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JustGiving research @ IoF Insights Annual Conference 2009

This presentation was given at the Institute of Fundraising's Insight in Fundraising Annual Conference, on Thursday 5th November 2009.

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JustGiving research @ IoF Insights Annual Conference 2009

  1. 1. IoF Insight in Fundraising Annual Conference 2009 JustGiving insight – latest research into online giving habits and demographics
  2. 2. Hello! Jonathan Waddingham • Charity Champion at JustGiving • Work with charities to make best use of the web • Research online giving trends to provide insight FLM 2009 report - Donor attitudes to credit crunch - What charities really think of online fundraising -
  3. 3. Donor demographics on JustGiving Research details People were prompted to take a survey after making a donation to an online fundraising page Donation could have been made to any size charity in any category Survey carried out from early August to end September 2009 2,820 people took the survey
  4. 4. Is this your first online donation?
  5. 5. Which gender is giving more?
  6. 6. What’s the spread of ages by gender?
  7. 7. How much do people donate online?
  8. 8. Donation share vs revenue share
  9. 9. Key stats Percentage (in revenue) that comes from 25% donors over 45 who donate more than £50 33% Percentage (in revenue) that comes from donors over 55 Percentage (in revenue) that comes from 11% donors over 65
  10. 10. Donation spread by age and gender
  11. 11. Donation spread by age and gender
  12. 12. How do you help these people? accessible email advertise targeted integrate online/offline user-friendly
  13. 13. What was the source of the donation ask?
  14. 14. Looking at past trends...
  15. 15. Looking at current trends...
  16. 16. Is email use increasing or decreasing?
  17. 17. Do the tools used vary depending on age?
  18. 18. Facebook – where the new breed lives Percentage of Facebook visits from Facebook home page 60% Percentage of Facebook visits 2% from Facebook inbox
  19. 19. Facebook – some facts 316 million users 50% of active users log on in any given day 23 M users in UK
  20. 20. Who is using Facebook Connect?
  21. 21. Facebook Connect & JustGiving
  22. 22. Facebook Connect & Amnesty
  23. 23. Twitter – fastest growing website in UK 13th most popular site in UK
  24. 24. Community fundraising through Twitter
  25. 25. Community fundraising through Twitter 14% of referrals on 13th March to JustGiving were from Twitter
  26. 26. Fundraising through Twitter – micro donations 1,106 donations £4.86 average Current total: £5,396.07
  27. 27. Fundraising through Twitter – celebs
  28. 28. Fundraising through Twitter – celebs 81 countries
  29. 29. Fundraising through Twitter – celebs Donations were made by 39 people at From the tweet, £470 was donated at an average of £12
  30. 30. So what does this all mean? The new breed of social media fundraisers is growing in importance Newsfeeds are the single most valuable real estate on Facebook for charities Different segments require different channels, as well as different messages Test online donation prompts by age and gender (as well as RFV) Ignore your older online donors at your peril Email is still the king of comms for many people online
  31. 31. The 365 Challenge & @365er
  32. 32. This is Colin’s story “In 2007, I was diagnosed with a soft tissue sarcoma and underwent surgery, followed by radiotherapy. Then in 2008, my sister, Brenda Carr, died after a long battle with breast cancer. Following on from this, I knew that I wanted to raise money to support Cancer Research UK, because I felt that they were supporting important work in the fight to overcome cancer.”
  33. 33. Colin’s strategy Wanted to use email and internet to spread message Engage Heard with about interested Facebook, target audience explored it Colin Looked for people Set up on Facebook own talking about Cancer, joined Facebook their groups and started group conversation
  34. 34. Colin’s strategy “With a group, I found that I could engage with a target audience who had expressed an interest in what I was doing – what any advertiser dreams of, really!”
  35. 35. The ripple effect…
  36. 36. What would’ve helped Colin more guidance on how FB can be exploited an explanation of what Twitter is all about guidance on how following someone can give you access to their followers too tips on keeping your message out there – how regular blog updates can be tweeted about so others get to know that you’ve written something new, changing your Facebook status regularly and using these status updates and tweets to draw people in, teasing them into reading more …
  37. 37. The new breed “As I posted Tweets about hitting milestones or new blogs, these connections were Re-Tweeting them, and my message spread further and further.” “These enthusiastic strangers... I now count as supporters and friends”
  38. 38. You can find me here… Jonathan Waddingham @jon_bedford