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Best Buy (Community 2.0 Conference)


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Best Buy's Social Media Engagements

Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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  • Yes fabulous coverage of the totality of BB's impressive efforts (well, up to that time). What does surprise me is that is has only 1692 views and 1 comment. For something so much on the leading edge of social media for business I thought that there would have a much larger interest. I guess it's been posted elsewhere.
    Gina: how does BB coordinate all these efforts organizationally? For example to ensure the right cross-function actions are consistent, and escalate when needed?

    Walter @g2m
    Social Media Academy, Australia
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  • This is great! We are using this as an example of how a mix Social Media can greatly increase interaction with customers and increase overall sales. Do you by chance have any numerical results you could share?
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Best Buy (Community 2.0 Conference)

  1. 1. Best Buy’s Social Media Engagements Gina Communities, Manager ECC Social Media Strategist
  2. 2. Best Buy: Multi-Brand, Multi-Channel 1,098 United States locations • Best Buy, Best Buy Mobile, Geek Squad • Magnolia Audio Video • Pacific Sales Kitchen & Bath Centers 198 Canadian locations • Future Shop - 139 • Best Buy & Best Buy Mobile – 58 & 3 Chinese locations • Five Star Appliance - 167 • Best Buy China - 6 Fortune 56 2,465 European locations • The Carphone Warehouse $40B Revenue Websites & Contact Centers 150,000 Employees 2
  3. 3. Social Media Engagement • Goal: Showcase Best Buy as a concerned and connected retailer through online community relationships • Theme: How to get the Best out of Best Buy • Objectives: – Fulfill brand promises of Trusted Perspective for Inspired Living – Educate customers about technology and life integration – Decrease customer’s technology-related stress – Drive online product discussions
  4. 4. Power of Unfiltered Communication
  5. 5. Power of Unfiltered Communication
  6. 6. Actually, We Embrace Social Media
  7. 7. Power of Social Media Tweet, tweet!
  8. 8. Best Buy’s Social Media Engagement Increasing Spending Loyalty Insights Decreasing Support Costs Social Media Engagements • Forums • Twitters • Blogs • Videos
  9. 9. Bringing People to My Web 2.0 Expo Keynote: until Best Buy adds people to its website our jobs are not done - Robert Scoble 3/31/09 “When I go to, what do I see? No people. Web 2.0 hasn’t reached BestBuy’s headquarters yet.” Our Store’s Community Involvement: Relay for Life, Kids in Distress, March of Dimes, AIDS Walk, Kids Ecology Corp, GLCC of South Florida, Breast Cancer Walk
  10. 10. Bilingual Community Forums Decrease support costs Drive product discussion Gain insights Bring the power of our people to the internet Community Connectors Blueshirts Geek Squad Agents
  11. 11. Adventures from the Forum
  12. 12. Influencing Sales
  13. 13. Video • Weekly video – Best Buy news – Product spotlight • video reviews • Best Buy Customers • Best Buy Employees: • Best Buy Leadership:
  14. 14. Twitter • English – Gina_BestBuy – news, information, support – BBY_Community – news, information, support – RewardZone – deals, support – BestBuy_Outlet - deals • Spanish – BBY_Comunidad – news, information, support • French – BBY_Communaute – news, information, support • Best Buy Connect – Aggregates employees Twitters:
  15. 15. Twitter Example
  16. 16. Insignia – Ideas Into Action Supporting Listening Innovating “Successful innovation only happens when you listen. At Insignia, our customers inspire the products we create.”
  17. 17. @15 – Empowering Teens
  18. 18. Facebook - Campaign Alignment
  19. 19. Making Your Own Best Buy Best Buy’s Remix – open API
  20. 20. Transparency • Blog: Kathleen Edmond, Best Buy’s Chief Ethics Officer “By making ethics a completely transparent dialogue, Best Buy can be a leader in ethical standards for our employees, our customers, and our shareholders. Please feel free to join the conversation.” – Discussion transparency ethical challenge Best Buy deals with – Asks questions of the community to hear its voice • Recent Topic – Employee Falsified Time Records for His Peer – Feeling Like They Were Out of Choices – Best Buy Wins Ethics Award – Sexting • Does Best Buy as a retailer of mobile phones have a social responsibility to customers to inform them of the risks of this practice? – Employee Returns Vendor Gift to Store – Supervisor Takes Massive Discounts – Manager Terminated – Conspiracy and kickbacks at Best Buy
  21. 21. Brand Recovery • Scanning the blogosphere, seeking out customers we can assist From Negative To Positive
  22. 22. Employee Knowledge
  23. 23. Internal Communities • Best Buy – Watercooler • 1.2m posts to date • Discount issue – 26 pages deep – Mix – Wiki • Contact Centers – VoiceBox – VoiceBox 2.0 • Geek Squad – Geek Squad Forums
  24. 24. Questions? Gina Manager, Communities / Social Media Strategist Creating meaningful communication in a virtual world My blog: My Twitter: