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TEDx UHasselt Salon 2013


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Slides to my talk at TEDx UHasselt Salon 2013 on the topic of "Communication creates change"

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TEDx UHasselt Salon 2013

  1. 1. smart-phone or sentient device ? the smart-phone as your sixth sense
  2. 2. Great to be here ! Working on Argus Labs / real-time contextualization API / sensor fusion and machine learning Working on a first book / age of dreaming machines (20143)
  3. 3. New devices. Same behavior.
  4. 4. The future is already here…
  5. 5. In order to see the potential, we need to look past the form factor…
  6. 6. … and into the heart of a smartphone Eye: Camera & Light Sensor Ear: Microphone Mouth: Speaker Memories: Internet Orientation: Compass & GPS Equilibrium: Gyroscope Sensor Movement: Accelerometer & Motion Sensor Brain: CPU/GPU
  7. 7. … see the resemblance ? Eye: Camera & Light Sensor Ear: Microphone Mouth: Speaker Brain: CPU Spinal cord: Fiber optics Memories: Internet Orientation: Compass & GPS Equilibrium: Gyroscope Movement: Accelerometer & Motion Touch: Pressure / Proximity
  8. 8. … sensors continually stay in touch with your environment
  9. 9. … and is able to interpret context
  10. 10. 2013 processing nonverbal communication 2000 carrying verbal communication
  11. 11. Advancement 1 Understand the behavior and emotion of a user
  12. 12. Advancement 2 Semantic understanding for reasoning machines
  13. 13. Advancement 3 Which in turn allows machines to interpret your context
  14. 14. “ ... based on movement pattern detection, music mood inference, sentiment analysis on voice samples and deviating sleep patterns we have found that our algorithms are able to label a high probability for the subject to develop the symptoms of what we would call a depression, before the subject itself would become aware of his infliction “
  15. 15. First Step: 2013 - … human-machine wearables smart-phone: external CPU
  16. 16. Second Step: 2020 - … Implants and early adopters Smart-phone: HUB
  17. 17. Third Step: 2020 - … Strong Artificial Intelligence smart-phone: docking station
  18. 18. Our smart-phones are already a first generation of smart agents that are able to understand our context and anticipate our intentions
  19. 19. Welcome your sixth sense