Working with Web 2.0 (TERENA-PR)


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Long-ish presentation outlining using Web 2.0 tools in communications, marketing and PR in a JISC/JANEt-like environment

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Working with Web 2.0 (TERENA-PR)

  1. 1. Working with Web 2.0 Joint Information Systems Committee Supporting education and research
  2. 2. Working with Web 2.0 TERENA-PR Lisbon 27/09/2007 Matt Jukes (JISC) terena-pr-sep-2007
  3. 3. What is Web 2.0? A Buzzword? A Conference? Marketing? Another Bubble? All of the above?
  4. 4. What I am going to talk about for 45 minutes 1. What is Web 2.0? 2. Available tools 3. Marketing as conversation 4. Freeing your information 5. The Amplified Conference
  5. 5. Amongst other things Wikipedia says Web 2.0 is: ..a social phenomenon embracing an approach to generating and distributing Web content itself, characterized by open communication, decentralization of authority, freedom to share and re-use, and "the market as a conversation" This is the definition I choose to believe..
  6. 6. Web 2.0 vs Web 1.0 Web 1.0 was about reading, Web 2.0 is about writing Web 1.0 was about companies, Web 2.0 is about communities Web 1.0 was about taxonomy, Web 2.0 is about tags Web 1.0 was about owning, Web 2.0 is about sharing Web 1.0 was about Netscape, Web 2.0 is about Google
  7. 7. What is available? This is a wholly subjective list of what I use.. blogs = Wordpress wikis = MediaWiki, Pbwiki or Confluence photos = Flickr search = Google, Technorati rss reader = Google Reader, Bloglines beta social bookmarking =, stumbleupon podcasts* = iTunes, Odeo, Miro *including vodcasts video = YouTube,
  8. 8. Its not just the USA leading the Web 2.0 revolution
  9. 9. Traditional Public relations.. ..creates lots of paper
  10. 10. Public relations 2.0.. Is about pixels..
  11. 11. And people..
  12. 13. Its important to become a part of the conversation Don’t get left out The web is no longer a one-way communication channel, it has moved on – we have to move with it
  13. 14. Don’t lock up your information Users want to consume information in different ways The web is moving beyond page views and visitor numbers Start educating your bosses now!
  14. 15. Free your content Wherever possible offer RSS feeds Embrace Microformats Put your videos and pocasts on YouTube, Odeo and beyond Viral marketing (almost) works
  15. 16. JISC Access management animation translated by user
  16. 17. JISC Podcasts – available on itunes and odeo
  17. 18.
  18. 19. But don’t lose track.. Use Technorati Sign up for Google Alerts Use Google Blog Search
  19. 20. We have to practice what we preach..
  20. 21. JISC and the Amplified Conference Making Web 2.0 work
  21. 22. JISC digitisation conference 2007
  22. 23. Give every event a unique TAG Think of it as the ‘virtual venue’ Advertise it early and often terena-pr-sep-2007
  23. 24. Wiki was used for delegate information and pre-event networking
  24. 25. JISC advertised the event on
  25. 26. JISC live blogged all the sessions And gave summaries
  26. 27. Delegates were encouraged to take and then share pictures using flickr
  27. 28. Post-conference technorati and google blog search were used to track what delegates and beyond were saying
  28. 29. All the information was aggregated on the jisc digitisation blog While the event was invite only many non-attendees were able to contribute via online tools
  29. 30. Enough Talking - Let's Use The Next Generation Technologies! Using Networked Technologies At Conferences And In The Lecture Theatre Brian Kelly UKOLN University of Bath Bath Email [email_address] UKOLN is supported by: Acceptable Use Policy Recording/broadcasting of this talk, taking photographs, discussing the content using email, instant messaging, Blogs, SMS, etc. is permitted providing distractions to others is minimised. This work is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 licence (but note caveat) alt-c-2006-workshop-kelly-wilson-stevenson tag used in
  30. 31. Doing all this does create more work…
  31. 32. You need venues with good wifi for all delegates
  32. 33. You need enough power for all the laptops etc..
  33. 34. You need people to do all the blogging etc…
  34. 35. This presentation is available on my blog and slideshare
  35. 36. Thanks for listening!
  36. 37. Any questions??
  37. 38. All images* were found on Flickr using the Creative Commons search option *apart from screenshots
  38. 39.
  39. 40. <ul><li>Todays font was </li></ul><ul><li>“ Wild and crazy nt” </li></ul><ul><li>From </li></ul><ul><li>Comicraft.. </li></ul>
  40. 41. Can I go for a beer now?