Assumptions exercise


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Assumptions exercise for startup and innovation teams

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Assumptions exercise

  1. 1. Business Assumptions Exercise
  2. 2. I believe that my customers have a need to________________________________________.keep it concise! Customer-Needs Assumption
  3. 3. This need can be solved with _________________________________________________________. Solution Assumption
  4. 4. My initial customers will be _________________________________________________________.describe the person(s) Initial Customer Assumption
  5. 5. The #1 value a client wants to get out of myservice is: ________________________.The client can also get these additional benefits:___________________ and __________________. Value Proposition Assumptions
  6. 6. I will acquire the majority of my users/customersthrough _______________________ and________________________. Marketing Assumptions
  7. 7. I will make money by ________________________________________________________________. Business Model Assumption
  8. 8. My primary competition will be ______________and ______________.We will beat them in the market due to__________________ and __________________. Competition Assumptions
  9. 9. My biggest product risk is ___________________.We will solve this through __________________________________________________. Product Risk Assumptions
  10. 10. What assumptions does my business hold, that ifproven wrong, could cause the business to fail?1._______________________________________.2._______________________________________.3._______________________________________.4._______________________________________.5._______________________________________. Critical Risk Assumptions
  11. 11. Appendix
  12. 12. Prioritize your assumptions High RiskKnown Unknown Low Risk
  13. 13. Running Experiments1. have a hypothesis to test2. brainstorm a few different tests, offline andoffline3. try to break the tests into even smaller unitsof work4. choose a test and set a goal5. run the test (try to hit the goal)6. review results and make a decision (a. confirmedbelief; b. iterate test; c. iterate business)