom Taxonomy of People Type(hierarchical)
  7. 7. MORE EXAMPLES(Non-hierarchical)Research Groups
  8. 8. More ExamplesNon-hieararchical• Research Tags / Keywords• By Alphabet
  9. 9. Whats a Child Theme? • A way of creating a theme where customizations are preserved whenever WP or the parent theme is upgraded. • Customizations are made in the stylesheet and functions file • Inherits all functionalities of the parent themeIt needs a Parent theme • Must be from a trusted source • Assumption is that these themes will be compatible w/ WP upgrades • I work with the Genesis theme framework (a robust theme that extends WP functionalities)
  10. 10. How to make WordPress useful as a Content Management System(or how to make your job easier by not having to maintain ~300 personal pages) Role Scoper: Adminimize: Excellent plugin! (but a little Buggy - but seems to work for confusing to set up) my purposes • assign various • minimizes the admin permissions/restrictions interface that users see to individuals when they log in • assign individuals to • workaround for bugginess: role groups pre-set up screen options • assign various permissions/restrictions to groups What admin sees What typical users see
  11. 11. Peters Login Redirect: Redirects users to a specific URL after login.Before plugin, first thing users see after logging in With plugin, users are redirected to click on theiris WP built-in Profile section causing confusion. members page.
  12. 12. THANK YOU!QUESTIONS?troque@berkeley.edu @trishroque