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Cannes Lions Innovation, unlocking mobile personalisation using sensors


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As smartphones and wearables are packed with sensors and computing power, they introduce a new type of data: sensor data that contains realtime and accurate observations of the world around a mobile user.

With the Internet of Everything booming, our homes, cars and phones are increasingly interconnected, as they become valuable channels to interact with the world around us in new and more intelligent ways.

Our increasingly sensor equipped world brings us the opportunity of a growing level of ambient intelligence that is capable of understanding and predicting human behavior, emotions and context, so that mobile applications can engage with us in a proactive and hyperpersonalized manner.

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Cannes Lions Innovation, unlocking mobile personalisation using sensors

  1. 1. Data creativity with sensors Unlocking mobile personalization using sensor data Filip Maertens @fmaertens
  2. 2. A perfect storm called ubiquitous computing
  3. 3. US$ 19 Trillion in global GDP due to the Internet of Everything by 2020 Cisco & GE US$ 300 Billion incremental revenue by 2020 Gartner 40.9 billion connected devices by 2020 155 million connected cars by 2020 100 million connected light bulbs by 2020 +1 trillion connected sensors by 2020 2.5 billion smartphones by 2020 $12 billion wearable market size by 2020
  4. 4. about smart devices and dumb experiences how smart devices struggle to bridge the intelligence expectation gap
  5. 5. Machines will need to be cognitive if consumers want personalized experiences Gartner, Nov 2013; Four Phases of Cognizant Computing Sync Me See Me Know Me Be Me
  6. 6. Your smartphone as a first generation sensor hub and smart agent CPU Growing processing power Sensor Pervasive sensing capabilities Connectivity Interconnected edge computing capability
  7. 7. Two sides to the data story Declared Observed Content Structured, explicit, self-declared, and static Context Unstructured, time-series, observed, and dynamic
  8. 8. 2000 - verbal 2010 - nonverbal explicit sending of content implicit sensing of context
  9. 9. sensor data: source for context-awareness with this new source of data, new levels of intelligence are presented
  10. 10. situational awareness goes beyond simple geo-fencing. In the background, pervasive sensing, learning and classifying the situation a user is in. behavioral profiling is based on real and observed behavior, not on snapshots of declared data, e.g. Likes or Search queries. These personas are the most accurate. Sleeping Alone Driving Stress … Arriving at Home About to go to Work … EVENTS MOMENTS Pet Owner AthletePROFILES Workaholic Aggressive Driver Unique User … …
  11. 11. A user accepting sensor data is defined by the expected valueExpected Value User Acceptance Accelerometer Gyroscope In-App Usage Wi-Fi GPS/Location Light Sensor Browsing History Calendar Messages GSR/HR Microphone Camera
  12. 12. Tomorrow, everything becomes a channel Relevant Engaging only at the right moment Glanceable Delivering value in milliseconds Personal Approaching on the right channel
  13. 13. The channel defines tolerance for mistakes Tolerance Channel Wearabl e Push E-Mail Social Network Implants SMS Car Media recommendations
  14. 14. some practical examples of context awareness Start delivering a more convenient life through context aware intelligence
  15. 15. EVERY THAT DO Workaholic Aggressive Driver About to go to Work In the next 30 minutes Sleep Less than 4 hours DrivingStarted StressIncrease
  16. 16. Cars and cities are capable of understanding your mobility behavior
  17. 17. Automagically deliver the right songs based on the context you are in
  18. 18. Online advertising: based on explicit signals, expressed by humans Mobile advertising: based on implicit signals, learned by machines CLICKS SENSORS Richer, real-time and fluid personas Clicks, page views, and audience segments Turning advertising in a meaningful and helpful experience on mobile
  19. 19. the road ahead to the ultimate personalization We’re only at the beginning of this huge evolutionary step. Many challenges ahead.
  20. 20. The evolution of personalization Transactional experiences Social experiences Context-aware experiences Sentient experiences Data Manual Social Contextual Behavioral Sourcing Static Explicit (crowd) Implicit (sensed) Pervasive Style Broadcast Conversational Adaptive Cognitive Intelligence Expert systems Deterministic Probabilistic AGI Timing Responsive Real time Semantic time Predictive Challenge Easy to use interface Keep a high user engagement Identify the right moment Cross-channel & non linear Awareness Role Profile Situation Self 1980+ 2000+ 2015+ 2025+
  21. 21. Artificial Intelligence  Affective Computing Rethinking the ambient intelligence paradigm a pervasive computing principle that is sensitive and responsive
  22. 22. Start using behavioral and contextual aware technology today
  23. 23. Data creativity with sensors Unlocking mobile personalization using sensor data Filip Maertens @fmaertens